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by 2. November 2015
In the audio sector, the global company 'Noontec' is by no means unknown. With the Hammo series and the Noontec Hammo Go, Noontec has launched a hi-fi headphone that promises perfect sound and is equipped with all kinds of bells and whistles such as SCCB HD or a noise canceling function. How the Noontec Hammo Go beats in the overall picture, I have tested.

Noontec LTD.


Noontec Hammo Go Votrik HD 500 Noise Canceling Headphones


* Votrik HD500 speaker, SCCB audio technology
* Driver diameter 50mm; Driver type dynamic
* Connector Type: 3,5mm
* Frequency spectrum: 5-30,000Hz
* Sensitivity at 1 KHz 1mW: 108dB
* Input impedance: 32 ohms
*Max. Performance: 100mW
* Sound quality: high definition (HD)
* Cable microphone: yes
* Weight: 270g
* Audio cable length: 1.2m
* Product dimensions: 195x185x74mm

What's in the box

* High-quality storage hardcase
* 2 audio cable 3.5mm jack (1 with microphone)
* 2 AAA batteries
* Audio Adapter

Review of the Noontec Hammo Go headphones
The noontec Hammo Go headphones in the test | Hands-On | Review


The Noontec Hammo Go is delivered in a beautiful cardboard box that already gives first hints regarding the appearance and the functions. Inside the box is an oval-shaped hardcase, which stands out through a visually appealing carbon look in the eye. The hardcase is opened via a zipper. In addition, the case offers a snap hook, which makes it even on the road, for example, attach to the backpack.

The Hammo Go is a wired headphone. In a small cloth case, two flat-ribbon audio cables, two AAA batteries and an audio adapter were included. One of the audio cables also has a microphone installed.

The design of the Noontec Hammo Go looks striking. The red-black version features a striking red inner hanger and a black outer hanger. The inside of the temple is covered with a kind of imitation leather and also lined. The black earcups are also made of imitation leather and are padded inside. Both earcups are also movable, as well as the bracket can be adjusted by about 25mm. On the side is the shiny metallic logo of noontec.

An interesting feature of the Hammo Go is the so-called 'noice canceling'. All ambient noise is suppressed as best as possible. To activate the function, the enclosed batteries must first be inserted into a battery compartment on the side of the auricle. Then you have to put a small switch, which is also located on the pinna.


The Hammo Go uses a so-called SCCB audio technology and has a Votrik HD 500 as a driver unit. This is an 50mm driver unit whose frequency spectrum is between 5 and 30.000Hz.

At the first audition I simply tested all music styles with the Hammo Go. The headphones are harmoniously tuned. The bass is powerful and in the heights the Go shines through its point accuracy. That the bass area is pushed into the foreground, I could not determine with this headphone. Fine tone details were very easy to hear in electronic music. I also liked the Hammo Go with classical music. Subtleties are presented clearly and even if it gets louder, the clarity remains. Nothing looks distorted or disappears.

The 'noise reduction' feature is not bad either, but could be a little more appealing to my taste. Although you notice directly, as soon as the function was turned on, but so that you really no outside noises perceives more, you also have to raise the volume a bit. The feature creates a subtle background noise, but as soon as the headset is active, the noise disappears completely. Even with soft music, it is barely perceptible and does not disturb.

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Final Words


good sound
Very comfortable to wear
Good workmanship


Noise canceling could be more intense
Enclosed cables a bit short for PC use

First impression
everyday practicality

Sonically, the noontec Hammo Go convinced me. Here you get a really good, the price corresponding headphones offered. The 'noice reduction' feature works as well, but could be a bit more intense.

The comfort is very good. Even after longer sessions, the headphones did not get uncomfortable. There are no pressing areas and the upholstery also feels comfortable.

The workmanship is good. Overall, the headphone makes a high-quality impression despite the plastic used. The black and red design looks harmonious and is simple, but at the same time striking.

With the accessories everything was settled, what you need for the headphones. Unfortunately, both headphone cables are a bit short. Especially if you want to use the headphones on the PC, it can cause problems here and if necessary, you have to buy a longer audio cable.

Noontec has taken a good path with the noontec Hammo Go and I'm curious to see how the noontec product segment will develop.

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