Wingsland S6 - Selfie drone with 4K camera

by Timo5. August 2016

Selfie sticks are out, long live the selfie drone! Already at the beginning of the year, the first Seflie drones were introduced, which are now to be seen in the late summer, the light of day. All the beginning has the "Zerotech Dobby", Which is already available in China and should appear in Germany in mid-August. Another selfie drone that was recently introduced and is scheduled for release in August is the "Wingsland S6", What information there is to Wingsland S6 so far, you will learn in this preview.

Wingsland S6 - Selfie Drone

Foldable drones with selfie function are the emerging gadget of the quadrocopter and drone scene. "Folding" means a compact drone ready to fly in just a few seconds, with mostly foldable arms and propellers. Also the Wingsland S6 is supposed to be like the Dobby Drone retractable arms own, whereby the actual drone can be reduced to the size of a smartphone and, for example, in the Pants pocket transported can be. How this concept was finally implemented, can already be guessed from the concept images published a few days ago. It can be seen that the arms can be folded in towards the center of the housing. The size in the folded state is comparable to that of an iPhone 6 Plus (138mm).

Despite the few details is already known that the Wingland S6 drone a 4K camera will own. The image sensor should be natively with 13 Megapixel dissolve. The f-number is f / 2.2. Who is the manufacturer of the image sensor and whether a, comparable to a smartphone hardware will be used, is still unknown. Additional extensions, such as a propeller protection, it should be with the publication. Also can be seen on the concept images that a Sonar System was integrated to prevent any collisions.

It will be interesting to see to what extent the Wingsland S6 will differ from other selfie drones. As soon as more information about the drone is announced, it will obviously appear here.

Update: Another render shot was released. Accordingly, the Wingsland S6 should appear in different color variations. The release probably falls on the 30. August.

Wingsland S6 colors

Update2 (07.08.2016): There are new information about the Wingsland Selfie drone. Accordingly, native 4K recordings with 30 pictures per second are possible. In addition, the drone uses an "indoor positioning system". A first teaser trailer was released by the manufacturer on YouTube.

Wingsland S6 Palmtop Mini Drone Teaser

Update3 (24.08.2016): The Wingsland S6 Selfie drone was officially launched! Here is a teaser video for release.


Update4 (06.10.2016): Wingsland S6 has had no news since the beginning of September. The final sale price will probably be 400 €. A release date is still missing. Enclosed you will find a picture of the different design variations.

Wingsland S6 Design

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Interesting concept. Small drones with 4K cameras could actually prove to be future-proof. If the prices fall in the coming years, I'll buy myself a selfie drone: D.