SoundMAGIC ES18 in-ear test

by 20. March 2016
SoundMAGIC is a rather unknown, Chinese headphone manufacturer, who often brings real hi-fi solutions at a low price to the market. In the SoundMagic ES18 test, I looked closer to the in-ear and compared it to other models.

sound Magic




Driver: 10mm neodymium
Frequency range: 15Hz-22KHz
Impedance: 46 + -10% Ω
Sensitivity: 100 + -2dB
Performance: 20mW
Cable length: 1.2m
Connection: 3.5mm jack

What's in the box

1x SoundMAGIC ES18
3x 2 Silicone Earpads (S / M / L)

SoundMAGIC ES18 in hands-on

Was delivered the SoundMAGIC ES18 in the simple cardboard box, on which the technical data and functions are printed, as well as on the side of the box a certificate of authenticity in the form of a sticker is attached. This can be scratched free and then you can check the freububten identification number on the SoundMAGIC website. In addition to the in-ear were included in the scope of delivery even more silicone ear pads, which are a total of 3 different sizes available.

The SoundMAGIC ES18 itself is available in different colors. The ES18 was tested in orange, with a gray body. The cable of the in-ear is 1.2m long and rubber coated. Especially where the cable splits, it is very thin, but knots were hardly ever found in the course of the test. The sound body is made of plastic and looks quite cheap compared to a Xiaomi Piston 3. Also, the printed mark for right and left is unfortunately very difficult to recognize. The 3.5mm jack angle plug of the ES18 is gold-plated.

My first impression about the SoundMAGIC is mostly subdued. Although the design is quite appealing at first glance, the in-ear looks cheap in direct view. If I compare a partially even cheaper Xiaomi Piston 3 with this in-ear, without having heard both before sample, I would clearly prefer the high-quality Piston 3!

Sound of the SoundMagic ES18

At the sound, the SoundMAGIC blew me away. I never imagined that a visually more in-ear looking in-ear would produce such a hi-fi sound. I tested the SoundMAGIC ES18 with a wide range of music and was totally thrilled. The sound is very warm and dynamic, the bass is strong, but very well tuned, and the mid and high are also great. Vocals appear very clear and give a sense of being in the middle. In-Ears have been running through my hands, but I have not had such a good-sounding in-ear in this price range yet. The Xiaomi Piston 3 has to defy the SoundMAGIC ES18 in spite of the high quality of the sound. In direct comparison, the Piston 3 can be described as unpowered and flat sounding.

Comfort and noise isolation

The comfort of the ES18 is also very good. Due to the very light and at the same time compact sound body, the in-ear sits barely noticeable in the ear. The constant feeling of falling out or loose sitting you have under no circumstances with this in-ear. I could not find any better noise isolation with the SoundMAGIC ES18.

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Final Words




Cheap presentation
Thin cable

First impression
everyday practicality

After unpacking the SoundMAGIC ES18 I was a bit skeptical at first. The presentation looks a bit cheap, but is still the price accordingly. I did not necessarily expect a high-quality aluminum sound body with textile-coated cable. I also like the angled connector not very, because you get quite a problem with thicker smartphone cases. Despite the fact that the ES18 looks like a toy, it also lacks features such as a remote control and microphone, it has a fantastic sound, the comparable In-Ears can stand in the rain. At a price of less than 20 €, I would clearly prefer the sound, the design or the presentation. That's why the SoundMAGIC ES18 is a rather inconspicuous highlight for me!

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