Xiaomi AirDots Pro Test - Cheap AirPods Clone from China

by 10. November 2019
After Xiaomi launched a cheap TWS (True Wireless) in-ear with the AirDots Youth Eidition just a few months ago, the Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro followed in early January. A little more expensive and optically based on Apple's AirPods, the AirDots Pro promise a clean sound with active noise cancellation function. My experiences with the wireless Xiaomi headphones can be found in the following test report.



Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro


Driver: Dynamic driver
Size: 7 mm

Frequency range: unknown
Impedance: 16 ohms
Sensitivity: Unknown

Default: 4.2 BLE
Range: up to 10 meters

* A2DP


Microphone: Yes
Operation: Touch
Battery: ~ 100 mAh

Size: 44.1 15.4 x x 14.3 mm
Weight: 5.8g per earphone

What's in the box

1x Xiaomi AirDots Pro
1x loading box
1x USB-C Charging Cable
4x Earpads (S / M / L)
1x user manual

Design, workmanship and delivery

Update 10. February 2020

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Visually, the Xiaomi AirDots Pro based on Apple's AirPods. The deciding factor for the similar design is the long shaft of the earphones, which stands out visibly when worn. With Dimensions of 44.1 x 15.4 x 14.3 mm the AirDots Pro are slightly bigger than the competition. The weight is still pleasantly light with 5.8g per earphone. Velvet loading box, the in-ear comes on Total weight of 58g.

Here you can buy the AirDots Pro

The AirDots Pro waive a (usually unwieldy) button operation. Instead, in the flat outside of the body is a smart touch operation integrated. The correct carrying direction is marked on the respective shaft. Due to the angled earplug, the AirDots Pro are also easy to use in one direction. Other features are one Charge Indicator on each earphone, as well as two microphones, one for the Active Noise Cancellation Function and another microphone for voice input.

The What's in the box includes in addition to the earphones and the charging box four pairs of earpads in three different sizes and a user manual. So that there are no problems with the import, there is one CE marking on the packaging. The AirDots Pro and the included accessories are well-made to match the price. The matt white plastic of the earphones and the charging box leave an overall high-quality impression. An IPX rating does not exist!

AirDots Pro delivery


The connection between in-ear and playback device Xiaomi has solved interesting. For pairing, the AirDots Pro must be in the loading box. Pressing the charging box function key places the in-ear in pairing mode. A flashing LED provides the corresponding indication of the connection mode.

Once connected, AirDots Pro remembers the connected device. A connection is made as soon as the loading box is opened. Of course, several devices can be connected to the in-ear. The signal-strongest playback device is then automatically coupled. Pressing the load box function key for 10 seconds deletes the connection history.

sound quality

Each of the earphones is with one 7 mm dynamic driver and titanium diaphragm fitted. Xiaomi does not give information on frequency range and sensitivity. The impedance is 16 ohms.

AirDots Pro earphone body

Depths, mid and highs

In the sound test, the AirDots Pro reveal one moderate U-sound curve. low end the in-ear does not overdo it, but shines through a precise bass reproduction. Those who love powerful basses will probably miss them on the Xiaomi AirDots Pro! in the mid-range The earphone is colorful, although tonal details easily blur. The treble is supple and not exaggerated even at high volume. Furthermore, the music reproduction is spatially-clear and noise-free.

Active Noise Cancellation

Even with the ANC turned on, music playback remains noise-free and tonally largely unchanged. However, the noise filtering is limited. Although the ANC is perceptible, you should not expect perfect peace from outside noise! Especially low frequencies are pleasantly suppressed. However, a basic level of environmental noise is retained.


The Xiaomi AirDots Pro put on the Bluetooth 4.2 Default. The stable transmission range is between 8 and 10 meters. The are supported Bluetooth profiles HFP, HSP, A2DP and AVRCP, For the compression of the audio signal is the AAC codec responsible, whose transmission rate is a maximum of 250 kbit / s. Optimal would have been the support of aptX (354 kbit / s) or even LDAC (990 kbit / s).

The disadvantage is also the Audio delay, which makes itself felt in AAC (~ 120 ms). With the AirDots Pro makes a movie because of the Asynchrony between video and sound definitely not fun!

Operation and headset

Each earphone is equipped with an easily accessible touch control panel. Tapping and holding the control panel will pause and resume music playback, accept or reject calls, enable the voice assistant's voice assistant, and turn the ANC on or off. The possibility to change songs or to control the volume does not exist. Pity!

Although the touch operation offers some advantages, the test often caused the control panel to be inadvertently touched and a command executed when inserting and readjusting the in-ear. The control panel can not be deactivated. For initial confusion provides also the Chinese voice message the activity status of the ANC and the battery level. However, after trying something, you know whether ANC is now on or off. The Recording quality of the microphone is good. Telephone calls can be made trouble-free.


The ergonomic design and low weight of the AirDots Pro enable it barely noticeable wearing feeling, For light movements, the earphones sit securely in the ear canal. While doing sports, especially when running, the earphones do hold, but I had to readjust regularly. Remedy is the ear cushions made of memory foam, which are better adapted to the ear canal compared to the supplied silicone ear cushions.

AirDots Pro touch control


The AirDots Pro are each equipped with a cylindrical 100 mAh lithium-ion battery fitted. The runtime measured in the test was at medium volume and switched off ANC at 4 hours, With switched on ANC the runtime decreases just under 3 hours, The deviation at higher or lower volume is approximately + 1 / -1 hours. Unfortunately, the earphones discharge at different speeds. So it happened in the test more often, that already turned off with 20% rest battery one of the earphones!

The battery level of the earphones and the charging box is over one LED indicator read. If the 5 seconds LED lights up, the battery is charged. If the LED indicator flashes, the battery is low. More exact percentage information about the battery level of the AirDots can be obtained via the connected smartphone or tablet (Android and iOS).

The loading box can be per USB-C Charge with any conventional smartphone charger. The charging time is about one hour. With a complete charge of the box, the Xiaomi AirDots Pro can be charged twice. The loading time of the AirDots is 50 minutes. Already 10 minutes of charging are sufficient for 70 minutes of music enjoyment (medium volume).

Price Comparison

You want to know where to buy the Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro? In our price comparison we list the current offers of the most popular shops. All prices are checked and updated several times a day. Should a shop appear several times, it concerns the different warehouses of the dealer.

Gearbest Coupon - Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro Earphones

With this Gearbest voucher you can buy the Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro Earphones reduced for only 44 €.
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Price history

Current prices

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Final Words


Design and workmanship
Easy commissioning
Good sound with a U sound curve
touch operation
Pleasant wearing comfort
Adequate battery life


Few touch control options
Chinese voice prompt only
No aptX or LDAC
Audio delay for video playback
Different discharge rates of the earphone batteries

First impression
Battery life

With the Xiaomi AirDots Pro, the Chinese electronics giant has brought a stylish, well-processed and above all neat-sounding True Wireless in-ear headphones on the market. Sonically, the AirDots Pro convince with a precise bass, a pleasant, but slightly low-detail midrange and gentle highs. Because of the moderate U-sound curve, the earphones are suitable for a variety of music styles.

Nevertheless, the Xiaomi TWS headphones are not perfect. Starting with the touch controls, these essential control options for volume and song selection are missing. Another criticism is the audio delay of the AAC codec. If you want to watch movies with the AirDots Pro, you should be prepared for a minimal asynchrony between video and sound! Also to the Active Noise Cancellation should not be too high expectations. Although the ANC works to some extent, a basic level of environmental noise is retained.

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Hello and thank you for the insightful review. I am very interested in the AirDots Pro and will probably buy it too. But you write that they do not do that well in sports. What exactly are these memory earplugs and do you know, if these wings are available for the AirDots?

I also use an iPhone 7 Plus. Do they work with that? And last but not least, where do I order them the best?

LG Ferdinand


Hello Timo, thank you very much for your quick reply. I thought so with the wings. I ordered it anyway. These Comply earplugs are indeed pretty expensive. Is this really worth it?


My arrived the day before yesterday. Sonically, the first cream. No annoying noise and very clean tuned. The design is a matter of taste but I like it so far. Comfort is also great. I still ordered these foam pegs and with which they sit properly. The isolate again really good and give the bass a bit more whimsy. Thanks for the great tip and first-class review!


Hello people, does anyone have any experience with the Honor FlyDots or the AirDots Youth? I would be interested in how you beat yourself compared to the AirDots Pro.

Jack Daniel

Hi, you wrote: "More accurate percentages of the battery level of the AirDots can be obtained via the connected smartphone or tablet (Android and iOS)."

Where exactly can I see this on the iPhone?


For me this is displayed as a small icon next to the headphone icon. Which iOS do you have?