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SwitchBot Lock Pro Review Hero

SwitchBot Lock Pro in the test: Inexpensive alternative to Nuki and Yale

Updated by Timo Altmeyer on June 25th, 2017,

Smart door locks are practical because they save you the hassle of searching for keys and open the front door conveniently using an app, fingerprint or code. The new SwitchBot Lock Pro wants to score points with easy installation, quiet door opening and lots of additional functions. I tested it extensively for a month.

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140 € amazon
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Robust design

The SwitchBot Lock Pro is bigpartly made of aluminium  Made inium andd makes one high quality onepressure. This sets it apart from its predecessor, which was made entirely of plastic.

SwitchBot Lock Pro compared to the SwitchBot Lock predecessor

On the left the SwitchBot Lock, on the right the SwitchBot Lock Pro.

With Ab  measurements from 120 x 59 x 83,9   mm it is in versame to others Smart locks though also quite klobby and falls on the door definitelyiv on.

The Front boccurs large rotary knob, with which the Door also manually ver- and unlock leats. In the Mmiddle of the button one key integrated, which free with actions like On/To be proven leats. Very practicalish!

SwitchBot Lock Pro compared to SwitchBot Lock side view

The Lock Pro is designed to be much more robust.

Installation: Simple, but with small problems

Installing the SwitchBot Lock Pro is basically easy and works with pretty much every common locking system. The associated app has step-by-step instructions with videos that guide you through the complete installation and setup.

SwitchBot Lock Pro compared to SwitchBot Lock rear view

The SwitchBot Lock could only be glued. With the Lock Pro you can do it without it!

All clear, at least I thought so. I had to make several attempts to calibrate the lock until everything worked perfectly. The step to the door catch could have been explained in more detail, because it is not immediately clear what the individual steps are for.

It is positive that two different holders are included. If the lock cylinder protrudes by more than 3 mm, bracket A can be attached without gluing. Be careful when tightening the screws. Don't tighten too tightly or it will jam later.

SwitchBot Lock Pro mounts

With its two holders, the Lock Pro is compatible with most locking systems.

The optional keypad is also set up via the app. You can choose between gluing or drilling. To connect to the Internet you need the separately available SwitchBot Hub 2 or Hub Mini (*on Amazon). In contrast to the Nuki Bridge, it is not plugged directly into the socket, but is supplied with power via a cable.

Overall, the complete assembly and setup of the SwitchBot Lock Pro took less than 20 minutes.

SwitchBot Lock Pro scope of delivery

Keypad and hub are optionally available.

Quiet, comfortable and with many opening options

During operation, the SwitchBot Lock Pro works pleasantly quietly and reliably. The engine can hardly be heard from a few meters away. A clear plus point compared to its predecessor, which made quite loud opening noises. There were no unexpected failures during the test period.

SwitchBot Lock Pro attached to the door

The orange dot is an indication of whether it is locked or unlocked.

The keypad pleases with lighting and an additional "0" key, which is missing from the Nuki. The fingerprint sensor works reliably and the door can be opened with cards or NFC tags via NFC. One is included.

SwitchBot Lock Pro Keypad

The keypad can be glued or screwed on.

 In total, the SwitchBot Lock Pro offers more than 9 different ways to open and close: 

    • Fingerprint (requires Keypad Touch)
    • One-time, permanent, timed and virtual codes
    • Remote unlocking via app
    • Voice control via Siri, Alexa & Co.
    • Apple Watch app
    • Bluetooth
    • NFC tags
    • Physical remote control
    • Conventional key

Overall, the SwitchBot app appears tidier and more well thought out than that of many other manufacturers. All settings and user management can be found quickly.

The included magnetic sensor is also practical, as it shows in the app whether the door is open or closed. Push notifications when the door is opened or closed are sent directly to the smartphone.

Long battery life and Matter support

According to the manufacturer, with four AA batteries, the SwitchBot Lock Pro can last up to 9 months without changing the batteries. Alternatively, a battery pack (*on Amazon) available for a 12-month term. For comparison: With the Nuki Smart Lock it only lasts 6 months with 4 CR123A batteries.

Changing is easy thanks to the magnetic cover: remove the cover, replace the batteries, and you're done. If the battery level falls below 20%, there is a notification via app or email.

SwitchBot Lock Pro batteries

Batteries or accumulators are changed quickly.

A big plus is the Matter support via the separately available Hub Mini or Hub 2. This means that the SwitchBot Lock Pro can be integrated into all common smart home systems such as Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Remote control is then also possible.

What the SwitchBot Lock Pro is still missing is a convenient auto-unlock function for automatic unlocking when you get home. SwitchBot could certainly provide this later via an update. Apple Home Key for opening via iPhone or Apple Watch is also not supported. However, the technology is not yet used much in this country.

SwitchBot Lock Pro Review Hero



Fast assembly
High compatibility with various door locks
Quiet and reliable in operation
Extensive opening options
Matter support
Rechargeable battery or batteries with a long running time


Partially unclear setup steps
Lack of auto-unlock function


The SwitchBot Lock Pro impressed me with its high-quality aluminum design and the diverse opening options. Installation was easy thanks to the step-by-step instructions in the app, although calibration required some patience when using the door latch step.

In daily use it works quietly and reliably. I particularly liked the many opening options such as fingerprint and NFC, as well as the tidy app. Clear plus points are the long (promised) battery life and Matter support.

There are small deductions for the missing auto-unlock function and the somewhat imprecise calibration steps already mentioned. Nevertheless, the SwitchBot Lock Pro is a strong upgrade over its predecessor and a worthwhile investment for every smart home.

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 Equipment installation 
Euro profiles with brackets A and B

Power supply:
*Four AA batteries
*1,5V, 2900mAh battery

Running time:
*9 months with batteries
*12 months with battery pack

Inner reach:
*10°C to 45°C
*10% to 90% RH

*Mechanical quick lock button
*Indicator light (red, blue, green)

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE):
*Range up to 120 m without obstacles
*Range up to 20 m with app/keypad

 Material, size and weight 
Material: aluminum magnesium alloys, PC + ABS
Size: 120 × 59 × 83.9 mm
Weight: 435 g

*Automatic locking and door opening
*Matter and HomeKit support
*Low battery/batteries warning
*Unlocking via code (temporary or one-time)
*Unlocking via keypad
*Unlocking via NFC
*Unlocking via app
*Unlocking via voice assistant
* Notifications