UMI Voix Blu Test - Bluetooth Headset

by 16. September 2015
The UMi Voix Blu is the first Bluetooth headset of the Chinese smartphone manufacturer UMi. Whether this cheap headphones also sound convinced, you will learn in this review of the UMi Voix Blu.



UMI Voix Blu


Bluetooth: V4.0
Range: 10 meters

Battery: 195mAh
Playback time: 10 hours
Stanby time: 16 days
Charging time: 2.5 hours
Charging socket: Micro USB

Codec: A2DP1. 2 / AVRCP1.4 HSP1.2 HFP1.6
Frequency range: 20 - 20,000 Hz

Weight: 125.5 g
Size: 6.52 x 6.36 x 1.97 inches

What's in the box

1x UMi Voix Blu
1x Operating Instructions (English)
1x Micro USB Charging Cable
1x velvet transport bag

UMi Voix Blu Unboxing

Unpacked, the effect UMi Voix Blu inconspicuous, which is mainly due to the small size. Visually, the headphone makes a good deal. The temple consists on the one hand of a white, smooth lacquer layer. The inside of the temple is made of a greyish silicone coatingwhich ensures a good grip.

The earcups of the UMi Voix Blu are made Protein leather. This is a material that is very similar to the real leather. The housing of the earcups is made of plastic and offers a piano finish.

UMI Voix Blu Bluetooth Headset - Testbericht / Review

The UMi Voix Blu only weighs 125g. In the temple there is a aluminum railthat makes the headphones extremely flexible. No matter how you twist the bar, a break is almost impossible. For individual adjustment, the bar can be adjusted on both sides by 2 cm. The headphones also have an NFC module installed. With an NFC-compatible playback device, you can thus create a Bluetooth connection in seconds.

There are several on the right side of the temple Function keys, (louder, quieter, forwards, backwards, play and pause) a USB port and an Microphone for the acquittal function. The headphones are supported Bluetooth 4.0, which is particularly energy efficient. A separate audio input is looking for the Voix Blu unfortunately in vain.

UMI Voix Blu test


Sonically, the UMi Voix Blu really surprised me a lot, I actually assumed that the headphones are mainly for electronic and bass-heavy music, but the sound of the headphones is real very balanced and particularly well matched, UMi really covers the Voix Blu wide music spectrum from. In the middle and highs are very clear and depending on which song you are listening to, the respective subtleties can be heard very well.

I have listened to several songs from all genres of music and all songs have the headphones pleasantly implemented. For example, if you're listening to "Paul Kalkbrenner - Feed Your Head," a very heavy-bassed song, you're not going to blow your ears off at the same time Bass handy.

From the field of soundtracks, I've heard the intro of Jurassic Park and also since everything was presented clearly and not distorted. The subtleties in the background were nice to hear. Even at full volume the headphone does not start to scratch.

UMI Voix Blu included

Final Words


Good, voluminous sound
Good comfort
Good workmanship
Good bluetooth range


Very small ear pads
Missing audio jack

First impression
everyday practicality
Battery life

I like the UMi Voix Blu on the one hand because of its inconspicuous size and the yet eye-catching design. The ear cups are a bit strange at the beginning, if you are used to closed headphones, but if you're on the road you do not want to have a huge block on your head.

Sonically, the headphones are aimed at a really wide audience. There should be something for everyone here. I liked it a lot, at least for all songs.

The comfort of the Voix Blu is quite good. As I said, the ears are a bit small, but if you align it properly, you can wear it over longer sessions, which is due to the low weight.

From my point of view, there is almost nothing to improve on this headphone. Only an additional audio jack, I would have liked.

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