Smartphone comparison: Redmi Note 9 Pro vs. Redmi Note 9S

by Timo22. May 2020
Xiaomi had just released the Redmi Note 9S, and the Redmi Note 9 Pro was already handed in later. Design and hardware are largely identical, but there are 3 main differences. We grabbed both smartphones and compared them.

Redmi Note 9 Pro vs. Redmi Note 9S

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1. Difference: NFC

We come to the first difference. The Redmi Note 9 Pro has NFC on board that Redmi Note 9S does not use NFC. The so-called "Near Field Communication" (German for near field communication, abbreviated NFC) is a useful radio standard that we encounter more frequently in everyday life. The most common use of NFC is in contactless payment. Instead of the bank card, the smartphone is simply held to the payment terminal. One of the best known mobile payment payment systems is Google Pay.

The Redmi Note 9 Pro supports Google Pay.

In addition to contactless payment, NFC offers other advantages. Lots Smart Home Devices now support wireless transmission technology. In the foreground is a special one simple and secure data exchange. Regardless of whether you want to connect your Bluetooth headphones by simply touching them, or if you want to bring friends into the WLAN without having to enter the network key, NFC makes it possible.

2nd difference: cameras

There is another difference with the camera system. Both smartphones are equipped with a quad camera. The main sensor of the Redmi Note 9 Pro has a resolution of 64 MP, the des Redmi Note 9S with 48 MP on. The following sensors are used:

64 MP Samsung S5KGW1

This is the main sensor of the Redmi Note 9 Pro. The Samsung S5KGW1 was able to achieve its qualities (1 / 1.72 inch - 0.8 μm) already in Realme X50 Pro prove. The sensor belongs to the ISOCELL Bright range and makes it Tetracell technology advantage. Every two pairs of pixels (2 × 2) are provided with the same color filter and are so-called Pixel binning merged into one pixel. This reduces the Image resolution at 16MP. Theoretical advantages are a higher light sensitivity with accompanying noise reduction, an extended dynamic range and an increased image sharpness.

48 MP Samsung S5KGM2

The Redmi Note 9S uses the somewhat smaller Samsung S5KGM2 sensor (1 / 2 inch - 0.8 μm). This also belongs to the ISOCELL Bright range with Tetracell technology. Pixel binning reduces that Resolution to 12 MP.

In addition to the main camera, the sensor system also differs Ultra wide angle camera. The difference is not directly recognizable here because both cameras use an 8MP sensor with a 1.12μm pixel size. Sensor size (1/4 inch), aperture (f / 2.2) and wide angle (119 °) are also identical. The hidden CIT test menu (Settings - My device - All specifications - tap the kernel 4x) tells us more about the sensors. So that has Notes redmi 9 Pro ones have a 8MP GalaxyCore GC8034 installed. The sensor of the Redmi Notes 9S is a 8MP OmniVision OV8856. The other sensors (macro and depth camera) are the same.

Camera comparison: How the different sensors affect the image quality can be seen from the following images.

Good lighting conditions

Bad lighting conditions





All pictures are in full resolution via our dropbox (Link) available.

3. Difference: quick charge function

Both smartphones have one 5020 mAh battery installed. The difference is the quick charge function. The Notes redmi 9 Pro can with up to 30 Watt and Redmi Notes 9S with maximum 18 Watt, Loading.

A suitable quick charger is included with both smartphones. A full charge of the Notes redmi 9 Pro takes about 75 Minutes. Das Redmi Notes 9S is after approx 105 Minutes fully charged.

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