NO.1 D3 Test - Smartwatch with fitness features

by 18. December 2015
With the NO.1 D3, the Chinese manufacturer NO.1 launched a smartwatch at a competitive price. Just 20 € costs the D3, but what you can expect at this price at all and whether the D3 the name "Smartwatch" can be awarded, I have looked closer.

Nuojiayuan Science and Technology CO., LTD. (NO.1)


NO.1 D3


Display: 1.44 inches (128x128)
SoC: MTK6261
Memory 32M RAM / 32M ROM
Network: 2G GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900MHz
Battery: 380mAH
Other: Bluetooth 3.0, micro SD, micro USB

What's in the box

* D3
* Operating instructions in English and Chinese
* Micro USB data or charging cable
* 380mAh battery

Review of the NO.1 D3 Smartwatch
NO.1 D3 Smartwach - Unboxing

NO.1 D3 Smartwatch - Review | Hands-on

First impression

The NO.1 D3 was delivered in a small cardboard box, similar to a watch box. This included the bagged D3, a user manual in English and Chinese, a micro USB data or charging cable and the small 380mAh battery.

It is also interesting that the D3 is available in several colors. From the box I could see that the D3 is available in the colors pink, blue, green, black and white.
My first impression of the D3 was quite positive. The silicone bracelet is well made, fits comfortably and is also adjustable in size. The case of the D3 is also well made but made of plastic. At the low price, however, you can not expect a metal case, so that a well-made plastic housing is appropriate. What I noticed a bit negative, however, is the missing cap of the USB socket on the left edge of the case. Here you could at least put on a small rubber cap.
The display of the D3 measures 1.44 inches and has a resolution of 128x128 pixels. Under it is a capacitive key that serves as an enter key. Navigation takes place via the touch panel. There is also a small camera on the front edge of the case.

The bottom of the housing is removable. Here are the heart rate monitor, which lights up with a green LED, a SIM card slot that is 2G-capable and a micro SD slot, which serves as a memory extension. The small battery of the D3 is changeable and is also inserted at the back.



User interface and functions

If you turn on the NO.1 D3, you will be surprised by a colorful play of colors and a rather shrill music. In the edge of the case there are several LEDs, which light up at the start or in case of incoming notifications. These LEDs are not visible in the inactive state, which made me a little surprised at the start when the clock flashed in all colors.

But before you can fully use the clock you should first install the corresponding notification app on your smartphone. A QR code is available as an app on the clock. You just have to scan it with your smartphone and then download the app using the link provided.
The watch is connected via Bluetooth. Within the user interface of D3 you can also make Bluetooth settings, such as how the clock is detected or you can completely disable the Bluetooth of the clock.

The D3 offers numerous apps. In addition to the usual telephone apps such as the phone number, the contact book, the SMS inbox or the call log, there are also many other useful, but also less useful apps. The call apps serve on the one hand to make calls with the D3, on the other hand, but you can also receive the contact book of the smartphone, or manage the SMS of the smartphone. Here is an overview of all other apps and features of NO.1 D3

  • Notifications: If, for example, a WhatsApp message is received, the content of the message is displayed on the NO.1 D3. You can individually determine which app is allowed to transfer notifications.
  • Camera: Turns on the camera of the watch. Pictures are saved directly on the SD card.
  • Theme: Choice between 3 wallpapers (black, blue bubbles, blue).
  • Image review: Gallery regarding images on the SD card.
  • Massor: "massage app" with little use. The clock only vibrates regularly.
  • Audio Player: Music playback via the D3.
  • Anti-loss: Helps to find the smartphone.
  • Energy Saver: Dims the brightness of the display.
  • BT camera: Starts the camera on the smartphone, where the image is also transferred to the D3 and you can use with these synonymous as a trigger.
  • Calendar: Synchronizes the calendar data with the smartphone.
  • Alarm: Alarm clock with several settings options.
  • Calculator: Simpler calculator.
  • Sound record: Audio recording directly from the D3 microphone.
  • Gesture control: Activate the D3 as soon as you keep it in front of you.
  • User Profiles: Settings related to the volume.
  • File Manager: access to the files of the inserted SD card.
  • World Clock: Graphical clock with different time zones.
Fitness and environment
  • Sleep-Monitr: sleep monitoring, which however must be started individually.
  • Sedentary: Motion memory
  • Pedometer: Pedometer that shows both the distance traveled and the speed. These data are determined based on the stride length and body size.
  • Heart Rate Monitor: Measures the heart rate using the rear-mounted heart rate monitor.
  • Body temperature: The body temperature is also determined here with the sensor.
  • UV: Measures the current UV radiation.
  • Stopwatch: simple stopwatch with only one timer.
  • ECG: Measures the current heart rate

The user interface can be used quite fluently. Inputs are recognized immediately and the individual apps start quickly. Unfortunately, the user interface seems a bit overloaded by the many apps.



Since the clock has a SIM card slot and 2G capable, I had to of course also try the telephony with the D3. The call number and call reception went smoothly. The voice quality is reasonably okay, so you can lead a phone call without hesitation. Although the speaker sounds a bit tinny, but you understand his counterpart. The interlocutor understands one too, but you should keep the clock in speech.


Final Words


Perfect price / performance ratio
Numerous apps
SIM card slot and memory expansion
Heart Rate Monitor
Soft and size adjustable silicone bracelet


Missing cap on the left edge of the case
Only 2 watch faces
Useless apps ("massage app")

First impression
everyday practicality
Battery life

The name "Smartwatch" has earned the NO.1 D3 quite well that it actually includes the usual features of a smartwatch. These functions were, however, implemented quite minimalist. For example, with the NO.1 D3 you can only choose between two watchfaces and new apps can not be downloaded at all. Thus, one relies on the already installed apps, but they are numerous. These apps are sometimes simple and sometimes less thought-out or even useless, which can be seen for example from the "massage app". Nevertheless, one should keep in mind that no apps can be installed and compulsorily install all apps from home to meet the individual requirements.

The telephony and the transmission of the notifications work well. Also, the Bluetooth connection is stable, so I could not find any problems here.

What I really liked is the quite useful heart rate monitor. This works pretty well, which makes me like to wear the D3 in sports.

Finally, it can be stated that with the NO.1 D3 for just 20 € can not make anything wrong. You should not put too high expectations for this watch, but the price / performance ratio is in my opinion more than fair.

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Sakul Dub
Sakul Dub

I own the No.1 d3 for quite a while, 1,5 years to be exact, unfortunately my display has broken in an unknown way, only cases even splinters out, so who wants to get the thing, which is quite is recommended, should do it quietly, but always take care on the screen. ????