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by 15. May 2016
The UCVR View is an even more unknown, smartphone virtual reality headset of the upper price range, which differs just from the lenses used by other VR glasses. Whether the UCVR View glasses will keep their promises and how they compare in comparison to other VR headsets, you will learn in this review.





Material: ABS plastic with piano lacquer
Weight: 198g
Compatible with: 4.7-5.7 inch smartphones
Lenses: Fresnel lenses
Viewing angle: 98 ยฐ -110 ยฐ

What's in the box

1x UCVR View
1x three-point head strap
3x Fresnel lens inserts
2x rubber pads
1x user manual

First impression of the UCVR View

The UCVR View is delivered in a plain cardboard box next to the VR glasses with lens insert two more lens inserts, one headgear, rubber pads and an English-speaking one Manual includes.

With a Weight of about 198g The VR headset is quite easy. The anthracite-colored case is completely made of plastic and is visually appealing due to the red ornamentation. The build quality is also neat. Unclean processed places or too large gap dimensions I have not noticed. Unfortunately, the housing has no magnetic switch.

The upholstery of the UCVR View is pleasantly soft and comparable to a synthetic leather cover. Not padded, however, is the bulge for the nose. Of the Three-point head strap is adjustable in size and flexible.

Smartphones are made of these glasses with a Diagonal of 4.7 - 5.7 inches supported. The front plastic cover is completely removable and has additional ventilation grilles and recesses to connect, for example, a headphone or a charging cable during use with the smartphone. The inlet behind is padded with several rubber pads, which protects the smartphone from scratches. The smartphone is clamped by a clamping mechanism.


A big difference of the UCVR View to a conventional Cardboard VR glasses are the ones used here Fresnel lenses, This type of lens allows for much less weight and volume higher field of view reached. Incidentally, the current Oculus Rift CV1 also uses such Fresnel lenses.

In order to get a clear picture even with myopia and without visual aid, three lens inserts are supplied with the same 0 to -8 diopters rich. All lens inserts are labeled accordingly and can be exchanged via a click mechanism. Additional controls to adjust the lenses to the eye relief does not exist. But you do not have to, because the lenses are really huge! Instead of the lens inserts but I would have liked a controller for precise adjustment of the sharpness.

field test

Before using it for the first time, I had to attach the headgear to the UCVR headset, which, despite the rather brief operating instructions, simply went away. The respective lens inserts are also replaced quickly, as well as the smartphone is quickly inserted and aligned.

An additional QR code to transfer any settings of the VR glasses to the Google Cardboard app does not have the UCVR view. With an 5 inch smartphone, the picture was well displayed even with the Cardboard standard settings. The field of view is comparatively large even with an 5 inch device. With an 5.5 inch smartphone almost the entire field of view is filled, but it will be difficult to find a suitable profile for the Cardboard app. With the default settings and a 5.5 inch smartphone, I could not use the UCVR view at first, because the displayed image completely overlapped. Only with the profile of "ColorCross" glasses (article) I could produce a clean picture. Incidentally, can also be about the "Cardboard Viewer Profile Generator" by Google create a suitable profile. However, this process requires more or less knowledge of the glasses. Blurred edges, which occur especially with poor quality lenses, do not occur with the UCVR VR glasses. What I noticed, however, is an increased motion blur, which is not so significant in comparable smartphone VR headsets.

What bothered me too was the missing magnetic switch, If you own a smartphone with such a feature, you will miss this option. Alternatively, however, a small magnet can be held to the housing. Disturbing light incidents are very well prevented by the design of the housing.


The wearing comfort is very good with the UCVR headset. Due to the light base weight and the precisely fitting padding, the glasses are very comfortable. The lack of padding in the nose area I noticed not disturbing. The three-point head strap is adjustable in size and consists of a flexible rubber band.

Final Words


Large field of vision
Lens inserts with 0 to -8 diopters
Good comfort


Increased motion blur
No magnetic switch
Missing QR code for cardboard app

First impression
everyday practicality

The UCVR View is an interesting virtual reality headset with good approaches, as shown by the above-average field of vision. The design is modern and appealing and also the wearing comfort is very good due to its low weight. Nevertheless, there are some possibilities for improvement. Probably the biggest criticism is the missing QR code with the appropriate settings for the Google Cardboard app.

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