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NO.1 D5 Test Front

NO.1 D5 Smartwatch test

Updated by Timo Altmeyer on the 17. May 2024

With the NO.1 D5, the Chinese manufacturer NO.1 has brought another smartwatch to the highly competitive wearable market. However, the NO.1 D5 not only stands out from the NO.1 "D series" in terms of price, it also promises more functions.

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NO.1 D5 Smart Watch - Unboxing

First impression

Update September 2017

Meanwhile, another model of the NO.1 D5 has appeared. The so-called NO.1 D5 Pro is based on the design of the NO.1 D5 or D5 Plus, but offers more memory. Like the Plus model, the NO.1 D5 Pro uses a MediaTek MTK6580 as the processor. In terms of memory, the NO.1 D5 Pro has 1GB of RAM and a full 16GB of flash memory. Android 5.1 is used as the operating system.

Update November 2016

The smartwatch manufacturer NO.1 has released an upgrade to the NO.1 D5. The upgrade model is called “NO.1 D5+” and differs primarily in terms of hardware features. The NO.1 D5+ (Plus) uses a MediaTek MTK6580 as the processor. This is a quad-core processor that clocks at up to 1.3 GHz. The storage capacity has also been doubled, increasing the RAM to 1GB and the internal storage to 8GB. Real Android 5.1 is still used as the operating system.

As befits a watch, the NO.1 D5 was also delivered in a simple watch carton. In addition to the smartwatch were included a magnetic charging station, a micro USB charging or data cable and a bag with two clock screws and a small screwdriver. An operating manual was not included in this early trial version.

Unpacked, I immediately noticed the high-quality metal housing of the NO.1 D5. This is well made and has no production defects. The power button on the side of the case is also made of metal, is tight and also has a good pressure point. Inadvertent activation is hardly possible. I also didn't notice any rustling when moving quickly.

The wristband of the smartwatch is made of synthetic leather. Unfortunately, the bracelet doesn't quite meet my taste. Here I would have preferred a high quality silicone bracelet. Changing the bracelet is also problematic here. As you can guess, the watch's antennas run inside the bracelet. The smartwatch has its own SIM slot, a GPS and a WLAN module. To reach the SIM slot, the metal back must be screwed on and lifted off at four points. According to the manufacturer, the watch is certified according to protection class IP65. Accordingly, the watch is dustproof and protected against water jets. However, it is better not to get water on the watch, because there is only a very thin plastic seal inside.


The display of the smartwatch is a 1.3 inch IPS display with a resolution of 360x360 pixels. This display is therefore completely round and does not have this unsightly bar at the bottom of the display. The pixel density is approximately 277 PPI. The display is roughly comparable to that of a 5-inch HD smartphone. Individual pixels can only be recognized if you look very closely and carefully.

The display brightness I would call average. In direct sunlight, I could not test the smartwatch yet. Although the NO.1 D5 does not have an OLED display, the contrast ratio is good. The colors are also strong and natural. I was not disappointed with the viewing angle stability either.

The accuracy of the small touch screen is good. Inputs can be transferred without errors on the really very small keyboard with a little practice. However, the capacitive touchscreen is not multi-touch capable.

It is also interesting that the display of the smartwatch has an anti-fingerprint coating. This coating works quite well, which means that I was able to use the smartwatch for several days without even cleaning the display.


The NO.1 D5 has a Mediatek MT6572 dual-core processor with a clock rate of one GHz. A Mali-400 MP is used as the GPU. In addition, the smartwatch has 512MB RAM and 4GB internal storage. The internal memory is unfortunately not expandable. The smartwatch has already preinstalled the Google Play Store, which is why I didn't miss the opportunity to install Geekbench 3 and AnTuTu.

During normal operation, the clock runs quite smoothly. Some stickers with a quick swipe through the user interface may occur, but rather belong to the rarity. Apps can be opened with a slight delay, but also in a timely manner.

user interface

In contrast to the wearables of well-known manufacturers, the NO.1 D5 has no Android Wear, but a full Android 4.4.2 ("Watch OS 2.0"). The launcher has been completely adapted to the round and small display. The implementation is pretty well done by NO.1. All system apps have been customized and are displayed correctly.

As already indicated, the watch has also pre-installed the Google Play Store, which means that any apps can be downloaded. These apps are of course not adapted, but are also usually displayed in an operable manner. However, I have to say that I also installed apps that I could not operate with the D5. In these apps, for example, a necessary input area was not displayed because it was simply displayed outside the screen area.

The smartwatch is operated by swiping movements. Apps can be closed by a swipe from top to bottom. The side-mounted button serves only as switch-on or. Off button.



 Watchfaces: A total of 39 watchfaces are preinstalled. These are fully animated and range from analog to digital. Each watch face has a different look and is tailored to different areas of application. For example, there are watch faces that, in addition to the time, also show the last measured pulse and the current number of steps. Other watch faces have a battery display or a weather display. With this huge variety, there really should be a watch face for everyone. There is also a NO.1 store where you can download additional watch faces (currently 3) for free. I was also able to install my own watch faces via a detour. There is an app in the Playstore that acts as a widget and precisely displays the watch faces contained in the app. Here is an overview of the watch faces:


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 Heart rate monitor and step counter: The heart rate is measured via a green LED on the back of the smartwatch. Compared to the heart rate monitor of the NO.1 D3, the results are almost identical. Since I don't have any other device with a pulse sensor besides the two NO.1 devices, I cannot determine exactly how exactly the D5 works. In any case, the smartwatch recognized my resting heart rate pretty well. I compared the pedometer with my Xiaomi Mi Band. Step length and height can be set within the fitness app. Steps are also recorded throughout the day, and you can set your own recording interval. In an overview you can see the total number of steps taken during the day and the calories burned. The total number of steps after one day deviated slightly downwards in direct comparison with the Mi Band. Which device measures more precisely is of course questionable. Even with the NO.1 D5, there are minor incorrect measurements, for example when driving a car. Overall, I would describe the value of the NO.1 D5 step counter as more precise.

 Weather app and barometer: The weather app and barometer only work with an active internet connection and probably also a GPS signal. At least I was rarely able to query the weather data in the closed room.

 Additional functions: Telephony (contact book, number dialing and message management) | Alarm function | Internet browser | Calendar | Filemanager | Music player | Audio recorder | Voice search

Telephony, WLAN, Bluetooth

Making a phone call sounds unusual, but is possible with the NO.1 D5. I only used the function once and only for this test. The voice quality was okay. Over the loudspeaker one could understand the caller well. The built-in microphone also allowed the caller to understand me well. At least when I held the smartwatch in speech.

Regarding the WiFi of the Smartwatch, I'm rather divided. It is really a great advantage that the watch is WiFi-enabled. However, you cannot manually enter an SSID when setting up the WLAN. This means that hidden SSIDs are mercilessly ignored. The connection to the WLAN is also disconnected as soon as the display switches off. Again, I couldn't find a setting that would prevent loss of connection.

The installed “Watch Helper” app is used for the Bluetooth connection with the smartphone. This means that calls from your smartphone can be accepted with the D5. The app also has a notification function. Unfortunately, I was unable to transfer WhatsApp notifications from my smartphone to the NO.1 D5 using this app. Only an alternative app from the PlayStore made it possible to receive notifications.


A GPS fix finds the clock already after 5 seconds. The navigation through the adapted Google Maps also works very well. Unfortunately, the GPS function drains the battery very quickly.

NO.1 D5 Test Google Maps


The battery capacity is 450mAh. With normal use and the "Conspire Screen" activated (automatic wake-up of the display), I was able to get through the day just fine on a single charge. A SIM card was of course inserted and all functions were activated. As an additional function, there is also an energy saving mode, which interrupts all radio connections. The watch is charged with a 4-pin magnetic charging station. A complete charging process takes a little less than an hour.

NO.1 D5 Test Front

NO.1 D5 Smartwatch


Sharp display with strong colors
Good workmanship
Android 4.4.2 with Google Play
WiFi and GPS
Reasonably accurate pedometer and heart rate monitor


WLAN cannot be entered manually
Watch-Helper app could be improved


The NO.1 D5 beats its own way compared to the usual Android Wear smartwatches and can be used completely without a smartphone. The workmanship is consistently good, but the design of the bracelet is rather a matter of taste.

The D5 convinces above all by the sharp display and the large number of watchfaces. The operating system "Watch OS 2.0" was well adapted to the round display and the integrated apps can be operated easily. The performance is except for small stuttering with fast menu consistently good.

What bothers me about the watch is that no Wi-Fi can be manually entered. Also, the integrated app that connects the smartwatch to the smartphone is still a bit flawed. Working alternatives are available in the Google Play Store.

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Timo is the founder of and a real technology expert. From smartphones to e-bikes, from home cinema to smart homes, he always has his finger on the pulse of the latest trends.



  1. Uwe

    6. February 2016 09 to: 57

    I also have a D5, can you tell me the alternative to connecting to my smartphone? Because I can't take calls on the smartwatch. The app also pulls the battery down very quickly.

    • Timo admin

      7. February 2016 10 to: 38

      Hello Uwe, the app is called "SWApp Link", available in the Google Play Store.

      • Uwe

        8. February 2016 09 to: 35

        Hello Timo, thank you very much for your answer. I have installed the SWApp Link app. Everything went well, now just have to watch the battery consumption, because my watch was empty after a short time. I hope that was just because of the first syncr. Otherwise the app is great. Do you also have a solution because of the data and WiFi connections. These always go out immediately after the clock is on standby.

        • Timo admin

          8. February 2016 12 to: 41

          I know the problem with the data or WLAN connection from the K8 3G, which is comparable to the NO.1 D5. An additional option was added there in an update where you could choose whether the data connection should be interrupted in standby or not. With the D5, unfortunately, you have to hope for such an update as well. I will soon ask the manufacturer whether an update is planned in this regard.

          Otherwise I can recommend these two threads on XDA:

          The NO.1 D5 is very popular in the XDA community, which is why the first custom watch faces have already been created and you can even hope for custom ROMs.

          • Schnurzbepe

            12. February 2016 17 to: 08

            Hello, I have also been the owner of a No.1D5 since yesterday, but my enthusiasm is limited. The BT connection to the smartphone (Note 4) works very strangely. Search for BT connection and connect. If I go to the smartphone and tap on the connection (W812A), a message is displayed: “Cannot use Bluetooth tethering when connecting via a WLAN network”.
            Oh, I can't get into the AppStore (forever charging) via WiFi.
            The next "watch helper" with a QR scanner to the mobile phone, then no further, just can't get to the website.
            If I set the time and tick the box for "Get time from network", the clock will go back an hour.
            I have now also installed the SWApp Link app but no connection to the clock.
            Play Store, Browser, Weather works.
            Can you help me?

          • Timo admin

            12. February 2016 19 to: 52

            Hello Schnurzpiepe, in the XDA forum it was already discussed that the download link for the "Watch Helper" does not work correctly. A member kindly uploaded the APK. Here the link:

            After you have established the Bluetooth connection, you do not need to make any further settings in the smartphone's Bluetooth settings. You can make further settings via the respective Sync App (Watch Helper / SWApp).

            There are only three other apps in the “AppStore” (manufacturer AppStore). Apps are mainly obtained from the “Google PlayStore”, which was also preinstalled on the watch.

            The wrong time sounds like a time zone problem. For me, getting the time zone from the network works flawlessly. You can also set the time zone manually.

          • Schnurzbepe

            13. February 2016 09 to: 19

            Hello Tim

            First of all, thank you very much for answering my question / problems so quickly.
            Watch Helper has loaded from the website, the connection to the watch is now established. Otherwise I'm still ambivalent about the watch, I just hope for an update from the manufacturer or a custom rom from the fan base.
            I still have a NO.1 S3, with which I was actually more satisfied, although it is more simply structured in the system.

  2. Yeah Ommer

    28. February 2016 19 to: 02

    Hello Timo,
    is it possible to change the bracelet?
    MfG Jo

    • Timo admin

      28. February 2016 19 to: 05

      Hi Jo,
      The antennas for the WLAN, GPS and cellular network run inside the bracelet. Changing the wristband is therefore not recommended.

  3. Chopper60

    5. April 2016 14 to: 51

    My No1D5 no longer boots. stops after the start on the initial screen and beeps a few times.
    I already completely removed the voltage by pulling out the power plug. Without success.
    Resetting by pressing the button for 5 seconds did not bring about any improvement either.

    • Timo admin

      5. April 2016 15 to: 01

      Hello Chopper60, that sounds like a firmware brick. I myself had bricked my D5 a few months ago and was able to save it with a flash tool and ROM from the manufacturer. If necessary, I will send you the link to the files by email.

      • Chopper60

        5. April 2016 15 to: 58

        what does the "bricked" mean and how can you install firmware if the watch no longer starts?
        Isn't a ROM a permanently installed hardware component?
        Sorry but I don't know how to flash 🙂

        • Timo admin

          5. April 2016 20 to: 32

          In the case of a software brick, the installed firmware was damaged, which is why the device no longer starts. Software bricks are 99% repairable. Firmware is also often referred to as ROM. Here are instructions on how to “unbrick” a software brick.

          • Chopper60

            11. April 2016 14 to: 50

            Thanks for the help, I sent the watch back because it is still under warranty. they'll send me a new one (I hope so 🙂)

  4. Mirek

    5. April 2016 18 to: 10

    I don't get an exchange account installed on the watch 🙁 How do you do that with the contacts, for example?

  5. Mirek

    6. April 2016 11 to: 47

    Ok, I synced the contacts via Google, but it is not optimal. Doesn't any of you know a solution with Exchange? And one more thing: Has anyone perhaps already found an additional charging station for the watch to buy on the web?

  6. runner

    8. April 2016 18 to: 22

    I've had the No1 D5 for a short time and wanted to use it as a heart rate monitor.
    Unfortunately, S-Health cannot find the watch's heart rate monitor!
    Is there a solution or do I need a chest strap?

    • Mirek

      10. April 2016 17 to: 11

      List and start the app doesn't work? For me it works without any problems and of course without a chest strap, at least when the watch is on the hand.

    • Silas

      10. May 2016 13 to: 51

      Can the watch be used to listen to music via Spotify or PlayMusic without being connected to the smartphone? That means saving music offline and then connecting it to Bt headphones and listening to music while exercising ...

      • Timo admin

        10. May 2016 18 to: 48

        Hi Silas, I installed Spotify on the watch myself and it can be used like on a smartphone. BT headphones can also be connected.

  7. Tobias equal

    18. May 2016 16 to: 37


    I also bought the watch. actually everything worked fine. One question: There is the function Use Bluetooth for Internet access, but the checkmark cannot be set here. The device is paired with my cell phone. is there a solution for this?

    • ...

      26. November 2016 12 to: 08

      You have to activate Bluetooth tethering on your mobile phone beforehand, then it will work.

  8. Heiko Huebner

    22. May 2016 12 to: 05

    can I swap the bracelet on the D5, for example for a metal bracelet?

    • Timo admin

      22. May 2016 12 to: 37

      Hello Heiko,
      The antennas for the WLAN, GPS and cellular network run inside the bracelet. Changing the wristband is therefore not recommended.

  9. Harold Klinger

    25. May 2016 11 to: 18

    Didn't know until today that there are "hidden SSIDs". Is that really a shortcoming of a smart watch that is - actually - not a cell phone? Thank you very much for the good review and the beautiful pictures!

  10. Gela2007

    2. June 2016 14 to: 48

    Hello everyone, I also have a D5, except for GPS I've tried almost everything and I'm quite happy where I was desperate to connect the clock to Win7, no driver is found. I turned on debugging in the developer options in the clock, but still couldn't find it, maybe someone has an idea

  11. Harold Klinger

    13. August 2016 11 to: 36

    Great watch. I have been using this watch for 3 months and so far it has not been a "hangover" and the design is just great. A Chinese product that I am convinced of (and there are relatively few of them so far). Navigation (GPS) does not work properly, but can you put it on a watch?

  12. Alexander

    15. December 2016 21 to: 38

    Unfortunately, I was unable to use this app to transfer WhatsApp notifications from my smartphone to the NO.1 D5. Only an alternative app from the PlayStore made it possible to receive notifications.

    I search and search and search…. Which app did you use?

    • Timo admin

      16. December 2016 11 to: 18

      The “Watch Helper” app, which can be downloaded using the QR code stored in the NO.1 D5, works very well for me.

      • Alexander

        16. December 2016 12 to: 01

        But then you cannot answer the WhatsApp messages directly? You just get a push-up that a message has even arrived ?!
        Unfortunately I was that far :). But I would like to read the news directly on the watch.

        • Timo admin

          16. December 2016 12 to: 58

          Alternatively there is the "MediaTek SmartDevice" app in the Google PlayStore. At that time I could at least read WhatsApp messages with it, but not answer them.

          • Alexander

            16. December 2016 21 to: 16

            And what kind of app has to be installed on the watch? Sorry for the many questions. But I'm really interested in that right now :).

          • Timo admin

            18. December 2016 11 to: 15

            No app needs to be installed on the smartwatch. All you have to do is activate Bluetooth on the D5, make Bluetooth visible and connect your smartphone to the smartwatch via Bluetooth.

          • pc

            8. January 2017 18 to: 59

            Does the D5 have a sleep phase alarm clock?

          • Timo admin

            8. January 2017 19 to: 19

            No, there is no such function on this smartwatch. It would also be rather uncomfortable to sleep with the D5.

  13. Joseph

    24. February 2017 20 to: 47

    Got the d5 + and works fine - except for GPS reception. Tried some (good) apks - no GPS fix !! Please is there a trick, hint or something?

  14. Thomas

    20. July 2017 16 to: 20

    I have the following problem with the D5 +: I cannot install any apps in the Appstore because I am repeatedly asked to enter the payment information (Shh ... Android!) And you can't get any buttons that you can click away and you don't get to any Button). What can you do there?

    • Timo admin

      20. July 2017 16 to: 36

      Hi, the buttons on my NO.1 D5 weren't completely displayed either, but it was enough to click on. You could enter the payment requests through your smartphone's Play Store. Then the popup should no longer appear. What you could also try would be to connect a USB mouse with an OTG cable and use it to click the buttons.

      • Thomas

        20. July 2017 18 to: 51

        Thanks for the quick reply. At some point I managed to do it by simply clicking wildly on every point on the display until "Accept" appeared (The Scientific Method).

        First impression so far very positive: Great workmanship, the basic functions run smoothly, bright display with sufficient black value. BUT the battery - Oh weia!

  15. stash

    18. November 2017 11 to: 50

    how can you change tracks from the mobile phone player with the watch?

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NO.1 D5 Smartwatch


SoC: MTK6572
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0
RAM: 512MB
Protection class: IP65

Bluetooth call: Dialing, Phonebook
Messages: retrieve messages
Health tracker: heart rate monitor, pedometer
Remote: Music Remote, Camera Remote
Notifications: Yes
Other: alarm, weather forecast, WIFI, GPS, barometer

Display: IPS
Display resolution: 360 x 360 px
Display size: 1.3 inch

Battery: 450mAh
Housing material: aluminum
Bracelet Material: Leather

Compatibility: Android 4.3 / iOS 7.0
Colors: Black, Silver

Size 4.6 x 4.6 x 1.3 cm
Weight: 0.060 kg

What's in the box

1 x NO.1 D5 Smartwatch
1 x magnetic charging station
1 x USB cable
1 x Operating Instructions