Xiaomi ANC Headphone Test - USB-C and Noise Canceling

by 6. April 2018
The 3.5mm headphone jack is not doing well and most of the well-known smartphone makers have already said goodbye to the popular audio jack. Even Xiaomi omitted in the recently released Xiaomi Mi6 on the jack. At the same time a new Xiaomi in-ear headphones was presented, which can be connected via USB-C and is even equipped with Active Noise Canceling. For a detailed test, the headphones accompanied me over several weeks.



Xiaomi Piston ANC


Sensitivity: 113dB
Impedance: 32 ohms
Frequency range: 20 - 40.000 Hz

Noise canceling
Type: ANC
Function: MEMS microphone
Frequency range: 50 - 2.000 Hz
Noise Compensation: 25dB

Plug type: USB-C
Cable length: 1.25m

What's in the box

1x Xiaomi Piston ANC
4x pair of silicone earpads
2x pair of silicone savers
1x cloth bag
1x user manual

First impression of the Xiaomi Piston ANC

The Xiaomi ANC in-ear headphones continue the very high quality and sonically convincing Xiaomi headphone range. In collaboration with the musician Luca Bignardi originated, Xiaomi puts on one Connection via USB-C and also has one for the first time Active Noise Canceling implemented using MEMS microphones.

What's in the box

The scope of delivery is impressive. The headphones are delivered in a practical box, which in addition to the in-ear headphones still 4 pair of silicone earmolds in sizes XS, S, M and L. Furthermore included are a small one velvet bag for safekeeping of the box or the headphones, as well 2 pair of silicone savers, which are slipped over the housing drivers to provide better comfort and less noise transmission. The enclosed Manual is written in Chinese and English.

Design and workmanship

The driver housings are made of a high quality titanium alloy, By that, with a total of 20 g Extremely low weight and the ergonomic design of the Xiaomi ANC headphone, Xiaomi promises the best possible wearing comfort. The separation of the correct carrying direction is already by the curved design clearly and is additionally by a Left-right mark marked on the housings. The Cables is 1.25 meters long and textile coated.

Microphone and wired remote control are separated at this in-ear. The microphone is located on the supply cable of the right in-ear unit and is thus in speech height. The cable remote control is at the same time the Y separation of the two supply cables. About in total 3 control buttons can control the music playback or volume. About a laterally attached to the wired remote switch, the active noise cancellation to be activated. A blue LED indicator indicates the status of the ANC function. The processing of the Xiaomi Piston ANC is not objectionable.

sound quality

The built-in driver covers one frequency range between 20 and 40.000 Hz, the impedance is due to 32 ohms and the sensitivity specifies Xiaomi with 113dB. As Hi-res audio certified headphones A lossless audio quality is guaranteed - beyond the CD standard. The active one noise reduction operates in the frequency range of 50 - 2.000 Hz and allows one Noise compensation up to 25dB.

The tonal tuning of the Xiaomi ANC headphone is balanced. Especially for lovers of electronic music shows the Xiaomi Piston ANC one precise and high-energy bass reproduction without this being too dominant in the foreground or flows into the center area. The headphone also shows in the middle section handy, downright flourishing sound with accented upper middle. Vocals and instruments can clearly differentiate the Xiaomi in-ear, creating a dynamic listening experience arises, which does not strain. Heights are gently and not exaggerated. By the right warm sound picture The headphones are especially suitable for the conventional music consumer. Those who prefer a neutral, downright analytical sound will not enjoy the Xiaomi ANC headphones!

Xiaomi ANC Headphone Driver (1)

Active Noise Cancellation

Under the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) Function of the Xiaomi headphones is an active noise cancellation by anti-sound. about MEMS microphones in the driver housings, the ambient noise is measured and compensated by an opposite polarity signal. Mainly noise from lower frequencies is compensated.

The best way to describe function is with a slight pressure on the ears. Of course, not all outside noise will be hidden. Noises such as voices appear quieter and dull. City sounds, however, are almost completely filtered.

In combination with the already noise-insulating construction Xiaomi Piston ANC, the headphone's Active Noise Cancellation feature is a perfect complement to listen to undisturbed music. The sound quality is not affected by the active noise cancellation. When the ANC is switched on, only a slight background noise is noticeable, but it is so small that it completely goes down with the music playback.

Xiaomi ANC Headphone Driver (2)

Wired remote control and microphone

Unfortunately, the wired remote does not work as described in the manual. Over a total of 3 buttons can be the Control music playback, as well as accept and reject calls. With the middle control button music could only be paused and continued in the test, as well as left Accept or reject calls, However, according to the instruction manual, it should be a multifunctional key that can be used to double-click or triple-click to play the previous or next track. Even with one Xiaomi Mi6 this feature was not feasible! The other two buttons are for the Volume Control and can be reprogrammed to track selection with a Xiaomi smartphone.

The recording quality of the microphone responsible for calls. Due to its noise-suppressing function, the recording quality is extremely clear and free of noise. However, you should keep the microphone close to the mouth, because even by a short distance, the recording volume is significantly reduced.


By the ergonomic design The Xiaomi ANC headphones offer excellent wearing comfort. The oval-shaped sound tubes and the additional silicone saver, the in-ear sits without much pressure, but still safe in the ear.


Xiaomi explicitly mentions that the in-ear - especially the ANC function - is only compatible with a few Xiaomi top models. Among them are currently the models Xiaomi Mi6, Mi5S, Mi5S Plus, Mi5, Mi Mix and Mi Note 2. The Mi 4C and Mi 4S models have limited compatibility. Not compatible are the Xiaomi Mi5C and the Redmi Pro models.

The test showed, however, that the Xiaomi ANC in-ear is also compatible with smartphone models from other manufacturers. With the tested smartphones ments Apollo, UMIDIGI Z Pro as well as Elephone P9000 There were no problems with the music playback and the Active Noise Cancellation worked perfectly. In order for the headphone to work properly, it is probably sufficient to support the "USB Audio Device Class 3.0" standard.

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Prices last updated on: April 5st, 2020 08:01

Final Words


Large scope of delivery
Optically appealing
High quality
Dynamic sound
Excellent noise cancellation
Pleasant wearing comfort


Control via cable remote control
Manufacturer's information about compatibility
Microphone a little quiet

First impression

The Xiaomi ANC headphone is another prime example of the sonically convincing Xiaomi headphone range. Due to the dynamic and warmly tuned sound, the in-ear headphones are suitable for a variety of music genres. A well-implemented feature is the active noise cancellation of the headphones, which pleasantly filters external noise. Also praiseworthy is the ergonomic design, which ensures a first-class wearing comfort, so that even longer music sessions are no problem. The biggest criticism is the, not as intended functioning wired remote control. Considering the price and features, the Xiaomi Piston ANC is definitely worth a look!

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