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Redmi TV Soundbar - All information, price and availability

The Xiaomi TV Soundbar was released in 2018. Now there could be more or less a successor in the starting blocks. Only a few days ago the entry for a Redmi Soundbar 2.0 appeared at the Bluetooth certification authority “Bluetooth SIG”.

Redmi tv soundbar

It is quite likely that the Xiaomi subsidiary brand “Redmi” will soon bring a TV soundbar onto the market. This emerges from an entry from the Bluetooth SIG. The certification body has certified a product that is already ready for the market under the name “Redmi Soundbar 2.0” and the model number “MDZ-34-DA”.

Unfortunately, almost nothing is known about the possible specifications. However, the entry indicates that it is a device with Bluetooth 5.0. That would make the Redmi Soundbar the Xiaomi Soundbar one step ahead. This only supports Bluetooth 4.2.

Redmi Soundbar Bluetooth SIG entry

The Redmi Soundbar entry of the Bluetooth SIG.

Bluetooth 5.0 is a technical milestone. In contrast to Bluetooth 4.2, the new standard offers a longer range, more bandwidth and reduced energy consumption. The benefits of the Redmi Soundbar can only be guessed at. Bluetooth 5.0 does not necessarily mean an improvement in sound quality. However, it can be hoped that the soundbar supports lossless audio codecs such as aptX or LDAC.


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1 comment

1 comment

  1. tab

    14. October 2020 12 to: 32

    A test report and a comparison or comparison with the Xiaomi Soundbar would be fantastic 🙂 !!

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