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SaveTheDate: Follow the Google I/O in the live stream

The annual Google I/O takes place on May 10th. In addition to a lot of TechTalk, the presentation of new Google hardware is awaited with great anticipation. The developer conference can be followed in the live stream on YouTube.

SaveTheDate: Google I/O

The anticipation for the Google I/O developer conference 2023 is increasing, because on May 10th - 19 p.m. German time the annual Google event will take place in the  Live Stream  be accessible to all interested parties.

In addition to a lot of TechTalk, the presentation of new Google hardware is also eagerly awaited. Expect the Pixel 7a, the Pixel Fold, and the Pixel Tablet.

In addition, the first hints about the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro are expected. Both smartphones are expected to be released in autumn and should be equipped with the new Tensor G3 chip.

 Android 14 will also play a big role and is expected to bring many innovations and improvements to the operating system.

In the past, the Google I/O developer conference has repeatedly provided surprises and groundbreaking technologies. It remains to be seen what other announcements Google has in store for its users this year.

Mark May 10 in your calendar and follow the live stream of the conference so you don't miss a thing!

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