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Nothing phone (1) Art Basel Header

The Nothing phone (1) is presented at Art Basel

Last night the tech newcomer "Nothing" presented its first smartphone, the "phone (1)" at Art Basel for the first time. The company also announced that it will be auctioning off 100 serialized devices on the StockX internet exchange.

Nothing Phone (1) x Art Basel

In Switzerland, a small group of participants at the "Art Basel" art fair saw the Nothing phone (1) for the first time. Of course, some pictures were also taken at the reveal event, which Nothing was happy to share with media partners in a press release.

Carl Pei , CEO and co-founder of Nothing, says about the design of the phone (1):

“For years now, it felt like all the artists had left the industry. All we're left with are cold, unexciting and derivative products. It was time for a fresh take."

“phone (1) was designed out of instinct, making a product for ourselves and more importantly that we would be proud to share with our loved ones. Can't wait for people to start experiencing it."

Nothing phone (1) Art Basel

Akis Evangelidis Co-founder & Head of Marketing at the Nothing phone (1) event at Art Basel 2022 on June 15, 2022 (Photo by Sanjeev Velmurugan/Getty Images for Nothing)

The Nothing phone (1) features a transparent back and a unique mechanical design made up of over 400 components. It was inspired by artists like Massimo Vignelli, who, among other things, designed the New York subway plan and made a complex system look like art.

Nothing phone (1) back with bird

Its 100% recycled aluminum frame makes the smartphone lightweight and durable, while over 50% of the phone's plastic components are made from bio-based or post-consumer recycled materials - an industry-leading percentage.

Nothing x StockX

Nothing has also announced the collaboration with the internet exchange StockX, which mainly has its name in the sneaker and streetwear scene. 100 serialized and thus limited Nothing phone (1) will be auctioned on the platform.

Nothing phone (1) StockX auction

The auction will take place from June 21 to June 23 (15 p.m. German time). It runs for just 48 hours. The proceeds will benefit a fund managed by the community. The final specs and prices for Nothing phone (1) will be revealed on July 12th.

Source: Press Release

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1 comment

  1. X Y Z

    17. June 2022 11 to: 52

    The components are only indicated in the pictures. Do you know yet if this is part of the design or if they will be visible later like other clear backed manufacturers do?

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