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Xiaomi VIOMI S9 Robot Vacuum Cleaner + Automatic Suction Station 2700Pa

VIOMI S9 vacuum robot with suction station - all information

VIOMI sends the VIOMI S9 vacuum robot with suction station into the race and catapults its vacuum robot series to a new level. The VIOMI S9 is the first model from the Xiaomi-related company that empties its dust container fully automatically and without any action after the cleaning process!

VIOMI S9 - vacuum robot with suction station

Anyone who already owns a vacuum robot is guaranteed to know it. The little cleaning helpers already do a lot of things fully automatically, but at the end of the day the dust container is usually emptied. One or two cleaning processes and then the container has to be emptied again. Fine dust that the filter had previously trapped flies through the air again.

The pioneer in the field of “vacuum robots with suction stations” was iRobot (Roomba). Meanwhile, other manufacturers are also taking on convenient self-emptying.

Auto-dumping 2.0

The VIOMI S9 combines charging station and suction station. The manufacturer itself describes its system as “Auto-Dumping 2.0”, in which the dust container is emptied effectively and fully automatically into the suction station after the cleaning tour. Emptying does not take place via the underside of the vacuum robot, but via a 381 millimeter opening on the side.

With 950 watts of power, coarse and fine dirt is drawn from the dust container into the suction station. Inside there is a dirt disposal bag with a capacity of 3 liters (3 pieces included), which, with average use, must be emptied about every month.

This is how the VIOMI S9 suction station works

The indicator LEDs on the suction station are practical. These provide information about a full dust bag, the vacuuming process and the battery level of the vacuum robot.

VIOMI S9 suction station with instructions

It is not known at what volume the VIOMI suction station goes to work. A test of the VIOMI S9 will have to show that. Comparable models, however, like to reach a volume beyond 80 dB, which is perceived as uncomfortably loud.

Laser room measurement & multi-mapping

From a technical point of view, the VIOMI S9 is comparable to many other high-end vacuum robots. A laser tower (LDS 2.0) on top of the vacuum robot measures the space and enables precise orientation and obstacle detection. Not only can the cleaning route be followed via a detailed room map, but the user also has the option of drawing in no-go zones. The vacuum robot can save up to 5 cards from different floors.

VIOMI S9 LDS laser navigation

As a company close to Xiaomi, VIOMI is part of the Xiaomi ecosystem. The management of the vacuum robot and the maps is done via the Mi Home app (alternative VIOMI app), which gives the user numerous options and functions (voice control, schedules, etc.)

Vacuum & wipe

With a suction force of 2700 Pa, the VIOMI S9 is one of the most powerful models on the market. As a result, it is able to effectively vacuum up fine particles, animal hair and coarse dirt. Dirt is transported to the main brush with the help of a side brush and passed through a HEPA filter system. Depending on the surface (hard floor, carpet or tiles), the robot vacuum automatically adjusts its cleaning behavior. The dust container has a capacity of 600 milliliters.

VIOMI S9 suction power

The VIOMI S9 can not only vacuum but also wet wipe. An electric water pump distributes the water evenly in 3 wet stages. Wiping and vacuuming are possible in parallel. The water tank holds 250 milliliters.

VIOMI S9 wiping performance

5200 mAh battery

So that the vacuum robot does not run out of breath in a short distance, it has installed a particularly large 5200 mAh battery. According to VIOMI, the vacuum robot can vacuum for up to 220 minutes at a time (silent mode). That in turn corresponds to an area of ​​approx. 320 m².

What is your opinion on the VIOMI S9? Would you be interested in a review of the vacuum robot? So in the comments!

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