The UMI Fair in the test

by 6. January 2016
With the UMI Fair, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer UMI has launched a low-budget smartphone that is fairly well equipped, measured at around € 100, and even has a fingerprint sensor. In this test report, you can find out whether you can also expect a smartphone suitable for everyday use at this price "Hifone" made available.



UMI Fair


* Display: 5,0 inch HD IPS (1280x720)
* SoC: MediaTek MT6735 quad-core 1.0 GHz
* GPU: ARM Mali-T720 MP2 450MHz
* OS: Android Lollipop 5.1
* RAM and ROM: 1GB
* Internal Memory: 8GB (expandable)
* Camera: rear camera 13MP (interpolated) Sony IMX164; 2MP front
* Other: Micro USB, 3.5mm headphone jack, GPS, BT 4.0
* Battery: 2000mAh
* Sensors: sensor G-sensor, P-sensor, L-sensor

* Item size: approx. 14.35 * 7.2 * 0.84cm
* Product weight: ca.160g

What's in the box

* UMI Fair
*Battery pack
*USB cable

Review of the UMI Fair Smartphone
UMI fair smartphone - unboxing

UMI Fair Smartphone Review Hands-On

First impression

UMI Fair Test: Fair stands for "decent", which is why the UMI Fair was delivered in a fair packaging. The plain cardboard box made of ordinary, unprocessed cardboard not only makes a biodegradable impression, it also has very little. In addition to a minimalist manual (if you may call it that), which was printed on a simple sheet of A4 paper, the package included an 5V charger with one amp and a micro USB data or charging cable included. A screen protector on the smartphone was already somewhat neatly applied.

The first inspection of the device was quite positive. Especially the brushed metal frame has done to me, which I really did not expect at this price. The function keys attached to the right edge of the case are also made of metal. Unfortunately, I could already see when unpacking that the keys bring with them a slightly rustling sound.

The back of the UMI Fair consists of a removable, rubberized back plate. Behind it hides the 2000mAh battery. Since the UMI Fair is also a dual SIM smartphone, the two micro SIM slots are also on the back. As a treat, UMI has not opted for a "hybrid slot", but missed the UMI Fair for memory expansion its own micro SD card slot.

Furthermore, the UMI Fair still has a conventional micro USB socket, which is attached to the lower edge of the case, above is an 3.5mm Kline audio output.

The highlight is probably also the rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, which was placed below the rear camera.


The display of the UMI Fair is a 5 inch IPS HD display (1280x720). Individual pixels can hardly be recognized. Only those who want to recognize pixels and look closely will also recognize pixels. Otherwise the image is high resolution and sharp.

Unfortunately, the display of the UMI Fair bothered me with its very special coloring. Although I would classify the display as rather cool, the white tone is more yellowish in this smartphone. However, I was able to adjust the display to my requirements through the integrated "MiraVision" via the display settings.

I would call the viewing angle stability average. When looking at the display from the side, one notices that the colors of the display are slightly distorted and the image also fades.

I was particularly surprised by the very good, uniform illumination of the display. I did not look for the so-called "clouding" effect at UMI Fair.

Otherwise, the display responds very well to inputs, it is 5 finger multi-touch capable. The UMI Fair has no capacitive keys, which is why the controls are controlled via the display. Here, however, enough space was left, whereby the operation is done easily.

UMI Fair Test / Review Display


Of course, you can not expect any above average hardware at the UMI Fair. Although the Fair has a quad-core processor installed, the MT6735 only clocks with 1GHz. Even with the RAM only 1GB were installed.

In everyday use, the rather meager hardware was particularly noticeable when opening the apps. It can take several seconds before a very extensive app is opened. So the multitasking capability of the UMI Fair is rather borderline. Movements through the user interface, however, were quite quick. Anyone who simply wants to make calls and text whatsapps with the UMI Fair will certainly be satisfied with the performance of the UMI Fair. However, those who like to play a mobile game or want to do more with their smartphone will not be happy with the performance of the UMI Fair in the long term. Even the tight memory of just 8GB will certainly be without memory expansion to the obstacle.

User Interface

I was surprised to find that the UMI Fair is already running on Android 5.1. In addition, the Android used here has hardly been modified and is largely similar to the Google-known Stock Android. The smartphone is even rooted from home and "SuperSU" is already preinstalled.

Third-party apps were almost not preinstalled. Only a rather annoying and even in the system anchored "Cleaner" App, which was also still in Chinese, I could make out here. Thanks to the root but also this app could be eliminated with "Titanium Backup".


Even with the cameras you should not expect too much here. The rear camera is specified with an 13 megapixel Sony IMX164 image sensor. However, this value is interpolated because the IMX164 natively only delivers 8 megapixels. A dual LED flash is located right next to the camera.

In good light conditions and a steady hand you can shoot quite useful pictures with the UMI Fair. Unfortunately, no image stabilizer was installed here, which is why the pictures shot by me were for the most part blurry. Even with good shots, however, you could notice a picture noise. I would describe the color scheme as rather clear.

The autofocus of the UMI Fair works on average so fast. The LED flash is compared to other devices above average bright. The 2 megapixel front camera is not suitable for selfies due to the increased noise. For video telephony, however, the front camera is sufficient.

Fingerprint sensor

I would call the fingerprint sensor or fingerprint sensor of the UMI Fair the highlight of the UMI Fair. So far I have not found a smartphone in a price range under 100 €, which had integrated a fingerprint sensor. This can be configured via the settings menu. To scan a finger, hold this 15x on the sensor and remove it again. In this way you can save several fingers.

I saved my index finger in my test. With this the sensor was easy to reach. For example, about 10 attempts to unlock the device with a finger, some 2 failed. However, I had also held the finger slightly laterally on the sensor.

UMI Fair Test Fingerprint

Telephony, WLAN, Bluetooth

The UMI Fair also supports LTE Band 20 as one of the few UMI smartphones. Thus, you can use this smartphone fully LTE in Germany.

The transmission quality of calls is good with the UMI Fair. Conversations are clearly transmitted and received.

The wi-fi and bluetooth connection was also good and stable. The range also convinced me.

GPS Compass

The GPS fix was found quickly. However, an E-compass does not belong to the UMI Fair.


The battery is a bit poor at UMI Fair with only 2000mAh, which is also noticeable in the battery life. After a good week's use I had to charge the UMI Fair as a moderate smartphone user already late in the afternoon. Just who uses his smartphone above average, will get problems with the battery of the UMI Fair.

Final Words


Good workmanship
Sharp display
Android 5.1 (almost stick)
Fingerprint sensor
Very good price / performance ratio
LTE (with volume 20)


Display with yellow tinge
Below average battery performance
Slow processor
Only 1GB RAM

First impression
User Interface
Fingerprint scanner
GPS & sensors

Above all, the UMI Fair surprises with its good price / performance ratio. The smartphone offers numerous features from GPS to fingerprint sensor, which I usually only used from a different price range. However, the functions are implemented according to the price. The processor is comparatively rather weak, the UMI Fair has only 1GB RAM and also with the camera was waived an image stabilizer. If you are more than just talking on the phone and browsing the Internet with a smartphone, you should look into a higher price range. Otherwise, the UMI Fair is great for smartphone users who do not need a high-end device and still want to enjoy many useful features.

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