Optoma HD39 Darbee Review - Compact FHD DLP Projector

by 10. April 2018
The Optoma HD39 Darbee is a entry-level full-HD home theater projector that promises a crystal-clear and highly detailed image through its DARBEE Visual Presence image enhancement technology. In the multi-week test, I took a closer look at the projector.



Optoma HD39 Darbee


Type: DLP
Chip: 0.65 "DC3 DMD 1080p
Lens: F / 2.5 ~ 3.26; f = 20.91 ~ 32.62 mm

Brightness: 3500 ANSI Lumens
Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
Picture format: 16: 9 (4: 3)
Projection size: 26.21 "- 303.3"
Projection ratio: 1.4 - 2.24: 1
Projection distance: 1.3 - 9.4 m
Contrast: 32.000: 1

Zoom: 16-fold, manual
Lens Shift: + 17% (vertical)

2x HDMI 1.4a (1x MHL)
1x 3.5mm jack (audio out)
1x 3D Sync Port
1x USB Type-A female
1x USB mini-B female connector
1x 12V output

Lamp life: 15000 / 10000 / 4000 hours
Speaker: 10W
WiFi: Optional
3D: Yes
Power consumption: 285W / 205W (Eco) / 0.5W (standby)
Size: 314 224 x x 114 mm
Weight: 2.66 kg

First impression of the Optoma HD39 Darbee

Already last year I was in Optoma Beamer with DARBEE Visual Presence Technology in front. The then tested Optoma GT1080 Darbee convinced above all by its excellent color brilliance. With the Optoma HD39 Darbee I now had another full-HD projector with DARBEE Visual Presence in the test, which, despite optical similarity to the Optoma GT1080 Darbee is not a short throw projector, but a Standard Projector concerns.

Front of the HD39 Darbee Beamer

The Dimensions with matt white plastic housing amount to 314 x 224 x 114 mm, at a Weight of 2.81 kg, Thus, the projector is one of the comparatively compact models and is suitable for the mobile use with friends or in the garden. The beamer can be used standing as well as hanging. Ensure a secure positioning rubberized and height-adjustable feet, For the hanging use is a corresponding Ceiling mounting option available. On Kensington Lock theft protection located on the back of the housing.

Lens of the HD39 Darbee Beamer

To Service is the beamer with an easily accessible Control panel fitted. At the same time the scope of delivery is one Remote Control at. Focus, Zoom (1.6-fold) and Lens-Shift (17% vertical) can be set directly on the device. All connection options are inside the left side of the case. There are two HDMI 1.4a jacks, both with 3D support and one with additional MHL 2.1 function, one 3.5 mm jack audio output, one 12V output, one 3D sync output, one USB type A female with an 1A output voltage, and one USB mini-B socket. There are no other video interfaces like DVI or VGA. The build quality is not objectionable.

Connections of the HD39 Darbee Beamer


On the hardware side, the Optoma HD39 Darbee is equipped with a .65 "DC3 DLP Chip from Texas Instruments fitted. Nativ dissolves the projector in Full-HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) on. The maximum possible Brightness is 3.500 ANSI lumens, The (dynamic) Konstrastverhältnis gives Optoma 32.000:1 at. Depending on which display mode is used, the Lifespan of the lamp by 4000 to 15000 hours, On Loudspeakers is integrated.

Top of the HD39 Darbee

An essential image enhancer is the so-called "DARBEE Visual Presence Technology", Depending on the playback material, the DARBEE Visual Presence image processor adjusts the image brightness and color reproduction already at the pixel level, thus ensuring a particularly clear image with improved depth of field. Optomas ensure precise color performance "Amazing Color"After which the projector to the Rec.709 color scheme holds. Another image enhancer is the so-called "Dynamic Black Technology", which adjusts the contrast ratio scene-appropriate. As Full-3D projector The HD39 Darbee handles just about any 3D video footage.

Bottom of the HD39 Darbee

Commissioning and user interface


Commissioning is not associated with any hurdles and can also be carried out by a technical layman. A user-friendly orientation is through the 1.6-fold optical zoom and the vertical lens shift possible. The maximal Screen size lies between 26.21 "and 303.3", at a Distance between 1.3 and 9.4 meters, A precise calculation of the projection size and the respective distance is with the help of the Optoma distance calculator (article) possible.

After the beamer is connected to the power, the playback device only needs to be connected via HDMI. After a warming up of no more than 70 seconds, the HD39 Darbee is warmed up and ready to go. Connected devices are automatically detected and selected as the source when first connected.

Rear of the HD39 Darbee


The operation of the individual functions is designed in a layman's way. The control buttons on both the projector and the remote control are clearly indicated by symbols or a caption (remote control). In addition, the Remote Control white illuminated, so that the HD39 Darbee can be operated easily in the dark. Thanks to several infrared receivers, the remote control works from any position. The operating status can be over 3 LED indicators read on the top of the housing.

Remote control of the HD39 Darbee

OSD (on-screen display) is particularly positive due to its functional range. At the same time, the menu is also nested, which is why you first have to familiarize yourself with the numerous levels of the individual menu items.

On-screen display of the HD39 Darbee

Home theater capability

picture quality

The picture quality of the Optoma HD39 Darbee is convincing. The image projected in 1080p is natively razor-sharp and leaves within an ordinary viewing distance no pixel grid recognize. The sharpness distribution is constant over the entire image area. The brightness distribution is slightly sloping from left to right, which is not disturbing in normal operation.

Grayscale and RGB level in Hell - Cinema mode

Grayscale and RGB level - Bright mode - Cinema


Following Measurement results resulted after several test measurements on one 90 inch projection screen with Gain 1.0.

  • Luminous flux: The maximum brightness is indicated by Optoma with 3500 ANSI lumens. The luminous flux measured in the middle of the picture is enclosed 1106 Lumens in Bright mode and in 616 lumens in Eco mode.
  • Black level: The black value is included 1,277 Lumen (Hell) or 0,743 Lumen (Eco).
  • Contrast ratio: The dynamic contrast ratio is Optoma with superior 32.000: 1. The determined by measurements static contrast ratio is 866: 1 (Hell) or 946: 1 (Eco).
CIE Standard Color Chart - Bright Mode - Cinema

CIE Standard Color Chart - Bright Mode - Cinema

Subjective impression

Subjectively, the Optoma HD39 convinces Darbee with a pleasant color reproductionif you are in Cinema mode, which hits the Rec.709 color space most likely. With the individually configurable DARBEE Visual Presence technology in combination with the Dynamic Black image enhancer, the whole thing is added to the special icing on the cake. Especially in very dark and very bright scenes, the image enhancers impress with a visibly higher contrast with accompanying, richer colors. Im easy darkened room the projector is still usable. in the daylight-bright room Colors appear increasingly washed out and the contrast decreases accordingly.

Brightness Comparison of the HD39 Darbee - Dark - Dimmed - Daylight

Brightness Comparison - Dark - Dimmed - Daylight

There is no interframe calculation (FI). The common with single-chip DLP projectors Rainbow effect barely noticeable and does not affect the movie experience.

Audio and 3D

The projector is with a 10 Watt speaker fitted. The sound is balanced and reaches a decent volume without distortion. Basses are not expected according to the equipment. However, the onboard sound is sufficient for mobile use of the beamer.

The 3D function is with a conventional one 3D-DLP-Link glasses (active shutter glasses) available. Especially in 3D mode Loss of brightness and contrast noticeable, but they are still within acceptable limits.

Operation Volume

The operating noise amounts to Bright modeat an ordinary seat pitch, at about 38 decibels. Mode "Eco" were still 30 decibels measured. In quiet movie moments, the fan noise is quite perceptible.

Gaming suitability

In the last point we look at the Gamification of the Optoma HD39 Darbee at. Unlike many PC monitors that hardly work with image enhancers, the so-called Input lag for televisions and projectors much higher. In part, this input lag, so the signal delay between player and player, so much noticeable that a pleasurable gaming is not possible.

To reduce the input lag is the HD39 Darbee with a Gaming Mode equipped, which optimizes the processing and presentation process. The input lag measured in the test was already at comparatively low 38 ms without gaming mode. With active Gaming Mode was a Input lag between 16 ms and 32 ms measured. Even action-packed shooters that demand a certain speed are playable with the HD39 Darbee without noticeable delay or dragging effect.

Price Comparison

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Final Words


Compact design
Good workmanship
Long lamp life
Accurate color representation
Particularly sharp picture
High brightness
Extensive setting options
Good gaming suitability


No integrated WiFi
Loss of color and brightness in 3D mode
Operation Volume

First impression
Home theater capability
Gaming suitability
picture quality
Operation Volume

The Optoma HD39 Darbee is a versatile and above all portable deployable projector. Both in home theater, as well as gaming, the projector boasts a pleasant image sharpness, a rich color reproduction and also an extremely low input lag. The projector reaps criticism in turn by the falling brightness and color saturation in the 3D playback, as well as the operating volume. For under 1000 € the Optoma HD39 Darbee offers a decent overall package.

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