Onda oBook10 Pro - Fast Tablet with Intel Z8700

by Timo22. November 2016

Cheap China tablets and notebooks under 200 € have probably installed an Intel Cherry Trail Z8300 processor. Although this older processor of the Intel Atom series is suitable for a running Windows 10, the performance suffers significantly from the weak processor solution. The Onda oBook 10 Pro uses a much faster Intel Cherry Trail Z8700 processor, which although now also belongs to the old league, but overall appears much more powerful in appearance.

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Onda oBook 10 Pro

Onda oBook 10 Pro review

Display and interior

The oBook10 Pro can be used both as a tablet, but also as an ultrabook. By default, this will 25.00 x 16.40 x 0.85 cm big and 560 g heavy tablet, however, delivered without a keyboard. The display is on 10.1 inch large IPS panel with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels, Of course Multitouch is supported and optionally a stylus is also available.

The Intel Cherry Trail X7 Z8700 processor is one of the fastest processors in the early 2015 processor family. The im 14nm procedure manufactured processor has a total of 4 coreswhose fundamental clock is at 1.6GHz and increases in burst up to 2.4GHz. Incidentally, the same processor is also used by the Microsoft Surface 3. With the integrated Intel HD processor graphics not too demanding games can be played smoothly. For 4K video streaming the processor is not suitable.

With a 4GB large memory the device is well equipped for a liquid Windows 10 feeling. Also the 64GB large internal memory should be sufficient for conventional use. If you need a larger memory, you can extend it to a maximum of 128GB with a micro SD memory card.

oBook 10 Pro Review

connection options

Via a side-mounted Micro HDMI socket The tablet can be connected to an external monitor or projector. A USB 3.0 socket ensures fast data transfer. For those who do not just want to use the built-in speaker, the Onda oBook10 Pro also has one 3.5mm headphone input, An optional keyboard can be connected via the docking interface. The tablet is charged via a DC socket, which is also located on the side of the case.

WiFi, Bluetooth and camera

The supported ones WiFi standards amount to 802.11b / g / n, Unfortunately, dual-band WiFi is not supported by this device. If you prefer to synchronize your data via Bluetooth, the tablet will do that Bluetooth 4.0 module, For video telephony, the oBook10 Pro is front with a 2 megapixel front camera and a Microphone fitted. Details of the image sensor does not make the manufacturer!

oBook 10 review


The capacity of the battery is 6000mAh. The runtime should be about 6 hours because of the economical Atom processor. When used intensively, the runtime is about 4 hours. The battery is not replaceable!


Considering the price, the Onda oBook 10 Pro offers stately features. Despite the already 2015 released processor, this tablet is quite suitable for multitasking tasks. Especially for those who find an Intel Z8300 too slow and do not need the extra performance of a Core M3-6Y30, the oBook10 Pro with Intel Atom processor is a good choice!

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Very nice review.
I'm an absolute fan of convertibles. I'm just not a tablet friend, I just need a hardware technical keyboard so I bought a convertible tablet, but an older model, the new ones are just too expensive for me.
However, I would be interested in how the whole thing is with the adjustment of the display? Is this infinitely adjustable? Unfortunately, my Samsung Ativ has the big problem that the blink of the person I personally liked the most would be simply blocked by the design.