Razer Raiju Ultimate Review - PS4 controller for pro gamers

by 12. February 2020
The Razer Raiju Ultimate is no ordinary DualShock controller but a gamepad of the extra class. This not only reflects the price, but also the abundance of functions that a casual gamer most likely does not need. More on this in the test.



Raiju Ultimate


Suitable for: PS4 and PC
Connection: Bluetooth or cable
Modular: interchangeable thumbsticks & D-Pad
Individual: Razer Chroma ™
Weight: 370g

* 4 multifunction buttons
* Mecha-Tactile triangle
* Action buttons
* trigger
Audio: 3.5 mm for audio and microphone
Battery: up to 11 hours
Connection: Micro-USB

What's in the box

1x Razer Raiju Ultimate
1x Micro-USB cable
1x user manual
1x transport bag

Razer Raiju Ultimate - Pro controller

Razer already had the in 2016 Raiju PS4 controller brought to life. Back then officially licensed and for pro-oriented players The concept of the gamepad was impressive due to its extended adjustment options and a particularly ergonomic design.

Three years later Razer Raiju Ultimate (2019) appeared with the intention of expanding the then wired Raiju with a wireless Bluetooth functionality, eliminating errors and providing even more customization options.

The Raiju Ultimate is delivered in this packaging.

Razer Raiju Ultimate - design

The Raiju Ultimate does a lot when it is unpacked. The controller will include one Transport case delivered. The modular D-Pad and analog attachments are nicely lined up in the front of the case.

Razer Raiju Ultimate scope of delivery with cable, controller including case and instructions.

If you take the controller in your hand, it does it directly high dead weight noticeable. proud 352 g brings the Pro controller on the scales and is again 142g heavier than an ordinary DualShock 4 controller. The weight is evenly distributed over the entire controller. Too much head load? - Nothing! However, it should also be noted that the Raiju Ultimate, unlike other Pro controllers, such as the Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 2, does not have any interchangeable weights.

Transport bag for the Raiju Ultimate with modular attachments.

The Raiju Ultimate feels great to the touch. The rubberized grip horns convey a pleasant feeling of support, even during longer gaming sessions. The arrangement of the buttons is also very well implemented. All buttons are easily accessible with normal sized hands. Only the M3 and M4 triggers require a slight familiarization phase due to their very low placement. Likewise, gamers with small hands could experience problems with the M1 and M2 triggers. If your index fingers are too short, they are difficult to reach!

Speaking of buttons, in addition to the basic equipment of a conventional DualShock controller, the Raiju Ultimate offers a touchpad with a chic look RGB chroma lighting and four multifunction buttons. The pressure points of the keys are correct and provide a pleasant mechanical feeling with tactile feedback.

Razer Raiju Ultimate Pro controller front

Razer Raiju Ultimate Features

PC compatibility

The Raiju Ultimate is primarily designed as a PS4 controller. Nevertheless, it is also possible to connect the gamepad to the PC. The mode can be switched between via a switch on the back "PS4 BT", "USB" and "PC BT" switch. The connection establishment went smoothly in the test. In the same way, the connection was kept constant without interruptions. What PC players have to watch out for, however, is that the Raiju Ultimate is still a DualShock controller that has to be configured separately on the PC and in its games.

Razer Raiju Ultimate Pro controller page

eSport Ready

Pro gamers get their money's worth. The modular design allows a quick change of the analog sticks and the D-Pad. Depending on the type of player, the Raiju Ultimate can be equipped with short, concave sticks or an extended convex stick. Hold on - a convex stick? I agree! Razer only includes an elongated concave stick and an elongated convex stick. It's a shame that you didn't choose two identical pairs here.

Razer Raiju Ultimate Pro controller bottom

The D-Pad, which is available as a disc or as a classic directional pad, is also interchangeable. The so-called "Trigger Stopper" enable the key stroke of the L2 and R2 triggers to be changed in no time at all. All you have to do is flip the switches on the back. Due to the shorter path of the trigger, it is possible to react even faster, especially in shooters. In order to avoid unwanted entries of the PS key and the configuration keys, these can be deactivated using the lock key.

Profiles, app and RGB chroma

Depending on the game genre, the Raiju Ultimate can be programmed with different profiles. The key assignment, the vibration level and the RGB chroma lighting can be adjusted. Programming is easiest via app. That is what it stands for "Raiju for PS4" app available for download in the respective app stores (Apple & Google). The connection between the app and controller is established via Bluetooth. In the test, the first connection setup worked right away. A repeated connection was again tricky because the controller was only found after being switched on and off several times by the smartphone. Here Razer should definitely improve!

Are already in the app four pre-programmed profiles for shooter, fight, sport and racing titles to choose from. A Razer ID is required to create a new profile. With Razer ID, up to 500 individual profiles can be stored in the Razer Cloud. However, the pre-programmed profiles can also be customized without a Razer ID. The key assignment includes the M1, M2, M3 and M4 keys. All other keys can be assigned to these special keys. The sensitivity of the analog sticks can be adjusted via a 10-step sensitivity controller. The vibration strength of the left as well as the right vibration motor can be adjusted in steps of 10.

To give the controller a unique look, there is RGB chroma lighting around the touchpad. In addition to an individual choice of colors, there are also six different lighting modes to choose from. Regardless of whether static, pulsating or reactive, the setting options are almost limitless. Last but not least, the battery life. The battery lasted approximately 8 to 10 hours in the test. The charging indicator below the touchpad shows early on when it is time to charge the controller. A complete charging process takes almost 4 hours.

Final Words


High quality
Modular design
Handy and handy
Precise mecha-tactile switches
Trigger Stopper
RGB chroma lighting


Loveless app
Razer ID forced for new profiles
Unequal stick pairs

First impression
Gaming suitability

The Razer Raiju Ultimate is expensive. So expensive that you should definitely consider 2, 3 if not 4 times whether you really should spend so much money on a game controller. However, if you want the best PS4 "Elite" controller on the market, you can't avoid the Raiju Ultimate. The gamepad is excellently processed, offers a wealth of functions and looks stylish thanks to the RGB chroma lighting.

Nevertheless, the gamepad is not spared criticism. Despite a lot of bells and whistles, Razer implemented the Raiju PS4 app completely unlovingly. In addition, there are isolated connection problems, which the manufacturer now has under control.

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