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TOKIT Omni Cook multifunction kitchen machine

TOKIT Omni Cook – Xiaomi's Themomix Alternative is now available on Amazon!

Xiaomi's answer to the Thermomix appears in Germany and Europe! Whether frying, kneading, mixing, steaming or cooking, the TOKIT Omni Cook combines more than 21 functions in one device. There are also free recipes directly from the cloud. From now on, the brave can order the multifunction food processor from Amazon at a starting price of 1000 euros.

Xiaomi, TOKIT and Chunmi?

Info update (September 16, 2022)

The TOKIT Omni Cook has now officially made it onto Amazon! With sale and shipping by Amazon, the device is currently available with a 23% discount for 1007,55 euros instead of 1315 euros. The discount is activated on the Amazon product page.

Omni Cook on Amazon

TOKIT's plans for the European market have so far been unclear. In April it was said that the company would initially like to focus on the North American and Southeast Asian markets. When we asked TOKIT, we were now told that they would also like to populate the European market with immediate effect.

The first is the TOKIT Omni Cook, which wants to hold a candle to the Thermomix TM6. More products are to follow at the end of the year.

With the many different names that come up in connection with the TOKIT Omni Cook, it is easy to lose track of things. To get some clarity, let's first take a look back.

At the end of 2020, the multifunction kitchen machine “Ocooker” (Link) published. Many of the products that appear on Youpin come from Xiaomi-related companies that are directly connected to the vast Xiaomi ecosystem.

TOKIT Omni Cook Display and Recipe Cloud

The company behind the ocooker is Chunmi Technology Co., Ltd (Link), a company that has been in existence since 2013 and specializes in smart kitchen appliances. Xiaomi is only one of the top-level investors who support Chunmi Technology technologically and financially. TOKIT (Link) is the brand name under which Chunmi sells the smart kitchen appliances.

The Ocooker is only available on the Chinese market and has not yet made it beyond the country's borders due to the language barrier. In China, however, the Thermomix alternative is so successful that one now wants to compete on the global market. Adapted for the global market, the "Xiaomi Thermomix" will soon be available from us as TOKIT Omni Cook.

Technical data and comparison

First, let's take a quick look at the technical properties of the TOKIT Omni Cook and compare them with the Thermomix TM6 and the Monsieur Cuisine Connect from LIDL. 

 Name   Omni Cook TOKIT   Thermomix TM6   Mr. Connect Kitchen 
 heat  1.000 watts, 1.000 watts, 1.000 watts,
 Temperature  35 - 180 ° C 35 - 120 ° C 37 - 130 ° C
 Volume  2,2 liters 2,2 liters 3,0 liters
 MOTOR  500 watts, 500 watts, 800 watts,
 number of revolutions  40 - 12.000 rpm 40 - 10.700 rpm 120 - 5.200 rpm
 Scales  + -1 gram + -1 gram + -1 gram
 Display  7 inch touch 7 inch touch 7 inch touch
 Wifi  Ja Ja Ja
 Cloud recipes  Free of charge Subscription model Free of charge
 Price  699 Euros 1.359 Euros 399 Euros

21 functions in one device

In a nutshell, the TOKIT Onmi Cook is a multifunction kitchen machine with 21 functions.

TOKIT Omni Cook Thermomix alternative

In addition to conventional functions such as mixing, stirring, mixing or kneading, frying, boiling, stewing and fermenting are also part of the long list of different areas of application. The power for mixing is 500 watts and for cooking 1000 watts. From starters to desserts, pretty much anything can be prepared with the all-in-one food processor. This makes the Omni Cook a real all-rounder for everyday kitchen use!

7 inch display and free recipes

A large selection of recipes is already pre-installed on the device. In addition, creative recipe ideas can be downloaded free of charge from the TOKIT cloud. The WiFi interface makes it possible.

The automatic Cooking Guide guides you through the individual preparation steps in text, video and voice. To the right of the saucepan (2,2 liters) is a 7-inch touch display, which you can use to keep an eye on the cooking instructions and list of ingredients. As a rule, the recipes are designed for 3-4 servings.

At the market launch, the recipes will only be available in English. Other languages ​​(German, French and Spanish) are to follow later. How often new recipes are entered into the cloud is not yet known at this point in time.

Price and availability

 Get early birds on Kickstarter (Link) the TOKIT Onmi Cook at the introductory price of 699 euros until the beginning of August. After that, the price should rise to 899 euros. Spare parts and accessories, such as the steamer (79 euros) or the slow cooking attachment (49 euros), will be available separately after the Kickstarter campaign. The dispatch should take place from August.

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  1. Heiko

    9. July 2021 11 to: 33

    Thank you for the informative article! How sure is it that the shipment will also take place in August?

    • Sibille E.

      11. July 2021 17 to: 39

      I've been cooking with the Thermomix for several years now. The device here sounds interesting, but you shouldn't forget that there is a service behind the Thermomix that I cannot imagine with a China device. If something breaks, I call Thermomix and get spare parts. How this will work out here cannot really be seen yet.

      I will still follow the whole thing and I am looking forward to a test.

  2. Steffi

    18. January 2022 15 to: 21

    Do you have any news as to when you will be testing the Omni Cook? Would like to wait for your test before ordering. And please compare with the Thermomix!!

    • Timo admin

      19. January 2022 23 to: 09

      Hi Steffi, we will most likely test the device in the next few months and then of course report back here.

  3. Pavla

    14. September 2022 09 to: 01

    and have you already tested?

    • Timo admin

      14. September 2022 10 to: 08

      Hi Pavla,

      Unfortunately, no test device has reached us at the moment. But I'll stay on the ball and will check with TOKIT's marketing department to see if there's any news for the European market. Unfortunately, in April it was also said that there were no plans for the European or German market.

  4. Lara

    20. September 2022 09 to: 36

    Hello team, I came across your Omni Cook while researching multi-cooking appliances. Can you tell me if it's better than a TM6, Monsieur Cuisine or a Cookit?

    How exactly does the recipe database work? Is there a subscription? Are the recipes displayed in German? Can I upload my own recipes? Is there an app?

    I saw that there is also a steamer. Is it included or does it have to be purchased separately?

    Questions about questions.

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