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With this Gearbest Offer you can buy the TICWRIS GTS Smartwatch for only 13 € instead of 33 € to buy! The dispatch takes place directly via priority line within 10-14 working days. There are no additional costs for this item.

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Update 11. November 2020

The particularly inexpensive one TICWRIS GTS Smartwatch has fallen again in price. With the deal made available to us you can at Gearbest the smartwatch for only 13,60 Euros to buy. The offer is limited in time.

Ticwris GTS in Gearbest offer.

Smartwatch with thermometer

The TICWRIS GTS is the first smartwatch that not only monitors the heart rate, but also that Body temperature measures. The particularly reasonably priced smartwatch that doesn't look very much like a name Amazfit GTS reminds, is equipped with a temperature sensor on the underside. Body temperature can be measured in real time. A Warning function alerts the wearer as soon as the body temperature rises above 37,3 ° C. The measuring process takes approximately 10 seconds.

The first smartwatch with a thermometer.

Useful everyday functions

In addition to the thermometer, the TICWRIS GTS is also equipped with other sensors. On Pedometer measures the daily distance covered based on the steps taken. On Heart Rate Monitor monitors the wearer's pulse. There is also another one sleep monitorwho monitors sleep. All data can be sent via Bluetooth transferred to the smartphone. The App analyzes the collected data and presents it clearly prepared. Alternatively, the data can also be viewed via the 1.3 inch TFT display (240 x 240 pixels) view. On the Touchscreen the display, the smartwatch can be conveniently controlled.

A 1.3 inch TFT display with touchscreen.

Sports functions and long-lasting battery

The TICWRIS GTS supports the daily sport activities 7 sports modes to the side. Sports programs, such as Running, cycling or swimming, can be activated at the push of a button. According to protection class IP68, the smartwatch is waterproof. The watch strap is held by a spring bar and can therefore be replaced easily. Of the 160 mAh battery lasts up to 5 days under normal use. In standby, even 20 days of runtime are possible. The battery is charged within 1-2 hours.

The TICWRIS GTS measures blood oxygen, heart rate, temperature and sleep.


dataBrand: TICRWIS
Type: smartwatch
Display: 1.3 inch TFT 240 x 240
Waterproof: IP68
Temperature: yes
Heart rate: Yes
Pedometer: Yes
Sleep Monitor: Yes
Bluetooth: 4.0
GPS: No.
OS: Android and iOS
Battery: 160 mAh
DimensionsWeight: 40g
Size: 3.50 x 4.15 x 1.10 cm


How to Measure Normal Body Temperature with $ 25 Smartwatch?

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Good as a thermometer
on 17.04.2020
by Richard

Ordered to use as a thermometer. Does what it should for the price. Thank you for the deal.

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Gearbest says that the watch also measures the oxygen content. Is that true?


Thank you for your answer. I just ordered the smartwatch. At the price, it doesn't hurt if it doesn't work properly. I will report as soon as I have it, unless you can test it beforehand.