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by 3. October 2016
Slowly but steadily HD is replaced by UHD (4K) and also current video editing programs have to be adapted to the new UHD resolution. Pinnacle Studio 20 is an editing software of the renowned developer "Corel". To what extent Pinnacle Studio 20 in the Ultimate version is suitable for editing 4K recordings and how beginner-friendly the software is designed, you will learn in this review.

Corel Corporation


Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate

What's in the box

1x Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate CD
1x product key
1x Note Card (Digital Download)

First impression of Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate


Pinnacle Studio 20 is available in three different versions. These are divided into a standard version, which works without effects and plugins of "NewBlue" and is mainly suitable for easy editing of amateur recordings. The Plus version has been enhanced with additional effects and also supports the editing of 3D recordings. Only the Ultimate version combines all functions of the first two versions and also offers additional cutting effects, as well as templates.

If you want to cut 20 4K video recordings with Pinnacle Studio, its selection is inevitably limited to the Ultimate version, as only this supports 4K video editing. Unfortunately, the developer does not offer trial versions of Pinnacle Studio 20.

What's in the box

If you buy the "Boxed" version of Pinnacle Studio 20, you get one CD with the editing software, The product key and Note card for the digital download. On Manual is not included and has to be downloaded as PDF.


The installation is straightforward. To start the installation, the product key must be entered. Within the installation can be selected, whether one beside the main program also additional software and bonus content want to install. However, these are downloaded separately in the Installation Manager. Updates are also downloaded and installed via the Installation Manager.

Unfortunately, the bonus content was not installed correctly during my first installation, which caused errors during the installation. Only the digital download could help.

Surface and application

Clarity and usability

The Surface is clearly arranged and hardly different from other video editing programs. In addition to the project window, where you can create projects, import files and load effects, there is also a video player with timeline, an overview of the video and sound tracks and a toolbar. The size of each window can be customized. Which tools can be seen on the toolbar can also be selected. Only the position of the windows can not be determined.

All settings are easy to reach and include a short explanation. The extensive keyboard shortcuts can be adapted freely. Film and image files can only be accessed via the import Manager Imported. A function to drag the files directly from the Windows Explorer into the section bar does not exist.

video Editing

Video editing with Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate is easy. Imported files can be added to the A / V tracks be pulled and cut with the "razor blade tool". With the magnetic grid Cut files can be easily put together. To cut the soundtrack, it can be automatically separated from the video.

Effects and image correction

There are many effects in Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate. Except for occasional transition effects and the "NewBlue effects" However, the rest of the 3D effects and audio effects are not suitable for YouTube videos. The effects are sometimes poorly animated and out of date. NewBlue, on the other hand, offers attractive filters, similar to those from Instagram, as well as a well-implemented image stabilization.


The work with keyframes succeeds over the Media or effect editor. The function of the keyframes is explained in detail in the operating instructions. At first glance, this function looks a bit hidden and complicated, but after a short reading it can be worked with the keyframes without any problems.


Completed projects can be exported to various formats. In addition to the usual standards (.MOV, .AVI, MPEG, etc.) also become more special DivX and the Sony XAVC Standard supported. Frame rate, resolution, or bitrate settings can be adjusted according to the standard. To speed up the rendering of the videos can also be an additional Hardware acceleration (Cuda, Intel) to be activated.

An interesting and also useful feature is that shots directly into the Cloud charge. For this you only choose the destination (Box, Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo) and Pinnacle Studio 20 does the rest. DVDs can also be created using the Export Manager.

To the product

Final Words


Extensive 4K support
Export opportunities
Understandable user interface
Simple video editing


No trial version
Installation error (CD installation)
Digital manual only
Out-of-date 3D effects

First impression
everyday practicality

Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate is an easy-to-use video editing software. The interface is clearly arranged and profound functions can be read through a brief glance at the manual. Less convincing are the included 3D effects, which are mostly out of date.

Convince Pinnacle Studio 20, however, in the 4K video editing. Recordings that may cause problems for other editing programs Play and edit Pinnacle Studio 20 correctly. The options available for export are many. Current codecs are all supported. Overall, Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate is a solid and comprehensive video editing program that covers a wide range of applications.

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Unfortunately, the image stabilization does not work at all - the image should be zoomed - not for me - also none
Stabilization - why?


Hello Harald, what image stabilization do you use? The integrated in the basic program or the advanced of NewBlue?


In Pinnacle 20, the movie preview does not work with NVIDIA cards. Must be disabled, otherwise the picture stops, the sound continues to run. Prodad products like Mercalli work in Pinnacle dissatisfied or not at all !! With the title generator Pinnacle hangs after several attempts!


Hello Gerhard
The problem I would also like to know if you have a solution.


hello - I installed the new Studio 20 ultimate from a box version - unfortunately, NOTHING works normally - EVERYTHING takes a long time - the program does not crash - but I sit in front of it for minutes - you can hear the PC working - but NOTHING happens - At some point it goes on again - soon afterwards there is the same annoying problem again - THAT NERVES MONSTER!
Where is the dog buried?


The mistake has not come to me yet. Which operating system is used and which hardware does the PC have? Does the program have a large number of imported files to load? Possibly. The hangers are created by accessing the hard disk.


SG ADMINISTRATOR - have you checked the box version in the meantime - or is EVERYTHING running like it did at the beginning -
According to this test report, the error is not in my area - PLEASE ANSWER - THANK YOU! - HELMUT


Hello, it's best to contact Corel support. They certainly know what to do. On my system Pinnacle Studio 20 is still running around!