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Zelote's T-90 Gaming Mouse Test Big

Test of the Zelotes (ECHTPower) gaming mouse T-90

Updated by Timo A on the 12. May 2021

A gaming mouse with 5500 dpi in this price range is rare. Although well-known manufacturers often promise mice with 10.000 dDpi and more, they are also in a price range of 70 € and upwards. Whether the ECHTPower 5500 dpi mouse is good, I'll tell you now.

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What's in the box

The ECHTPower / Zelotes T-90 gaming mouse comes in a simple cardboard box with the branding "Zelotes" on it. Zelotes is a gaming series that is marketed by numerous retailers such as VicTsing, ECHTPower and others. The exact name of the gaming mouse is Zelotes T-90. In addition to the mouse, the scope of delivery included operating instructions in German and English. A driver CD is not included, but according to the instructions the mouse is also a plug and play device so that drivers are not required or there are no drivers.


The Zelotes T-90 gaming mouse lights up unpacked and connected thanks to the built-in LEDs in 5 different colors. The mouse is mainly aimed at right-handed people and is shaped accordingly. The case of the mouse is made entirely of plastic, but still proves to be very stable. Column or even creaking spots I could not find any. Everything fits as it should. The surface of the housing is matt rubberized and thus prevents slipping. Unfortunately, there is only plastic on the sides, but the mouse is still in the hand. The mouse cable is textile covered and a bit 1.5m long.

In addition to the buttons for left and right click, the ECHTPower gaming mouse has additional buttons, especially for gamers. Using the left mouse button you can reach three more buttons. Unfortunately, these keys can not be freely assigned due to a lack of drivers. The special "Fire Key" to the left of the left mouse button performs a double left click and is therefore particularly suitable for shooters. With the DPI button on the housing, you can set five DPI levels (1000 DPI, 1600 DPI, 2400 DPI, 3200 DPI, 5500 DPI). A change in the DPI level is indicated by the LEDs lighting up.
Incidentally, the colors in which the mouse lights up can be freely selected via keyboard shortcuts or switched off completely.

The ECHTPower / Zelotes mouse works according to the instructions using an optical sensor. On the bottom there are also Teflon pads, which ensure a smooth glide on the mouse pad.

Zelote's T-90 Gaming Mouse Test Big

Sleek design
Additional weights
Textile sheathed cable


Looks a bit cheap


The gaming mouse was specially designed for right-handers and is therefore very easy to hold. Due to the rubberized surface, the Zelotes T-90 also feels very high quality. 5500 DPI for just 16 € is really amazing for this price range. The mouse also has Teflon pads on the underside and a textile-coated cable. The gaming mouse has various LED indicators that show, for example, a change in DPI. In addition, the color change can be freely selected or switched off completely. There is nothing to complain about in terms of workmanship. The keys have a good pressure point and are tight. Nothing wobbles or creaks and there are no unsightly crevices.

Additional buttons that are also easy to reach are a must for gamers. Unfortunately, the keys cannot be freely assigned by default. Of course there is software on the net that should allow free allocation. At a price of 16 €, of course, no quality is to be expected as with mice in the price range around 70 €. But what the ECHTPower Maus offers here, it does well. Clear price / performance tip.

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