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VKWorld Mix Plus smartphone

VKWorld Mix Plus - Almost Borderless Smartphone

The VKWorld Mix Plus is another China smartphone, in the style of the Xiaomi Mi Mix. With a retail price of around 100 €, it costs only a fraction of the high-end Xiaomi counterpart.

VKWorld Mix Plus

Producers of so-called Chinese smartphones are known for following every trend in the smartphone world, no matter how small, and implementing it more or less well. So-called “tri-bezel-less” smartphones are currently very popular and every smartphone manufacturer, no matter how small, wants to get a piece of the cake. The decisive factor was the one published at the end of 2016 Xiaomi Mi Mix, which started the trend. Manufacturers such as DOOGEE, UMIDIGI and Bluboo have now followed the trend. Another manufacturer joins the ranks, the rather unknown company “VKWorld”. The VKWorld Mix Plus can primarily be assigned to the low-budget range.

VKWorld Mix Plus test

Design and display

The smartphone uses a 5.5-inch IPS display, which is manufactured using so-called in-cell technology. Thanks to the "In-Cell" technology, the actual IPS panel and the touch panel are connected to each other without additional layers. Theoretically, this makes it possible to produce slimmer panels that at the same time allow a high level of light transmission. The resolution of the display used here is 1280 x 720 pixels, which results in a dot density of 267 DPI. Both the glass front and the glass back of the Mix Plus are made of Corning Gorilla Glass, in an unspecified version.

As a "tri-bezel-less" smartphone, the front of the device largely consists of the 5.5 inch display. Just below the display is the usual frame section that contains the front camera and the proximity sensor. VKWorld speaks of a screen-to-body ratio of 90%. However, this value is actually only 79%, which can be understood with a little math based on the housing size of 143 × 74 × 7.9 mm and the display diagonal. You shouldn't be fooled by the "rimless" promise either. So far, no "tri-bezel-less" without visible display edges has been released!

VKWorld Mix Plus Review

Processor and memory

Typically low-budget, the Mix Plus is also equipped with a processor from the low-price segment. The MediaTek MTK6737 is a system-on-chip with 4 Cortex ARM-A53 cores and an ARM Mali-T720 GPU. The system also supports LTE with the most common frequency bands in this country, GPS, Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi with the protocols 802.11a / b / g / n. On the storage side, the system is supported by a 3GB main memory and an expandable 32GB flash memory.


Camera, fingerprint scanner and battery

Many manufacturers focus primarily on camera equipment. Unlike VKWorld, which has equipped the Mix Plus with an 8 megapixel single-sensor main camera. The manufacturer is silent on the detailed type designation of the image sensor. Of course, given the price, there aren't too high demands on the camera equipment either. What is interesting, however, is that VKWorld promotes the abandonment of a dual camera system with the slogan "One is better than Two". This means that the main camera of the Mix Plus is also able to create the “bokeh effect” despite the single sensor. The front camera has a native resolution of 5 megapixels.

Further equipment features are a fingerprint scanner, which is located on the back and below the main camera, as well as a gravity sensor and a proximity sensor. The capacity of the battery is 2.850 mAh.

Smartphone display


The VKWorld Mix Plus is an almost borderless smartphone for the small budget. Considering the price, you have to make compromises especially when it comes to the processor and the camera equipment. The battery is also not particularly large at just 2.850 mAh for a 5.5 inch device. You get a smartphone that is equipped appropriately for the price, but you shouldn't have too high expectations of it. The smartphone has been released in the colors “Deep Gray” and “Purplish Blue” and can now be imported via the online retailer GearBest. If we receive a test copy, the test report will follow here!

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