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Oclean Z1 product image

Oclean Z1 sonic toothbrush for €35

68° 35€ 60€ (-42%)
Updated by Timo Altmeyer on the 8. September 2023

With this Oclean offer you can buy the Oclean Z1 Electric Toothbrush for only €35 instead of €60! Shipping is from the European warehouse. There are no additional costs for this item.

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Oclean Z1 product details

The Oclean Z1 can't hold a candle to anyone in the price range below 60 euros (RRP). The inexpensive sonic toothbrush offers smart real-time monitoring via app, which is normally only found in higher price ranges.

Oclean Z1 real-time feedback

The toothbrush uses an app to monitor our brushing behavior and automatically recognizes which tooth area we have neglected, whether we brushed too hard or when it is time to change the brush head again.

Oclean Z1 App cleaning plan

But the app can do even more. An individual cleaning profile can be created from a total of 4 cleaning modes, 32 intensity levels and various intervals. Alternatively, there are more than 20 prefabricated profiles to choose from, which are designed for different plastering needs.

The Oclean Z1 recognizes how well or badly you brush your teeth thanks to its built-in 6-axis position sensor.

Oclean Z1 40000RPM

The built-in micromotor works with up to 40.000 vibrations per minute and thus removes all residues. The brush heads, which you can easily reorder online (approx. 3 euros per head), are brush heads with high-quality DuPont Tynex bristles.

Oclean Z1 brush heads

Due to the rounded bristle ends, the Oclean brush heads are also ideal for people with gum problems.

Oclean Z1 store

The Oclean Z1 consists of an elegant and IPX7 waterproof housing. The sonic toothbrush is operated via a simple power button surrounded by a 3-stage LED matrix. The toothbrush is charged without contact in less than 2 hours. The battery lasts up to 30 days.


Data Brand: Oclean
Model: Z1
Type: Sonic electric toothbrush
Vibrations: 40.000
Intensity: 32 strengths, 15 app modes
Battery life: up to 30 days
Protection class: IPX7
Timer: 30s, 2min stop
Dimensions Weight: 98g

Oclean Z1 reviews

English review

Oclean Z1 REVIEW: You Still Don't Have Electric Toothbrush? This One Is For You!

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