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SEVEN&ME Coffee Maker Review - Electronic mocha pot and milk frother in one device

Updated by Timo A on the 26. August 2022

The SEVEN&ME company has taken the classic mocha pot a step further. Almost at the push of a button, milk drinks such as lattes, cappuccinos and macchiatos can be prepared in just three minutes.

Our test reveals exactly how this works and how well the SEVEN&ME Coffee-Maker performs.

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Test: SEVEN&ME coffee machine

The preparation of coffee has many faces. In many households, the traditional preparation of coffee with the classic mocha pot is part of the good taste of coffee. Others attach more importance to speed, which a capsule machine or the fully automatic machine offers.


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But why not combine both? That's probably what the developers of the SEVEN&ME coffee machine thought, combining the mocha pot, milk frother and stovetop in a single device.

Design and workmanship

The SEVEN&ME Coffee Maker is one of the most stylish coffee machines on the market. The structure and appearance of the mocha pot are based on the development of Alfonso Bialetti.

SEVEN&ME coffee maker

The white coating of the mocha pot and the milk frother gives the coffee maker an elegant look, which is beautifully staged in combination with the anthracite-colored heating station and goes with almost any furnishing style. You don't have to worry about space with this device. With a height of 22 cm, 28 cm width and 13,5 cm depth, the SEVEN&ME coffee maker is comparatively slim.

Both the mocha pot and the milk frother are made of stainless steel, so rust doesn't stand a chance. To avoid burning your fingers, the milk frother is surrounded by a silicone coating. The two vessels are heated via the base station, which acts as a hotplate and has a designated place for each vessel. On the top of the base station is the control panel arranged in an arc, which you can use to select your desired preparation by touch.

SEVEN&ME coffee maker control panel (1)

The processing quality leaves nothing to be desired. Only the coffee funnel seems a bit thin for everyday use and should have been made of thicker material.

coffee maker

The preparation of the mocha pot is no different from other models. The kettle can be filled with up to 100 ml of water, which corresponds to around 2-3 espressos. A marking inside indicates this.

The funnel is then filled with coffee, which is either freshly ground or ready in the can. Alternatively, the SEVEN&ME coffee machine is also compatible with the manufacturer's capsules. However, obtaining the capsule is nearly impossible.

SEVEN&ME coffee maker vessels from above

The next step is to place the sieve and seal between the kettle and the pot. Now screw it tight and place the prepared mocha pot in the designated place on the base station. If you don't just want espresso, the milk frother still has to be filled.

SEVEN&ME Coffee Maker heating plate

Depending on the coffee specialty, there are markings inside that show how much milk is needed. For the desired thickness of the milk froth, two stirring elements are included in the scope of delivery, which are inserted into the milk frother and held there magnetically.

SEVEN&ME coffee maker stirring sieve

The SEVEN&ME Coffee-Maker is now ready to prepare coffee. The device is switched on by touch. You then select your coffee preference by touch. You can choose between “Milk Foam”, “Latte”, “Cappuccino”, “Macchiato” and “Espresso”.

SEVEN&ME Coffee-Maker control panel switched on

Coffee and milk froth are prepared at the same time. The preparation takes about 3 minutes. The progress can also be read on the control panel using 5 progress bars.

Coffee and milk froth quality

The appearance and taste of the prepared coffee are in no way inferior to the coffee from a Bialetti. Of course, the taste also depends very much on the choice of coffee bean. Even without being a coffee professional, the SEVEN&ME coffee machine can be used to conjure up a delicious espresso that has a touch of crema.

SEVEN&ME Coffee Maker Crema

The quality of the milk froth also depends on the choice of milk or substitute product. The milk frother transforms low-fat milk (1,5%) into a nice, firm milk froth. A particularly creamy foam is created with high-fat milk.

SEVEN&ME Coffee Maker Milk Foam

The combined heating plate is ideal, as it achieves the perfect temperature for the milk froth, which a beginner cannot determine very well with the stove.

SEVEN&ME Coffee-Maker ready coffee


Cleaning the SEVEN&ME Coffee Maker is uncomplicated. Before you start cleaning, you should first let the mocha pot cool down. The cauldron in particular is still quite hot after preparation. This is of course annoying if you want to prepare another coffee immediately afterwards.

SEVEN&ME Coffee-Maker mocha pot disassembled

Both vessels are easily accessible for cleaning and can be cleaned quickly under running water. Incrustations have almost no chance thanks to the galvanized interior of the mocha pot. However, you should put the vessels in the dishwasher not pack. The manufacturer does not make any recommendations for this.

Price Comparison

iconEuropean warehouse
iconDelivery time 2-5 business days
SEVEN&ME coffee machine test report header

Good workmanship
Modern design
Easy handling
Fast preparation


Comparatively expensive


The SEVEN&ME Coffee Maker is one of those products that you can have but don't necessarily need. With a purchase price of more than 100 euros, the stylish coffee machine is comparatively expensive. A Bialetti mocha pot and a branded milk frother are already much cheaper

What speaks in favor of the all-in-one mocha solution, in addition to the stylish appearance, is the ease of use. You don't save on the preparation and cleaning, as is the case with an ordinary mocha pot, but coffee and milk are prepared in parallel and precisely at the push of a button.

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