Singles Day 2019 - The best deals

by Timo11. November 2019
On 11.11 is Singles Day! At least in China. But even here, the 11.11 has become a day for bargains. In the following post we take a look at the best 11.11 Sale offers.

Singles Day 2019

Am 11. November is the so-called in China Singles Day (Guanggun Jie), which is celebrated not only by singles, but in China as well THE online shopping day applies, the dimensions of which are largely comparable to the American “Black Friday”. Pretty much every Chinese online shop will be offering best prices in the coming days and will be holding special promotions around November 11th. We have put together the best offers for you.

? The contribution will be updated several times in the course of 11.11 sales! ?

? Xiaomi Laser Projector for 994 €

You are looking for a first class short throw projector? Then you should definitely the Xiaomi laser projector look at. With 1080p DLP projection technology and up to 5000 lumens brightness, the Xiaomi projector is the perfect solution for home cinema fans. At Banggood there is the projector in the Global version, so with multilingual Android TV, for 994 €.

Banggood Coupon - Xiaomi Laser Projector Global

With this Banggood coupon you can buy the Xiaomi MIJIA Laser Projector reduced for only 994 €.
185€ Discount
Valid until 12.11

? Xiaomi Mi Note 10 for 457 €

Only released a few days ago and already in commerce. Xiaomi brings with the My Notes 10 a first-class mid-range smartphone on the market. The special is the Penta camera, in front of which even high-end devices like the Huawei P30 Pro have to be defeated. At Gearbest, the smartphone currently has almost 100 € below the RRP for 457 €.

GearBest Coupon - Xiaomi Mi Note 10

With this GearBest coupon you can buy the new Xiaomi Mi Note 10 smartphone for just 457 €.
100€ Discount
Valid until 12.11

? Xiaomi M365 scooter for 292 € (EU warehouse)

The Xiaomi M365 Scooter is also a popular gadget in this country. Interested buyers should note, however, that the scooter, at least in Germany has no street legal! Nevertheless, the scooter is a damn hot gadget that is currently available at Gearbest for only 292 €. The shipment takes place within a few days from the EU warehouse of the dealer!

GearBest Coupon - Xiaomi M365 (White)

With this GearBest coupon you can buy the Xiaomi M365 scooter in white, incl. Shipping from the EU, reduced to just 298 €.
266€ Discount
Valid until 12.11

GearBest Coupon - Xiaomi M365 (Black)

With this GearBest coupon you can buy the Xiaomi M365 scooter in black, incl. Shipping from the EU for only 298 €.
216€ Discount
Valid until 12.11

? 370 S7 vacuum robot for 347€ (EU warehouse)

The 370 S7 suction robot is a rival model to the popular Roborock S50. Just like the competition, the 360 S7 has a sophisticated LDS lidar sensor and a SLAM algorithm. At Gearbest, you can currently buy the vacuum robot for just 347 €. Shipping is directly from the EU warehouse.

GearBest Coupon - 360 S7 robotic vacuum cleaner

With this GearBest Deal you can buy the 360 S7 vacuum robot, incl. Shipping from the EU, for only 347 €.
347€ 475€
Valid until 12.11

? (Xiaomi) FIMI A3 drone for 292 € (EU warehouse)

And another gearbest offer. The FIMI A3 drone with 2 batteries and fast EU shipping is reduced there for only 237 €. The drone features a Full HD camera, a picture-stabilizing gimbal and extensive safety features, as well as a precise GPS control module.

GearBest Coupon - FIMI A3 Drone

With this GearBest coupon you can buy the FIMI A3 drone with 2 batteries, incl. Shipping from the EU for only 237 €.
28€ Discount
Valid until 12.11

? Xiaomi Mi A3 for 146 €

The Xiaomi Mi A3 is a decent middle-class smartphone for stick Android lovers. With rich 4GB memory and 128GB data storage, there is the smartphone at Banggood for a slack 146 €. With the Priority Line delivery method, the smartphone is with you in no time.

Banggood Coupon - Xiaomi Mi A3 (4 + 128GB)

With this Banggood coupon you can buy the Xiaomi Mi A3 Smartphone for only 146 €.
81€ Discount
Valid until 12.11

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