Xiaomi MiWiFi mesh router introduced

by Timo1. March 2019
Xiaomi is also expanding 2019's MiWiFi product range. Recently Introduced: The New Xiaomi Mesh Router. Created in partnership with Qualcomm and based on the Qualcomm Dakota Plattfrom, the Xiaomi Mesh packet promises transfer rates up to 2567 Mbps.

Xiaomi MiWiFi Mesh

A new Xiaomi network product awaits us in the coming months. Xiaomi's product manager Thomas Tang got it through the Chinese microblogging service “Weibo” Xiaomi mesh presented. Consisting of two new Xiaomi routers, with Qualcomm Dakota chip, the Mesh Suite promises Transfer rates up to 2567 Mbit / s. Both routers are equipped with 2 × 2 independent 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz amplifiers, which means that Xiaomi expects a higher signal strength and signal range.

Special interesting: The Xiaomi mesh routers are at the same time Powerline adapters, In this case, the network is established via the cables of the domestic power lines. Three Gigabit WAN / LAN ports are available for setting up a conventional LAN. The mesh can be configured and controlled over the well-known ones MiWiFi App.


Even in a medium-sized apartment, a conventional WLAN quickly reaches its limits. One solution is repeaters, which however use the same channel and slow down the network increasingly and make it difficult to change the WLAN of the end devices. A mesh in turn connects all access points to a single network. This ensures a strong transmission and reception performance and a perfect network coverage to the last corner.

The disadvantage of building a mesh network is often the high price of each node. Xiaomi in turn offers its network technology at a particularly low price. If that also applies to the new mesh router, you could build a powerful mesh network for little money! So it remains exciting when and at what price the Xiaomi Mesh Set will be released.

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I waited for that. If that still costs below 100 €, it is bought immediately.