[Update] OnePlus Nord - New smartphone (s) from OnePlus

by Timo7. July 2020
There have been rumors about a new OnePlus smartphone mid-range for a few weeks now. In the meantime, OnePlus has confirmed that Europe can prepare for an inexpensive range of smartphones. Under the name OnePlusLiteZThing, the company teasers a possible naming of the series.

OnePlus Nord - New OnePlus mid-range

Update 07. July 2020

As OnePlus has now announced in a press release, the OnePlus North on July 21 - 16 p.m. as part of a Augmented Reality Smartphone Show imagine. In addition, the second episode of the documentary series "New Beginnings" will be published on July 7 at 14.00:08 p.m. on the Instagram channel OnePlus Nord (@ oneplus.nord). Interested parties will have another chance on July 900th to pre-order one of XNUMX smartphones.

Update 30. June 2020

OnePlus has announced the name of its new product line. Not OnePlus Z or Lite, but OnePlus North will be the company's first smartphone product line that makes the OnePlus premium experience available to other users. In a multi-part documentation series (Instagram) you will introduce the smartphone.

So far, there are no concrete details about the technical data, the price and the publication date. According to rumors, the smartphone with one 6.55 inch - 90 Hz AMOLED display, One 5G Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G SoC, at least 6 + 128GB memory and 30 watt warp charge be equipped.

OnePlus North by OnePlus

Interested parties can use the smartphone from July 01st - 10 a.m. about OnePlus Nord promotion page pre-order. The available places are limited. Other dates are July 08th and July 15th. Pre-orderers receive additional goodies.

The last OnePlus mid-range smartphone has been around for a few years. The most recently released models were primarily assigned to the high-end area. Now the company has a new, affordable smartphone range announced. The new series is initially in Europe and India. To Peter Lau, Co-founder and CEO of OnePlus:

“For over six years we have been working to offer flagship smartphone users the best possible experience. Because we are closely connected to our community, we know that many want a solid smartphone for everyday use - and at a more affordable price. ”

OnePlus New Beginnings

Is the head of the new product range Paul Yuwho is also responsible for previous OnePlus flagship smartphones. What exactly is offered to us with the new range of smartphones is not yet known. The hashtag "#NewBeginnings" and the Instagram channel “OnePlusLiteZThing” provide at least first indications of the new naming.

Waiting for us OnePlus Lite, Oneplus z, or at least one OnePlus Lite Z? We will surely learn more in the coming weeks!

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I'm very excited to see what OnePlus will present. My last one was the OnePlus One. If the rumors are correct and it costs less than € 500, it will be bought immediately!