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UGREEN PowerRoam 1200 power station header

UGREEN PowerRoam 1200 & 600 – PowerStation with BYD LiFePO4 cells

The electronics manufacturer UGREEN is expanding its product range with the introduction of an innovative power station series called "PowerRoam". The PowerRoam 1200 and the smaller PowerRoam 600 use particularly durable, safe and powerful LiFePO4 cells from BYD, one of the world's leading battery manufacturers.

UGREEN PowerRoam 1200 & 600

High output power with up to 2500 watts

The UGREEN PowerRoam is an all-round solution when it comes to mobile power supply, with which end devices can be charged sustainably and inexpensively from home or on the go.

UGREEN PowerRoam in the car

Compact design with practical carrying handle.

The UGREEN PowerRoam achieves an output power of 1200 watts via the AC output. With the U-Turbo mode, up to 2500 watts are even possible, with which pretty much every device in the household can be supplied with electricity.

The capacity of the PowerRoam 1200 is given as 1024 watt hours. This can power a 360 watt refrigerator for up to 2,5 hours. A 105 watt TV even lasts 8,2 hours. The smaller PowerRoam 600 has a capacity of 680 watt hours.

 LiFePO4 cells 

The LiFePO4 batteries are characterized by their efficiency and longevity and are therefore a reliable source of energy. Compared to other lead and lithium-ion batteries, they are safer, lighter and more powerful. UGREEN also offers an integrated maintenance system for the batteries, which extends their lifespan.

Modern function

The housing of the PowerRoam consists of a stable and fire-resistant steel construction that can withstand shocks and impacts. The functions include an LCD display and a smart app connection for operation, as well as an intelligent safety system that protects the PowerStation from overheating and overcharging.

UGREEN PowerRoam connectors

2 USB-A ports (22,5 watts), 2 USB-C PD ports (100 watts), 3 DC outputs (120 watts) and 6 AC outputs (1200 watts)

With the 0% battery emergency mode, small devices such as B. supply or charge smartphones for up to 7 hours. PowerZip charging technology charges the PowerStation to 1,5 percent in just 100 hours. Models from other manufacturers need up to 8 hours for this.

Environmentally friendly charging is supported by the UgreenSC200 solar panel. With two modules, the charging time is about 3 hours.

 Prices and availability 

The launch of the PowerRoam series will take place on April 22nd at Mercedes Platz in Berlin and offers interested parties the opportunity to test and get to know the products directly.

The PowerRoam 1200 and PowerRoam 600 are priced at €1.199,99 and €799,99 respectively. In the first month after publication, both power stations are available at a special price of 999,99 euros (*Amazon) and 599,99 euros (*Amazon) available.

Source: press release & UGREEN product page

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  1. petrichs

    22. April 2023 15 to: 58

    Hello, suppose I want to charge the power station with solar. Can I use a panel from another manufacturer for this or do I have to buy the Ugreen one?

    • Timo admin

      23. April 2023 13 to: 56

      Hi Petrichs, the panel is connected via an XT60 connector. That's why I'm assuming that it should also work with panels from other manufacturers.

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