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Xiaomi MIJIA (1S) Laser Projector

Xiaomi MIJIA Laser Projector reviews & offers for the short distance projector

Updated by Timo Altmeyer on the 23. March 2022

Xiaomi products are now available in all areas. With the Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector, the manufacturer has launched 2017, a short-distance beamer, in the summer that costs just 1275 € and still uses the latest laser technology.

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1029 €
Price Comparison
Technical data



Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector


Type: DLP
Chip: 0.47 "DMD 1080p

Light source technology: ALPD 3.0
Brightness: 5000 Lumens
Brightness Uniformity JBMA> 80%
Color Space: NTSC 80% ~ 85%
Center Contrast 2500: 1 ~ 3500: 1

Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
Picture format: 16: 9 (4: 3)
Projection size: ~ 150 "
Projection Ratio: 0.233: 1
Contrast Ratio: 3000: 1

3x HDMI 2.0 (1x ARC)
1x 3.5mm jack (audio out)
1x AV
1x USB Type-A 2.0 jack
1x USB Type-A 3.0 jack
1x S / PDIF
1x RJ45

Speaker: 2x Full Range - 2x Tweeter
3D support: Yes

Lamp life:> 25.000 hours
Power consumption: 250W / 0.5W (standby)
Size: 410 × 291 × 88 mm
Weight: 7 kg

Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector

Update 23. March 2022

 There are many new offers for the Xiaomi MIJIA laser projectors! Among other things, the Xiaomi MIJIA 1S 4K Cinema Laser Projector, which can be bought in the Banggood autumn sale for 1458 euros, or the cheaper and native 1080p resolution Xiaomi Laser Projector as a global version (Android TV 9) for 1112 euros are reduced.

 Here is an overview of the offers: 


Xiaomi MIJIA 1S 4K Cinema Laser Projector

With this Banggood offer you can buy the Xiaomi MIJIA 1S laser projector reduced for only 1458 €.
100€ Discount
Valid until the end of the promotion

Xiaomi Mi 4K UHD Laser Projector

With this Banggood offer you can buy the Xiaomi Mi 4K UHD projector reduced for only 1520 €.
50€ Discount
Valid until the end of the promotion

Xiaomi MIJIA Laser Projector (Global)

With this Banggood offer you can buy the Xiaomi MIJIA laser projector reduced for only 1112 €.
30€ Discount
Valid until the end of the promotion

Shipping is from the EU warehouse (2-3 working days), so there are no further import fees. You can call up the offer via our deal box. As a suitable screen, we recommend an ALR UST screen, which Banggood has on offer from 292 euros (Link).

What is a laser projector?

Anyone who has never heard of laser projectors will probably think of a laser beam, similar to a laser pointer, that throws the image onto the screen. In fact, laser projectors make use of long-established projection technologies such as LCD or DLP. Only the lamp technology will be replaced. Instead of a lamp, a laser module is used, which is equipped with numerous laser diodes that generate the light beam. The main advantages of a laser projector are a longer service life (~ 5.000 hours vs.> 20.000 hours) of the laser module compared to conventional projection lamps, as well as lower heat emission, which means that the warm-up and cool-down phase is almost zero.

History of the Xiaomi Laser Projector

Over the past few years, Xiaomi has built up and expanded its own home theater division. The starting shot came with the Xiaomi Laser Projector, which was released for the Chinese market in the summer of 2017 and was also the most expensive Xiaomi product at the time at the equivalent of 1300 €. The laser projector also made a small breakthrough in this country as an import. The only catch was and is the Chinese MIUI, which is difficult to adapt for local users.

More than a year later, at the end of 2018, the Xiaomi Laser Beamer appeared in a "Global Version". Instead of the Chinese MIUI, the projector relies on Android TV, which benefits international users. What sounds like a strong advantage over the Chinese model unfortunately also has some disadvantages. The global version manages without a 3D function and offers fewer setting options for the display. 

 At the beginning of 2019, Xiaomi released a revised model for the Chinese market. As the name suggests, the Xiaomi Laser Projector 4K is a 4K laser projector. Another 0.47 inch DLP DMD chip is installed, but the projector now understands pixel shifting, which creates a (fake) 4K experience. The Laser Projector 4K has not yet been released as a global version and is only available as an import.

All models of the Xiaomi projector

The Xiaomi laser projector is now available in 8 different versions with different manufacturer and model names. The manufacturer of all projectors is "Fengmi Technology Co., Ltd", which was created in 2016 in cooperation between Xiaomi and Appotronics.

Xiaomi Fengmi Laser Beamer Comparison Chart

1080p models (MiProjA1 - code name: rainman)

  • Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector (Chinese) | Model: MJJGYY01FM 
  • Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector (International) | Model: MJJGYY02FM 
  • Xiaomi MIJIA ALPD 3.0 ((Rear Throw Laser) | Model: L185JCN 
  • Wemax One 7000 | Model: FMWS01C 
  • Wemax One Pro | Model: FMWS02C 

4K models (MiProjLas2 - code name: batman)

  • Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector 4K (Chinese) | Model: MJJGTYDS01FM 
  • Xiaomi MIJIA 1S 4K | Model: MJJGTYDS04FM 
  • Wemax A300 | Model: L1668FCF 
  • Fengmi 4K Cinema Laser | Model: L176FCN 
  • Fengmi 4K Cinema Pro Laser | Model: L176FCNPro  
  • ??? | Model: L246 

Equipment of the Xiaomi Laser Projector

DLP technology and short throw projection

Let's now deal with the equipment of the Xiaomi projector. The projector uses digital light processing projection technology (DLP). The image is digitally projected onto the screen via micromirrors. The maximum resolution of the 0.47 inch DMD chip used here is 1920 x 1080 pixels (Full HD). As a short distance projector or "Short Throw Beamer", the Xiaomi Projector is able to project a particularly large image even at the shortest possible distance. This results in multiple possible uses, such as enabling an appropriate home cinema experience even in the smallest of spaces. The projection ratio is 0.233: 1. The loss-free projection surface is specified by Xiaomi with up to 150 inches.

Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector Test

Advanced Laser Phosphor Display 3.0

The laser module used in the projector is based on the "Advanced Laser Phosphor Display 3.0" (ALPD 3.0) technology from Appotronics. This manufacturer is best known on the Asian home theater market and is already one of the largest suppliers of laser technology there. The module consists of GaN-based, blue laser diodes. Primary colors are generated by illuminated color filters. According to Xiaomi, the service life is at least 25.000 hours. The lumen value of the Xiaomi short distance projector is 5.000 ANSI lumens. This value is sufficient to produce a sufficiently bright picture even in a non-darkened room. The NTSC color space is covered with up to 85%, the contrast ratio is 3.000: 1. Keystone correction is possible.

Xiaomi Mi Laser Beamer Review

Smart TV function

Depending on which model you choose, the projector is equipped with a different user interface. The Chinese Xiaomi Laser Projector uses MIUI TV, based on Android 6.0. The international model again uses Android TV version 8.1. There are also differences in the TV box hardware used.

  •  MIUI TV Box: Amlogic T968 with Mali T830 GPU | 2GB DDR3 and 16GB eMMC
  •  Android TV Box: Amlogic T962 with Mali 450 GPU | 2GB DDR4 and 16GB eMMC

Similar to the Smart TV function of a television, the Xiaomi Mi Projector is equipped with a dual-band AC WiFi module and Bluetooth 4.0. This allows playback material to be streamed directly to the projector. However, MIUI TV is withheld from the Chinese market. The user interface is entirely in Chinese and works without Google Apps. The Google PlayStore, Netflix, YouTube and other useful apps are missing.

But also the Android TV of the international model is not the yellow of the egg. As already mentioned above, the 3D function is missing and there are fewer setting options for the image. Streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime are also of limited use. Due to the lack of Widevine L1 support, Netflix can only be streamed in SD.

The firmware of the international model and the Chinese model are not compatible with each other. Android TV cannot be flashed to the Chinese model! However, 75% of the Chinese MIUI TV user interface can be translated into English with the help of a Settings app. The following steps are necessary for this:

  1. The startSettings.apk (Link) and copy to a FAT32 formatted USB stick.
  2. Connect the USB stick to the started projector. A notification window appears. There select the first option.
  3. Select the APK file. A warning message for apps from unknown sources appears (Chinese).
  4. Confirm with left selection (OK). The settings for apps of unknown sources are called automatically. Then install the app.
  5. Open Settings in the app selection. Scroll to "Globe" to change the language. Select English.

However, the numerous apps, which are mainly intended for the Chinese market, remain on the system. The Google PayStore can be installed via a sideload.

HiFi sound and connection options

The Xiaomi Mi Projector is equipped with a total of 4 speakers, which are divided into 2 full-range speakers and 2 tweeters. The system supports DOLBY Audio and DTS HD for cinema-quality sound. The connection options amount to 3 HDMI 2.0 sockets, one of them with ARC support, two USB sockets, one of them USB 3.0 and one USB 2.0, a 3.5 mm audio output, an AV input, a S / PDIF socket and an Ethernet -Rifle.

DTS and Dolby Audio


The dimensions of the projector are 410 × 291 × 88 mm, the weight is 7 kg. To protect the eyes, the Xiaomi projector also has a sensor that detects movements in front of the projection surface and darkens the image. The power consumption is a maximum of 250 watts. According to Xiaomi, the projector consumes less than 0.5 watts in idle. The manufacturer specifies the fan volume as less than 32 dB. The device is delivered including a multifunctional remote control.

Practical test of the Xiaomi Laser Projector

Brightness, black level and contrast

Xiaomi specifies the brightness of the laser with 5000 lumens. The brightness can be regulated using a total of 3 projection modes “Normal”, “Cinema” and “Highlight”. There is no eco mode! The brightness measured on a 90 inch projection surface (gain 1.0) in the middle and in the brightest mode “Highlight” is 1035 lumens. The measured black value is 0.43 lumens. The measured contrast ratio is 2419: 1.

View of the front of the Xiaomi laser projector with Dolby Sound

Daylight suitability

The projector is rather unsuitable for projection surfaces> 90 inches in daylight. Enclosed test images, on a conventional 130 inch projection surface in daylight and in the dark. Better results can be achieved with a high-contrast screen (ALR). Such a screen can cost more than 1000 €.


The projector has a native resolution of 1080p with a maximum of 60 Hz. The 4K upscaling works without any problems. Individual pixels can only be seen when viewed very closely. The image sharpness is convincing overall and the distribution of sharpness towards the corners is also not objectionable, even if a slight blurring can be seen. Here is an overview of the distances.

Short distance distances

Grayscale and color rendering

With the factory settings, a lot of blue is mixed in to get a brilliant white. In general, the colors are far from the Rec. 709 standard. From the factory, the Xiaomi projector runs, so to speak, in a shop mode with really bright colors. Image enhancers have a dynamic contrast mode and a dynamic color mode. If you calibrate the projector, you can achieve good results that are only associated with a slight decrease in brightness and contrast. If you don't want to calibrate yourself, you should select the color temperature "Warm" in order to achieve reasonably precise results.


 default settings 

 "Warm" color mode 

Sound and volume

The Dolby audio system delivers excellent sound. Lows are clearly noticeable A really great speaker system and better than some sound bars.

The sound pressure level measured at the laser projector was 42 dB. At a distance of 3 meters, a value of 27 dB was measured. The volume is acceptable. In quiet movies, the fans of the beamer are indeed heard through a high-pitched hum, but at normal playback volume, the hum is largely submerged.

Connectivity options for the Xiaomi Laser Projector


The menu navigation is a bit clumsy, as only 75% of the Chinese can be translated using a Settings.apk. But you get used to it very quickly. The Smart TV function is mainly aimed at the Chinese user. Android apps can be installed by sideloading. Netflix is ​​not supported. Kodi runs up to version 17.4, the Kodi Fork SPMC can run including version 17.6 Alpha 2. The integrated media player is very good. It plays pretty much everything! Connecting a Chromecast, Apple TV or any other TV box to the Xiaomi Laser Projector is no problem.

It is now also possible to root the projector. At the XDA-Developers (Link) resourceful developers have released the Mi ProjecTivy Tools, which add useful functions to the Xiaomi laser projector. The OSD is built into MIUI TV. There are setting options for keystone correction (4-fold and 8-fold), the manual focus and the display (projection mode and color mode). There is no such thing as an intermediate image calculation. The only image enhancers are the aforementioned dynamic contrast mode and dynamic color mode.

Xiaomi Beamer Mi TV user interface


 ceiling Mount 

Ceiling mounting is possible. There are threads for a bracket. The image can be rotated 180 ° within the settings, i.e. turned upside down (flip mode). It is also possible to project the image mirrored (Mirror) and both combined, i.e. rotated and mirrored (Flip & Mirror).

Top view of the Xiaomi Laser Projector

 3D and gaming 

The projector (China model only!) Supports the 3D DLP-Link format. The display is pleasantly calm and bright. Ghosting does not occur. A change between SBS-H / TAB / FP is possible via the OSD.

The Xiaomi Laser Projector is less suitable for gaming. The input lag is clearly noticeable at more than 65 ms. There is a special gaming mode, but this is only an additional display profile. Image enhancers are not automatically switched off in this mode.


The power consumption measured in "normal" mode is 180 watts. In the "Cinema" and "Highlight" modes, the consumption increases to more than 210 watts. The stand-by consumption is an acceptable 17 watts.

Price Comparison

iconGerman warehouse
iconDelivery time 2-5 business days
iconGerman warehouse
iconDelivery time 2-5 business days
iconEuropean warehouse
iconDelivery time 2-5 business days
iconEuropean warehouse
iconDelivery time 2-5 business days
iconEuropean warehouse
iconDelivery time 2-5 business days
iconEuropean warehouse
iconDelivery time 2-5 business days
Xiaomi MIJIA (1S) Laser Projector

Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector


Sophisticated design
Good workmanship
Pleasant color and sharp picture
Good brightness, contrast and black level
Well-functioning 3D DLP
good sound


Chinese MIUI TV (CN version only)
Operation Volume
High input lag


With the Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector, Xiaomi presents a well thought-out product with decent equipment at a low price. Comparable short-distance projectors are hardly available in Germany below € 1300. I really like the simple design, the overall good picture quality and the very good sound of the Dolby speaker system. Points are deducted for the volume of the fan. Although this is just acceptable, it is quite distracting in quiet scenes.

What you should pay attention to before buying are the different models of the Xiaomi Laser Projector. If you choose the Chinese model, you get the Chinese MIUI TV instead of Android TV. But the projector supports 3D DLP link, which is unfortunately missing in the international model. It is recommended to import the Chinese model and use it with an external TV box. Because even the international model with Android TV has problems with relevant streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime due to a lack of DRM management.

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Launched the website in 2016 and has been an active editor of news and test reports in all areas of technology ever since.



  1. Rick

    28. November 2017 20 to: 44

    The price is really an announcement. I had planned to buy a projector months ago and quickly discarded it because I couldn't find anything suitable for me. A laser DLP projector with 5000 lumens light intensity would still be awesome even for 2000 €. Please please bring out a test on it. If it is good, it will be bought immediately.

    • Frederik W

      29. November 2017 09 to: 46

      Do you think the price will still fall? I need a good projector by the World Cup at the latest.

      • Timo admin

        29. November 2017 13 to: 40

        In China, the projector costs the equivalent of € 1275. Normally, the import shops from China prices are not far away. It takes just a few months until the price settles. If you really only need the projector to the World Cup, the price will be until then certainly fallen.

        • Frederik W

          29. November 2017 21 to: 05

          Great, thank you for the information!

  2. beer lovers

    30. November 2017 08 to: 54

    Hello, I have a few questions about this projector. I hope you can answer this for me.
    1. Which 3D glasses are used with?
    2. Do you need a special screen for laser projectors?
    3. How do you change the lamp?

    It would be great if you could help me with that.

    • Timo admin

      30. November 2017 09 to: 14

      Hi beer lover (cool nickname;)). Of course we can answer your questions.
      1. Conventional 3D DLP shutter glasses are used for the 3D function.
      2. You don't need a special canvas
      3. The “lamp” here is a laser module with diodes that would have to be replaced. With a service life of more than 25.000 hours, you hardly need to worry about it. Even if you had the projector running 8 hours a day, you could easily use the device for 8 years.

      • beer lovers

        30. November 2017 20 to: 05

        Hi Timo,
        Thank you in advance for your answer. What you are writing sounds really very good. But I would still like to wait for your test report. Do you already know when it's coming?

        • Timo admin

          30. November 2017 23 to: 38

          Hello beer lovers, a test copy of the Xiaomi projector has already been ordered and should (hopefully) arrive next month. If everything goes well, a test should be expected in early January. Depending on the product, I usually take 2-5 weeks to test the device extensively in everyday life.

          • beer lovers

            27. December 2017 15 to: 27

            Hi Timo,
            has the projector already arrived?

          • Timo admin

            27. December 2017 15 to: 31

            Hi beer lovers, no unfortunately not yet. The projector has been on its way since December 04.12th. I am currently counting on the first week of January. As soon as the device has arrived, the update will follow on this page. For my reviews, I first use the products for about 4 weeks in everyday life (depending on the product!) Before I summarize the test report. But I'll put my first impression of the Xiaomi projector online earlier.

  3. Don Perignon

    1. December 2017 11 to: 33

    Hello Timo, thanks for this post. I have such a part and am very satisfied - the Chinese menu obscures some use. In your article you mentioned the possibility to change this on a theme launcher. Since I am not familiar with this (Mac user) with Android, I would be very happy to receive further links.

    • Timo admin

      1. December 2017 11 to: 52

      Hi Don Perignon, it's cool that you already have the projector. Mine is still on the way and I'm excited to see what the part can do. The MIUI TV of the projector should be translatable in the same way as the MIUI TV of the Xiaomi TV devices. Here are the steps:

      1. Download the following file Link
      2. Unzip the .rar archive and copy the .apk to a USB stick.
      3. Stick in the projector, access the stick and install / update the APK.
      4. Switch to the new Settings app and switch to English under Language.

      I hope I could help you with it. I would be happy if you could give us a brief feedback on whether it worked.

      • Don Perignon

        1. December 2017 14 to: 52

        Thanks for the quick reply - good man!
        I'll get in touch after the weekend and give you a notification.

      • Don Perignon

        4. December 2017 14 to: 40

        To install the app from an external medium, you must first check the settings of the projector and allow this. The new Settings app is then with the others. Unfortunately, it is not possible to switch to English, as the corresponding language library cannot be found. If you somehow get it onto the device, it should work. Sorry but thank you!

        • Timo admin

          6. December 2017 12 to: 47

          Thank you for the feedback. As soon as the projector arrives, I'll see if the language can be changed somehow.

          • Don Perignon

            12. December 2017 23 to: 48


            here are all comp. Find apps for the projector - including the Settings app. Works for the most rudimentary settings if you choose English (not US).

          • Timo admin

            13. December 2017 20 to: 20

            Great, thank you for that!

          • Thomas Fischer

            13. December 2017 23 to: 46

            It is also very nice that the remote control of the projector understands itself with the AppleTV 4K, so that you only need the Apple TV for playing games (motion sensor).
            I am sure that this projector will change the home theater market in Europe - both in terms of quality and price. I wish you a lot of fun with yours!

          • Christopher Cuckoo

            14. December 2017 12 to: 52

            I'm moving into a new apartment soon (in February) and am considering getting this projector instead of a 65 inch TV. I have no problems with shipping from China and I'm very satisfied with xiaomi anyway. Is the projector suitable as a TV replacement? I normally watch series and films on the nvidia shield and play on PC and ps4 pro. Normal television actually no longer at all. The windows can all be darkened by external blinds. I think the price on offer will be around 1300 euros in the next few weeks. Then it would be very attractively priced. Are there any fundamental objections to using the projector as a complete replacement for TV? The power consumption is also very moderate and so is the life of the lamp. The width of the canvas would then be about 210 cm and the distance from the seat 4 m.

            Maybe someone has a similar project in mind and can give tips on whether and how my plan can be implemented.

            Thank you very much

          • Timo admin

            14. December 2017 19 to: 42

            Hi Christopher, I can't speak directly for this model here, as my Xiaomi projector is still somewhere between China and Germany, but I've been using another projector for 2 years now, which has replaced the TV in my home. Especially if you want that real home cinema feeling (> 120 inches), you can't avoid a projector anyway. But what you should also pay attention to would be the right canvas. On Amazon I often see cheap canvases for 150 €. They will serve their purpose, but if you want quality, i.e. a canvas that does not curl in the long run, you have to dig deeper into your pocket. A tension variant, for example, would be recommended. But that also costs at least € 500 upwards.

          • Christopher Cuckoo

            14. December 2017 21 to: 11

            Hello Timo,
            Many thanks for the answer. I am aware that you shouldn't skimp on the canvas and that's already planned. I was thinking of building a frame screen myself with high-quality fabric and matching masking. I watched a couple of test videos, all of which are consistently positive. I will then probably just try and get on with the next offer. In a pinch you can always get rid of them on ebay. Is it possible to send via priority line again without any problems?

            If someone strikes a good offer, he can write it in here. Certainly also interesting for many others.

            Can the projector receive hdr signals? Has anyone ever tested this?

          • Timo admin

            14. December 2017 21 to: 24

            With Priority Line there are currently strong delivery delays again. I've run two orders, which are now almost 30 days to arrive. GearBest speaks of delivery times of up to 45 days. In January, should have but (hopefully) calmed down. I get daily purely the current GearBest offers. As soon as there is a good one, it will appear in the mail.

            Still to your question with HDR. According to the specifications on the official, China's product page HDR is supported.

          • Thomas Fischer

            15. December 2017 02 to: 42

            Hi Timo, I'm projecting the image onto a very dark - almost black wall. I know that sounds absurd at first, but it is possible with the light output and ensures a rich black. However, the surface must be absolutely flat, otherwise uncorrectable blurring will result. Woodchip wallpaper is absolutely taboo, as the projection angle would create many small shadows. There are screens with a special micro profile for these short distance projectors, but they are anything but cheap.

          • Patrick Blum

            1. January 2018 19 to: 59

            I got my Xiaomi laser projector a few days ago. Ordered at Gearbest less than 4 weeks ago.
            I ended up here because I'm busy for three days in order to change the language. It was clear to me when I placed my order that it would be necessary.
            Way 1: Install Google apps manually, ends in chaos.
            Way 2. First install and open the Def settings app, then open the Google Installer. But the installer does not install point three, and then does not install the points afterwards either.
            When I use my IPTV Box H96pro + with all the media libraries and KODI, the projector is really fun. The picture is still ok to look at during the day in my very bright apartment. Currently it's dark outside anyway.
            I can only approve of buying a canvas, only then is it really fun., At least my wall is not smooth enough,
            The integrated speaker system is designed for film (cinema), and is much better than I expected.
            It's nothing for listening to music. is also a cinema and not a stereo system.

            I've got used to the size and never want to have such a small "normal" TV again.

            Who still has experience and can help me with the language problem?


      • Pr3date0r

        1. February 2018 17 to: 25


        The update says that the Google PlayStore can be installed via sideload. Are there instructions for this somewhere? Can't find anything about it in the WWW ...

        Thanks in advance!


      • krigl

        3. March 2018 13 to: 04

        Hello Timo. I have the apk on a stick, the projector also recognizes the file. But I can't find out where the menu is, where I can "allow" something to be installed from USB ... Can you help? Greetings from Switzerland, christian

  4. Micah

    6. January 2018 13 to: 41

    Good article! I'm looking forward to the detailed test.

    For my part, I'm a bit torn whether I would improve myself with something like that. I currently have a 8601 inch Philips 55 and it can hold 4K. The size of the displayable image of the Xiaomi is of course not debatable, because it wins without any doubt. What I'm more interested in is the sharpness of the image, especially with 1080p content and a PlayStation 4 Pro that can't native 4K, but still delivers good sharpness.

    • Hanspeter

      28. January 2018 16 to: 53

      You probably already have the device, can you recommend it? I want it to replace my 75 inch Samsung LH 6470. What do you think, suitable for daylight or not.


      • Timo admin

        28. January 2018 17 to: 18

        Hi Hans Peter, the projector has arrived a few days ago (was more than 50 days on the road!) And lack of time I could not really try it. By the end of next week, however, I will have at least tested the projector a little and will be able to publish an initial interim conclusion. Depending on the product I let 2-4 weeks me to the final report generally.

        • Hanspeter

          4. February 2018 11 to: 09

          Hello Timo !
          Could you take a closer look at it?
          Interframe calculation? Suitable for daylight? Your interim result? Purchase recommendation?
          My TV set is defective and that's why I'm asking so I can order one.
          Thank you

          Do you sell your copy and for how much?

          • Timo admin

            4. February 2018 16 to: 39

            Hi Hanspeter, in the meantime I've been able to play around with the projector. To your questions:
            1. There is no intermediate image calculation!

            2. The projector is only conditionally suitable for daylight. With a 130 ″ projection surface and no direct incidence of light, one can still speak of an acceptable and reasonably bright picture. Slightly darkened, so the shutters are open, is not a problem. On which type of screen and which surface did you want to project?

            3. Interim conclusion: The menu navigation is somewhat clumsy because you can only translate 75% of the Chinese. But you get used to it very quickly. The Smart TV function is another thing. This is mainly aimed at the Chinese user. Android apps can still be installed. I still have to test what exactly is possible with it.

            I like the picture in general quite a lot. The sharpness, contrast and color space are convincing. I will measure the light output soon. The 3D function and input lag when gaming I have not yet tested. I will then address the points in the final test report. What I really liked is the speaker system. Not sufficient for home cinema fans, of course, but guaranteed sufficient for the average consumer. A € 500 Soundbar with subwoofer hardly sounds better. Buy recommendation? Definitely to be recommended so far!

            I'm not selling my copy. The new Xiaomi replaces my old Epson projector. 😉

          • Hanspeter

            5. February 2018 20 to: 51

            Hello Timo !

            Overall, that doesn't sound good. At 5000 lumens, more should be possible than half-way blinds ...
            I think you helped me a lot, I'd rather wait for the LG HU80K.

            And thank you 🙂

  5. Lukas

    12. February 2018 14 to: 30

    hi, thanks for your tests! We are considering buying the part for the company - but we were told there is no “CE” mark on the part, so we are not allowed to operate it (in the company environment) - can that confirm or refute that?


    • Timo admin

      12. February 2018 14 to: 35

      Hi Lukas, I can confirm that. There is only one CCC mark.

  6. Frank

    12. February 2018 17 to: 41

    Hi Timo and thanks for the great test! One more question. Can I play UHD BD, Netflix 4K and other things with the Xiaomi projector? Greetings from Frank

    • Timo admin

      12. February 2018 18 to: 13

      Hi Frank, yes you can. The HDMI 2.0 connections are HDCP 2.2 compatible, 4K works in upscaling, but there is no frame interpolation.

  7. Sven

    14. February 2018 12 to: 23

    I would be interested,
    1. How big the diagonal is if I only have one cupboard that is 40 cm deep. So from the wall to the front edge of the projector I have 40 cm.
    2. Did you have to pay import sales tax / duty when ordering in China?

    Thank you

    • Timo admin

      14. February 2018 20 to: 45

      Hi Sven, I published a table with the distances in the update. At a distance of 40 cm you would be at a 130 ″ diagonal.
      Depending on where you order, import duties are added, of course. However, many shops now also offer “Delivery Duty Paid”, “Germany Express” or the subsequent transfer of duties. This projector there are also regularly with shipping from European warehouses. The number of pieces is very limited and the part is sold out after 1-2 days. I always try to point out the EU offer as soon as possible as soon as it is available again with EU shipping.

  8. SpiderJoe

    14. February 2018 20 to: 50

    Good evening I understood it to mean that you cannot use the projector's smart TV because many Chinese apps are installed and there is no such thing as Google Play. Couldn't you just root the projector and install Die Play Service as a sideload? At least that's how it worked with my Mi TV Box 3, which now even runs with the Android TV Launcher!

    • Timo admin

      15. February 2018 10 to: 17

      Hi SPiderJoe, theoretically it would be possible to root the Xiaomi projector. The MIUI TV module used is pretty much identical to the module of the Mi TV 4 and there is a root tool for this. There is also a universal root tool in Chinese forums that roots all Xiaomi home entertainment products that have been released so far. BUT: The problem is that there is currently no ROM to download. If the root fails, the system would be completely destroyed and the projector would be quite unusable. As soon as there is a ROM that can be ironed over in the case of a brick, I would be willing to try the root tool;).

  9. Andreas

    14. February 2018 20 to: 53

    Thanks for the test.

    I have one question that has not yet been resolved. Can the device also be operated overhead?
    Thank you for your answer.

    • Timo admin

      15. February 2018 10 to: 10

      Hi Andreas, the picture can be rotated 180 ° within the settings, i.e. turned upside down (flip mode). You can also project the image mirrored (Mirror) and both combined, i.e. rotated and mirrored (Flip & Mirror).

  10. Jonathan Peiss

    17. February 2018 18 to: 00

    Does anyone know whether you can connect a universal remote control to the projector?
    I would like to have my Bose remote control as an all in one

    • Timo admin

      20. February 2018 22 to: 17

      Hi Jonathan, this should work. CEC is namely supported.

      • Peter Krass

        13. March 2018 22 to: 09

        I have a Broadlink Pro with which I can control all my wireless and infrared remote controls via PC.
        However, it does not support Bluetooth. However, the projector is controlled via a Bluetooth remote control.
        Didn't understand exactly about the CEC. Most universal remote controls send infrared and not bluetooh, can the projector still be operated with an IR remote control?

  11. Philip

    18. February 2018 12 to: 52

    Hello Timo, thanks for the very helpful test. Can you already say something about input lag when playing? Doesn't have to be an exact measurement, an emotional statement would be helpful for the time being. Lg P.

    • Timo admin

      20. February 2018 22 to: 18

      Hi Philip, that the input lag I will try the day.

  12. Marco

    18. February 2018 15 to: 53

    Good test! I'm looking forward to the final test. My fingers are already tingling. For 1300 I would hit it immediately. What are the additional costs? Import / added value ?!

    • Timo admin

      20. February 2018 22 to: 20

      Hi Marco, for orders from non-EU countries come from 22 € more 19% import VAT and € 150 and depending on the type of goods still subject to customs duty added. The projector, there are often also from the EU warehouse. As soon as there are new deals from the EU warehouse, I'll add the above!

  13. Marco

    23. February 2018 11 to: 15


    now there are some warehouses today. GW-4 GW-16 GW-5 GW-6
    Which of these is to be recommended? Consider striking today. Thank you LG

    • Timo admin

      23. February 2018 11 to: 25

      Hi Marco, thanks for the hint. GW-4 is in Poland, GW-16 is in Spain, GW-5 is in Czech Republic and GW-6 is in France. Experience has shown that the GW-5 is the fastest warehouse.

      • Marco

        23. February 2018 11 to: 36

        Ok, thanks for the quick feedback. I'm still hesitating between the Xiaomi or a Benq w1700. The Xiaomi has the better application options due to the short distance. Laser is not to be despised either. I'm just afraid that the package will die on the way - or that there will be non-transparent additional costs. Furthermore, the part must be operable by my wife 🙂 It doesn't have to be tormented by a deep China menu when a source is connected, does it?

        • Timo admin

          23. February 2018 11 to: 44

          The BenQ W1700 is certainly a good choice too. There are no additional costs (VAT or customs duties) if you order from an EU warehouse. There is always a shipping risk. Therefore, you should definitely pay via PayPal. If something goes wrong you will get 99% of your money back there. The operation of the projector is largely unproblematic. The source selection is displayed immediately after the start (see screenshot above). Otherwise, you can also set that a source is automatically selected at the start. CEC is also supported.

          • Marco

            23. February 2018 11 to: 52

            OK thanks. So the projector has your blessing - I read from all the information 🙂
            One last point. You have to really have experiences with 4k upscaling. Is 3.840 x 2.160 actually being ejected? Can you see a clear increase in quality? Thanks for the quick feedback.

          • Timo admin

            23. February 2018 13 to: 28

            Yes, as soon as you activate HDMI 2.0, you can upscale to 3.840 x 2.160 @ 60. It won't do much, though, because the projector only has a native resolution of Full HD and doesn't use pixel shifting either. The fact that 4K playback material ultimately looks better is more due to the higher bit rate and chroma subsampling. You will see a difference, especially when streaming.

          • Marco

            27. February 2018 12 to: 16

            Sorry, how do you mean activate the HDMI 2.0? I think the device can only 3.840 x 2.160 @ 30 at 4k output! I should have a Ps4 Pro connected. The part cannot do a native 4k either. but I would like to find out whether it is an improvement over, for example, the Benqw1070 FullHD. Thanks very much

          • Timo admin

            28. February 2018 12 to: 52

            There is a separate HDMI 2.0 mode that is activated via the settings. Then you can set the resolution of the player up to 4K @ 60Hz. You won't see any improvement in upscaling. However, if you are playing a UHD Blu-Ray, you will whrsl. see a little difference. It just depends on the respective playback material (bit rate for steaming, chroma subsampling, etc.).

  14. Frankie

    27. February 2018 10 to: 59

    Cool part. But it can also be used for "normal" television. Is a tuner built in? If not, what options do you have?

    • Timo admin

      27. February 2018 11 to: 11

      Hi Frankie, no one tuner has not integrated the projector. But you can connect a receiver via HDMI.

  15. Vladimir

    2. March 2018 09 to: 41

    Hello, is it possible to use Amazon prime, install it, log in too, I come to the selection page, and then nothing, right away with Google play (just install), otherwise a very good projector, especially with a gray screen, and with the tip: set sharpness to 0.

    • Timo admin

      3. March 2018 11 to: 03

      Hi Vladimir, no, Amazon Video does not work on MIUI TV. You can, however, connect an external TV / streaming box (Chromecast, FireTV etc.) and use it to play Amazon Prime. HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 are supported.

  16. Andreas

    3. March 2018 10 to: 53

    Hi, where did you get the information that the projector will be sold for € 2018 in Europe from summer 1300?

    That would of course be great because then you would of course have the following advantages.

    2 years warranty
    cheaper price
    Pure Android menu in German
    EU plug
    Better customer service

    Your statement is the only thing that keeps me from buying from China (EU warehouse).

    With kind regards,

    • Timo admin

      3. March 2018 10 to: 59

      Hi Andreas, Xiaomi had the projector with her at the MWC (Mobile World Congress). There the projector was already presented with Android TV and there were corresponding indications of a start in summer 2018. The price of 1300 € could be realistic, but I am assuming more of 1500 € +. The projector will initially only be sold in the Spanish Mi Stores and possibly via Amazon.

  17. Andreas

    3. March 2018 11 to: 36

    Thanks for the quick reply.
    Would you recommend that I wait or strike now?
    Do you see the advantages of the European version as I do or do I have a bug in it?
    Do you have an equivalent UST projector from Germany that you can recommend to me?

    Thanks in advance

    • Timo admin

      3. March 2018 12 to: 12

      Difficult. Handling the warranty through a dealer based in the EU is of course easier, but many China shops offer to send the defective device back to an EU address (it is best to ask customer service!).

      Advantages are purely Android TV. But do you even need the additional TV box function? I myself always use my devices with their own streaming / TV box (e.g. FireTV). Otherwise the menu navigation is in English (with patch).

      You don't need to worry about the plug. You can connect the projector with a conventional IEC connector. As I said, I don't think the price will be lower (see other Xiaomi products that are already officially offered in the EU). At the moment everything is still very vague with the release in the summer. The statement came purely from a local employee.

  18. Andreas

    3. March 2018 13 to: 20

    I would like to pair the projector with my iPhone, preferably wirelessly and using the SKY Go app.
    Is that possible without any problems?
    If so, Androit tv would be negligible.

    What do you think of the specified 5000 lumens?
    Pure marketing or does the information refer to the output power of the laser?
    You write that you measured 1035 lumens.
    How do you see the comparison to other UST projectors?
    Is it better or just equivalent?

    Thank you very much

    • Timo admin

      4. March 2018 11 to: 47

      Hi Andreas, I am unfortunately not familiar with Sky Go. The app could possibly be installed as a sideload. Alternatively, according to reports on the network, Sky Go is also available as a Kodi plugin. I am currently trying to get Kodi running on MIUI TV.

      The specified 5000 lumens are provided by the light source (theoretically). The 1035 lumens ultimately arrive on the screen. Compared to other projectors, especially the LG HF85JG, the projected image of the Xiaomi projector is a bit brighter.

  19. Thomas Magmar

    7. March 2018 14 to: 58

    I would like to hang the projector upside down on my ceiling and then use drawer rails to control the projection size.

    Can someone tell me the thread sizes and spacing of the 4 holes on the bottom?

    Vll also has a better way to confirm it

    • Timo admin

      7. March 2018 15 to: 38

      Hi Thomas, the distances are 23.5 cm and 13.5 cm, the threads are M4.

  20. Tim

    9. March 2018 09 to: 57

    how did you establish the connection between the projector and a 3D-DLP shutter glasses?

    • Timo admin

      9. March 2018 12 to: 12

      Hi Tim, you just have to switch on the glasses and select the appropriate format (SBS-H / TAB / FP) via the display menu of the projector during playback.

    • Andreas

      29. April 2018 12 to: 19

      I'm struggling with the same problem right now. I still have two Toshiba FPT-AG02G glasses from my TV, which do not connect automatically. Even when I go to Settings> Devices> 3D, a "Please wait" appears, a long wait and then you are thrown out of the Settings app ...

      Is it because of my device or are the glasses just not suitable?

      • Timo admin

        29. April 2018 12 to: 45

        Hi Andreas, I don't have to connect my 3D glasses via the settings. The connection is established all by itself as soon as I select the respective 3D mode (SBS-H / TAB / FP). I don't know Toshiba glasses in particular. So far I have tried it with two cheap Andoer G15s and Acer 3D DLP glasses and it worked without any problems.

  21. Thomas

    14. March 2018 20 to: 57

    Hello Timo,
    Thank you for the detailed test.
    Actually, I wanted a 4K projector for PC gaming, as the field of view is significantly larger for shooters or racing.
    How does that work with 4k image material?
    Do I have the same field of view as with native 4k, only in 1080p?
    Sry, I didn't quite get it ...

    • Timo admin

      15. March 2018 18 to: 44

      Hi Thomas, in this case your playback device would send a 4K signal to the projector, which also accepts this, but ultimately only outputs it in 1920 x 1080. It would be comparable, for example, to a PC monitor that only has FHD resolution but can still display 4K UHD videos. There are only advantages with the option of UHD material and 4K Steams, which look better thanks to a higher bit rate and chroma subsampling. But you will not be able to project more than 1920 x 1080 pixels onto the screen.

      In my opinion, the Xiaomi projector is unsuitable for use as a gaming projector. The input lag is more than 65 ms. Depending on what you are playing, you will notice the delay.

  22. Hasipapa

    28. March 2018 12 to: 17

    Hello. After the great comments and explanations on this page, I almost came to the conclusion that I would buy one of those sweets. I only have two requests. Is it possible to name the width and height at 150 ″, so that I can build a screen, and is there a possibility to output a list with an explanation of the individual Chinese characters of the menu with the German translation, so that you can also do without Update can shimmy through the menu. Thanks to everyone and Happy Easter wishes Hasipapa

    • Hasipapa

      29. March 2018 01 to: 03

      Hello Hello.
      I calculated my first question myself.
      60 ″ 132 x 75 cm
      70 ″ 154 x 88 cm
      80 ″ 176 x 100 cm
      90 ″ 198 x 112 cm
      100 ″ 220 x 125 cm
      110 ″ 240 x 137 cm
      120 ″ 264 x 150 cm
      130 ″ 286 x 162 cm
      140 ″ 308 x 175 cm
      150 ″ 332 x 187 cm

      These are the approximate screen sizes. I hope that helps others too.
      But I can't do that with Chinese, so I need help.
      Happy Easter.

      • Timo admin

        29. March 2018 10 to: 23

        Hi Hasipapa, sorry for the late response. A translation of the individual menu items would certainly be an advantage. I'll be working on a translation at Easter.

        • Hasipapa

          29. March 2018 11 to: 54

          Hey Timo.
          Thank you for your quick response. The translation is not that urgent. But thanks for that.
          I have to negotiate with my seller first. It can take a while.
          So. And now I wish you a happy Easter.
          Greetings from Norway from

          • Thomas Magmar

            5. April 2018 12 to: 32

            Here in the video the individual terms are translated into English. The further translation into German should then no longer cause any problems.


          • Hasipapa

            5. April 2018 21 to: 42

            Hello Thomas.
            Thanks for the answer, but I am at war with hearing English.
            AAAAber. Almost at the bottom of this link there is a link to download the language app in English and a sequence of images to install it. And I can understand that. This is also a good help. Maybe we're lucky and the Chinese programmers have a heart for foreigners and are giving out an international language app to install. By the way. I should get the new piece of jewelry in the next week. I think this will be great. I still have one stupid question. I calibrated my age 60 ″ via YouTube after two years. And the result was stunningly better. Has any of you tried something? So, thanks again, see you next time.
            Greetings Rainer

          • Timo admin

            5. April 2018 21 to: 49

            Hi Hasipapa, I guess you want to calibrate according to Rec. 709. By default, blue is strongly emphasized (see measurement data above). In the mode "Cinema" + color profile "Warm" you already achieve good results. Tomorrow I'll give you my color profile, calibrated with the colorimeter.

          • Thomas Magmar

            6. April 2018 10 to: 41

            I will only get my projector in 1 to 2 weeks. but in different forums I've read that there s no "generally perfect" Setting the contrast ratio, color, etc. are there many different factors such as brightness in the room, type of canvas ...
            You are welcome to adopt a suggested setting 1: 1, but would recommend investing some time yourself and playing around. Because every person has a different perception.

            The projector will be launched on the European market in summer. Was already presented at the MWC 2018 in Barcelona. There is then a global Rome in multiple languages ​​and think that you can then transfer this Rome to the projectors from China.

          • Hasipapa

            6. April 2018 18 to: 40

            Thanks to both of you. I started my replacement HDP 1590 projector. It runs at 2500 lumens. If you throw 5000 lumens at the screen with the other, how is that felt so general. Twice as bright or even four times or how is that to be taken? Just asked that.
            Have a nice weekend

          • Peter Krass

            6. April 2018 21 to: 27

            The projector has 5000 lumens at the light source, but on the screen (screen) it is only 1/3 of it (1666 lumens). The brightness is rated very high in all tests. Even in daylight (no direct radiation on the canvas) the picture is still easy to see,

  23. Niko

    7. April 2018 09 to: 01

    Hello Timo,
    Please excuse the question, is the complete assessment of the projector ready? Or is something else coming?
    In your opinion, how far away from the screen do I have to sit to be able to see a film in HD quality on a 100 inch surface? Could it be that the size of the picture is too coarse pixelated due to the lack of 4K resolution?


    • Timo admin

      7. April 2018 10 to: 07

      Hi Niko, at the top of the green box is the bullet point review of the projector. I will of course formulate that in the near future. I usually allow myself several weeks (sometimes even months) for fully formulated test reports to cover all areas and to see how the device performs in everyday life in the long run.

      Regarding the seat spacing: You cannot say in general where the perfect seat spacing is. That depends above all on the viewer. At 100 inches, however, I would personally recommend a distance of 3.00 - 3.50 meters. I project onto something over 130 ″, with a seat pitch of 5.20 meters. You can only see the pixel grid when you stand directly in front of the screen.

      • Niko

        7. April 2018 11 to: 33

        Thank you for the fast answer! I'm looking forward to your final report!

  24. Jack

    20. April 2018 17 to: 07

    Hello ... Is it possible to adjust the image size steplessly?

    • Hasipapa

      22. April 2018 12 to: 27

      Hello Hello.
      I've had my Xiaomi projector since Thursday and three things stand out when I start it. First, the fan is loud, but is only noticeable in very quiet scenes and second, the picture is awesome. Thirdly, there is a loss of quality among private broadcasters with their low picture resolutions. The picture can of course be adjusted continuously from 55 ″ -150 ″. The entire picture rises from 10 cm to 49 cm from the floor. So you have to have enough ceiling height. After three days of testing, I found a setting for myself like this: Brightness: 62, Contrast 29, Saturation 39, Sharpness 60, Hue 53, Colors Standard. I'm always available for improvements. A screen or a smooth white wall is the basis for enjoying a movie. The changeover from Chinese to English went without any problems due to the great amount of help available on the Internet. GAMES: So far I've only played "Sniper Elite 4" and the difference between a 60 "plasma and a 150" projector is extreme. The day scenes are clear and the night games are rich in contrast. The resolution is first class, at 150 ″ you can see a lot more. today I'm still adding GTA 5 and FarCry 5 to the PS4. I downloaded several relaxation films from Youtube and played them. From the Caribbean with water over sand, sun and palm trees or autumn forests with a river to the night shot with a full moon and waves is awesome. I'M EXCITED. Since my living room is on the south side, I have to use Rollows during the day in the sun. So there are no compromises in daylight, in the evening with a floor lamp you can't complain, because the picture remains clear, without extra lighting the picture is bliliant. Incidentally, the projector has a huge advantage. Due to the lack of background light from the flat screens, the eyes are not constantly strained. To surf the Internet faster, I installed a simple Bluetooth keyboard. Went well. So now I need your help. Since the projector runs with Android, you also need APPs. Unfortunately the Youtube app does not run on this system. Who has an alternative? And I would be happy about a browser that also plays Youtube in full screen and full resolution. Daaanke. So, those were my first impressions. And I already really like my projector. And one more advantage. Since I have the projector with a screen, I have come into my living room and I don't see a black box. That alone is a reason for this projector. So, that's it from me for now. I am happy about other experiences. Greetings from Norway from Hasipapa

      • Hasipapa

        24. April 2018 18 to: 44

        Hello. I found a replacement for the YouTube app. OGYOUTUBE-v4.2. If you installed it you also have to install MicroG-for-OGYT-v2.0. So Now I am still missing an excellent browser. Thank you and greetings from Norway

        • Timo admin

          24. April 2018 20 to: 03

          Hi Hasipapa, thank you very much for your review. Unfortunately, I can't help you with the apps because I switched completely from the projector's MIUI TV to an external media player (Nvidia Shield). What you could try would be to install the “Aptoide TV” app. This is basically a combination of the app store and SmartTV interface. You can use it to easily install and try out apps.

          • Hasipapa

            25. April 2018 17 to: 24

            Hello Timo. Thanks very much.
            I want to make a comparison video between the Philips HDP 1590 and the Xiaomi mi Laser later. Otherwise, I'm looking forward to the soccer world championship.
            Greetings to all.

  25. Daniel

    7. May 2018 15 to: 34

    Is there anything new with respect to the European version with Android TV? Is it likely that there will also be a new ROM for flashing existing devices separately?

    • Karim

      4. June 2018 13 to: 53

      Moin, that would interest me too! Unfortunately Goole doesn't spit anything out ...

      • Timo admin

        4. June 2018 21 to: 20

        Hi, so far there is no new information.

        • Nicholas Vasiliadis

          5. June 2018 11 to: 48

          a pity

  26. Daniel

    10. June 2018 23 to: 19

    Does the projector have any hardware buttons or do I always need the remote control? How does it look if I want to use it as a pure playback device? Do I always land on the MIUTV surface, or does it remember the last source and play it back when switched on?

  27. Daniel

    20. June 2018 22 to: 21

    Well then I'll just answer my questions.

    The projector has no hardware buttons. But: Apple TB connected via ARC HDMI and you no longer need the original remote control. Apple on = projector on, shut down Apple TV, projector goes off. Hammer.

    You only need the remote control to change the input.

    • Nicholas Vasiliadis

      21. June 2018 14 to: 50

      great thank you!
      Can you recommend it as a TV replacement? Most of all, I feel because of the fan ...

      • Mr. Lehmann

        29. June 2018 21 to: 45

        The fans are definitely too loud. However, it is a rather pleasant noise. Only disturbs in quiet scenes.
        I'm sitting about 3m away from the projector.

        • Niko

          30. June 2018 11 to: 57


  28. Totti

    5. July 2018 10 to: 21


    Where does your info come from with the international version and Android TV? On the global page, the device is not listed at all and except here, I can't find any information that there should be an international version.

  29. Typhoon

    6. July 2018 10 to: 38

    Hi Timo,

    link to Weman One Pro doesn’t work .. Could you please take a look up?

    • Timo admin

      6. July 2018 10 to: 57

      Hi Tayfun, thanks for pointing this out. Is fixed.

    • Hasipapa

      7. July 2018 15 to: 37

      Hello everyone.
      According to the latest information, Xiaomi has launched a new 7000 lum projector.
      At the moment it should only be available in black. But is not sure. The connections are the same and the picture settings are the same. It “only” gets lighter. Definitely noticeable in the daytime area.
      Well, have fun.
      By the way. I've seen the 5000 model for almost two months now and sport is just awesome. In terms of size, the quality difference between private television (banding) via HD-West (spots on large faces) to ARTE or Sevus-HD is enormous. On German television, the differences between cheap productions from ARD and ZDF and films from America are just as different. But playing (me with PS4) is a pleasure. By the way. It's a laser projector. If the screen moves with a normal projector, areas are blurred, with a laser projector only the perspective changes. The pictures are always sharp. So. I hope to have helped a little with the decision-making process. the next answers for two weeks.
      Bei and Hadde

      • Timo admin

        7. July 2018 16 to: 50

        Hi Hasipapa, the "new" model is the Xiaomi Wemax One. Wemax is also the manufacturer of the actual Xiaomi projector. Therefore the same design. The Wemax One uses identical hardware. Of course, this does not reach 7000 lumens. The luminous flux that arrives on the screen is only slightly higher than that of the Xiaomi projector. According to Chinese technology websites, this is because the Wemax One uses the same but higher quality laser diodes.

        • gmc083

          26. August 2018 20 to: 28

          Here is the SOLUTION FOR THE 3D REPRESENTATION OF THE BEAMER, because the question has come up several times, has also occupied me for a long time and, unfortunately, Timo did not answer in sufficient detail. After the 3D film has started and is already thrown from the projector onto the screen, you have to press the "Menu" button on the remote control. This is the button on the far right with the three lines on top of each other. A selection menu is then displayed over the current film. There you select the display parameters and you can then select, among other things, the 3D mode (SBS-H / TAB / FP). The 3D function is deselected by default. Now make the appropriate selection and enjoy the film in 3D (the glasses must of course be activated beforehand)!

  30. Hellman

    14. September 2018 08 to: 38


    I can't really find information about the inch sizes. Since I'm limited to 76 "I would like to know if you can get it that close to the wall! Are there any experiences?


    • Nicholas Vasiliadis

      22. September 2018 21 to: 26

      The projector, as I understand it, can project a minimum of 80 inches.
      Italy is already available to buy international version Android interface, I am considering ordering there. Have you bought it yet?

    • Timo admin

      24. September 2018 18 to: 20

      Hi Hellmann, that works. If I put the projector close to the screen, I get a diagonal of about 60 ″.

  31. Nicholas Vasiliadis

    22. September 2018 20 to: 40

    Hello Timo,

    You write that for a 100 inch canvas the height is 35.
    How is the distance measured, top edge of projector or bottom edge or sideboard?
    Thanks in advance

    • Timo admin

      24. September 2018 18 to: 22

      Hey Nikolas, the height is measured directly from the stand.

      • Nikolaos

        24. September 2018 19 to: 10

        Hey Timo, thank you!
        Could you please tell me whether the fan can be heard in the normal living room watching films? I have concerns about whether it is too loud and annoying in the long run if we should replace the TV with the projector.

        • Timo admin

          24. September 2018 20 to: 13

          You will hear the fan. But that applies to most projectors. Depending on the temperature, it turns at different speeds or loud / quietly. You can actually get used to it. Personally, I only notice it in particularly quiet film scenes.

  32. Niko

    29. September 2018 18 to: 37

    Hello Timo,
    does the projector have different eco / light modes? With the LG Allegro, for example, there are 3 light modes to save energy. The positive side effect is that the fan is also much quieter, approx. 26 dB. Does the Xiaomi also have such a function to unfortunately get the fan? Thank you in advance.
    PS: It's a shame that you can't test the projector live somewhere, that would make a purchase decision easier

    • Timo admin

      30. September 2018 15 to: 39

      Hi Niko, there is unfortunately no such thing as an ECO mode. However, it may be possible to replace the fans at a later date. There was a discussion on the subject in some forum.

      • Niko

        30. September 2018 16 to: 17

        Hello Timo, thank you very much for the quick answer

  33. Karim

    19. November 2018 22 to: 44


    are there currently any interesting vouchers?

  34. Jerry

    3. February 2019 13 to: 19

    Hello Timo…

    My Beamer comes for some time still after about 5-10 minutes off automatically?
    Do you have an idea what it could be or where I can change it?

    • Adele

      31. May 2019 23 to: 02

      I would like to know that too, have the same problem

      • Oli

        29. December 2021 08 to: 14

        ... the problem occurs with me now (end of 2021). Before switching off, a field with Chinese characters is briefly displayed. The device can then be switched on again directly and it then runs through without further shutdowns.

        • Timo admin

          29. December 2021 10 to: 51

          Hi Oli, did you accidentally root the projector or install ProjecTivy Tools?

          • Oli

            14. December 2022 11 to: 03

            no I haven't, should I try the tool?

  35. mxh

    24. March 2019 00 to: 42

    Hello, would you like to set up the projector outside under my carport with a portable screen, is the projector intended for this or should you do without a short-distance projector?

  36. Adele

    31. May 2019 23 to: 07

    No 3D after software update version
    The projector has updated to this version, since then the menu item 3D is gone
    does anyone have any idea where to find the menu now?


  37. Alex

    24. September 2019 17 to: 05

    Thanks for the informative article. I am just about to orientate myself. I took the following with me:
    Mjjgyy01fm First model Chinese with MIUI
    MJJGYY02FM First European model with Android 8
    MJJGTYDS01FM Second model 4K but again MIUI? Or are there also 2 variants?
    Thanks for the help

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Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector


Type: DLP
Chip: 0.47 "DMD 1080p

Light source technology: ALPD 3.0
Brightness: 5000 Lumens
Brightness Uniformity JBMA> 80%
Color Space: NTSC 80% ~ 85%
Center Contrast 2500: 1 ~ 3500: 1

Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
Picture format: 16: 9 (4: 3)
Projection size: ~ 150 "
Projection Ratio: 0.233: 1
Contrast Ratio: 3000: 1

3x HDMI 2.0 (1x ARC)
1x 3.5mm jack (audio out)
1x AV
1x USB Type-A 2.0 jack
1x USB Type-A 3.0 jack
1x S / PDIF
1x RJ45

Speaker: 2x Full Range - 2x Tweeter
3D support: Yes

Lamp life:> 25.000 hours
Power consumption: 250W / 0.5W (standby)
Size: 410 × 291 × 88 mm
Weight: 7 kg


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