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TESORO Olivant Pro Headset

TESORO Olivant Pro review - gaming headset

Updated by Timo Altmeyer on February 16, 2022

The TESORO Olivant Pro is a reasonably priced gaming headset, which is advertised above all with excellent sound quality, high comfort and low weight. Whether these points actually apply to the Olivant Pro and what else the headset has to offer, you will find out in this review!

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First impression of the TESORO Olivant Pro

What's in the box

As befits a gaming product, the TESORO Olivant Pro comes in a gamer-friendly cardboard box. In addition to the headset, the scope of delivery includes various connection cables, which are a USB audio cable with wired remote control and integrated sound card, as well as a Y-splitter cable. Also included are the separate and therefore removable microphone, as well as an instruction manual.

Design and workmanship

The TESORO Olivant Pro is not a particularly noticeable headset. Except for the shadowy TESORO print, the entire headset is kept in plain black. The housings of the 50 mm driver units are made entirely of plastic. Due to the matt black surface, the headset is very susceptible to fingerprints. The first time it was put on, the Olivant Pro was covered with fingerprints.

The ear pads are covered with synthetic leather. According to TESORO, the padding should be made of memory foam. However, a "memory" function of the foam used is not comprehensible. Rather, the “Memroy-Foam” promised here appears like a conventional foam filling. The ear pads are connected to the driver housings via a click system and can be easily exchanged.

The self-adjusting double bracket is interesting. The thinly padded headphone strap, which is also covered with synthetic leather, is attached to the driver housings using several connecting threads. The upper part of the double bracket, which here is made of thin metal, provides a suitable hold.

The microphone of the TESORO Olivant Pro is detachable and is plugged into the left driver housing via a 3.5 mm microphone connection. The connecting element is of the gooseneck type and can be brought into any position.

The headset can be connected directly via the firmly connected and textile-sheathed audio cable with a 3.5 mm jack plug. In addition, the Olivant Pro can also be connected to the USB audio cable and cable remote control. The cable remote control is used, among other things, to control the volume, and the microphone can also be muted.

The processing of the headset is the price accordingly good. Although almost all of the headphones are made of plastic, the overall appearance is anything but cheap. All components of the TESORO Olivant Pro are neatly processed and, above all, made to fit perfectly.

Commissioning and drivers

Regardless of whether the headset is connected via the 3.5 mm jack plug or via USB, as a plug & play device, the Olivant Pro can be used directly on the PC without having to install an additional driver. The same applies, of course, to use on a smartphone, tablet or console.

Under Windows, the headset is recognized as a conventional loudspeaker. If you want to use the integrated C-Media sound card, a driver must also be installed. The driver can be downloaded directly from the manufacturer's product page.

C-Media driver

The C-Media driver offers its own configuration interface for the headset. This can be used to set the virtual 7.1 sound, for example, you can activate C-Media's own "Xear" surround sound, as well as various sound effects and an equalizer. The driver also offers setting options for the microphone. So far there were no problems installing the driver. The interface is clearly structured and settings can be made directly without many clicks.

field test

The headphones use a 50 mm driver for each auricle and cover a frequency range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. With an impedance of 32 ohms, the TESORO Olivant Pro can be driven comparatively easily. The sensitivity (SPL / mW) is around 117 dB.

Sound - Gaming

The be-all and end-all of a gaming headset is the accurate location of noises. With the help of the integrated C-Media sound card, the Olivant Pro is able to simulate a virtual 7.1 sound without having to resort to another sound card. In CS: GO and other games, the C-Media 7.1 sound should be viewed with mixed feelings. Although it is fairly easy to hear the direction from which noises are coming, there is no feeling of being in the middle of it all. Connected directly to a Sound BlasterX G5, it was possible to achieve significantly better noise localization.

 The TESORO Olivant Pro shows details clearly. Explosions, for example, are presented powerfully, but not too exaggerated, so that subtleties can still be heard clearly. TESORO achieved a really, very good coordination here. The noise isolation is good. The headphones are worn over-the-ear, which means that annoying outside noises are pleasantly suppressed. The headphones hardly pick up any cable noise at all. Only effects on the driver housing and the bracket are audibly transmitted.

Sound - music

Considering the price, the Olivant Pro delivers an acceptable sound. The tonal tuning is heavily centered, which means that the dynamics are somewhat lost. There is bass, but not too deep. The same applies to the highs, which are more likely to be pressed into the upper mid-range. Even at high volume, the headset delivers a clean and undistorted sound.

Recording quality microphone

The clip-on microphone is unidirectional, ie recording is only possible from one direction, so that interference is largely excluded. Thanks to the gooseneck, the microphone can be easily aligned at mouth level. The recording quality, however, is less convincing. Although what is spoken is understandable and free of noise, it sounds mostly dull. Almost like speaking into a can.

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Even after longer gaming sessions, there was no noticeable decrease in wearing comfort. The foam pads comfortably cover the ears and do not squeeze. The elastic headphone strap also adapts well to the head, which means that the Olivant Pro sits comfortably and securely on the head with both a narrow and a wide head.

TESORO Olivant Pro Headset

Olivant Pro


Good workmanship
Simple design
Removable microphone
Clean sound
Pleasant wearing comfort
Good noise isolation


C-Media sound card
Mids too dominant
Recording quality of the microphone


The TESORO Olivant Pro is a gaming headset for the budget-conscious gamer. Sonically, the headset convinces above all by its undistorted and clean sound, which especially scores in games through a convincing differentiation of details. Another positive feature is the comfortable wearing comfort and the good workmanship. However, less convincing was the recording quality of the microphone and the integrated C-Media sound card.

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Olivant Pro


Type: Stereo (Virtual 7.1)
Driver size: 50 mm
Impedance: 32 ohms
Frequency response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Sensitivity: ~ 117 dB

Type: unidirectional
Impedance: 2.2K ohms
Sensitivity: ~ 58 dB

Headband: metal
Pinna: imitation leather
Cable length: 1.4m + 1.6m USB

Size: 191 94.5 x x 202.5 mm
Weight: 315g

What's in the box

1x Gaming Headset
1x USB audio cable
1x Y-splitter cable
1x Microphone
1x user manual