Ninox Venator Review - Gaming Mouse

by 3. July 2017
The Ninox Venator is the second mouse of the 2011-based company "Ninox", which produces gaming mice according to the wishes of the eSports scene. Equipped with one of the best mouse sensors, the Venator could also eclipse significantly more expensive "brands" gaming mice. If she can do that, more in this review!



Ninox Venator


Keys: 6
Switch: Omron D2FC-FK (main switch)
Lighting: LED
Cable: 1.8 m
Weight: 80g

Type: IR LED
Model: Pixart PMW 3360 (Avago 3360)
DPI: 12.000 DPI
Acceleration: 50g
Tracking speed: 250 IPS
Polling rate: 1000 Hz

What's in the box

1x gaming mouse
4x sliding pads
1x user manual


To the product

First impression of the Ninox Venator

The Ninox Venator comes in a simple cardboard box, which gives the front a first look at the mouse and on the back of the specifications and features are printed. Of the What's in the box includes besides the Venator another Faltblattthat explains the functions and the profile change, as well additional PTFE sliding pads.

By the symmetrical design The Venator is suitable for both Rechtshänder, as well as for left handed, With Dimensions of 122 x 62 x 40 mm and a Weight of 80g The mouse is relatively compact and is also easy in the hand. The Venator has a total of 6 buttons, Two main buttons for left and right clicks, two left side buttons, a clickable mouse wheel and an underneath button for profile selection.

What's in the box

The surface of the Ninox Venator is slightly roughened and resembles the surface of an eggshell. This is especially striking illuminated Ninox logo and the tapered, rear housing part. The sides of the case are provided with a perforated pattern, so that a better grip is to be achieved. The bottom of the Venator is with two big sliding pads Provided. The mouse wheel, Ninox logo and the connection between the top of the case and the underside are illuminated. The Cables owns one Length of 1.8 meters and is rubberized.

The processing of the mouse is the price accordingly good. To criticize is only the mouse wheel, which has horizontal play in both directions. However, this error is already known to the manufacturer and should no longer occur in future revisions.

Ninox Venator programming

Normally, the subitem "Software" or "Driver" follows at this point. The Ninox Venator is one though Plug & Play gaming mousethat completely dispenses with a control software. All DPI and LED settings are made directly via the mouse. The necessary key combinations are printed on the enclosed leaflet.

On the profile button can be total 3 profiles program. There are 8 DPI choicesDerived from 400 to 12.000 DPI rich. Regarding the lighting can be out 12 preset colors choose. In addition, the Brightness of illumination in 5 steps be adjusted. The sampling rate is by default 1000 Hz and can only be adjusted by a firmware update. Gimmicks, such as a Macro function does not exist!

Practical test of the Ninox Venator

The Ninox Venator uses one Holtek HT68FB560 processor in combination with one Pixart PMW-3360 sensor, which is identical to the Avago ADNS-3360 and can be counted among the best, "error-free" mouse sensors on the market. The sensor is characterized by a special high resolution of maximum 12.000 DPI and reaches a possible Speed ​​of 6.35 meters per second. main switch are of the type Omron D2FC-FK and are designed for 50 millions of clicks.

In practice, I found the perfect setting for 1600 DPI. Movements are precisely taken even at high DPI level. Jittering and rippling did not occur as expected. An automatic Line Angle (Angle Snapping) There are not to the joy of the gamer and can (to the chagrin of the CAD users) also not subsequently activated. As it is for a gaming mouse, there is also no artificial mouse correction and no mouse acceleration.

The Omron switch have an excellent clicking quality and give the player a pleasant feedback. The two lateral ones Trigger buttons are a bit stiff. That too TCC mouse wheel feels a bit imprecise due to the light, horizontal play. On the net, however, there are already instructions on how to attach the loose mouse wheel later.

Convincing was again the handling of the mouse, even though I was not able to operate the side buttons correctly as a left-hander. By the two big ones PTFE sliding pads has the Venator on both Textilmauspads, as well as on plastic pads good lubricity on. The slim design and low weight will probably not meet all tastes, yet I could use the Ninox Venator both in the Palm grip, finger grip as well as in the Claw-Grip easy to use. The tapered, rear housing part makes it not disturbing noticeable. A really outstanding feature is the rough surface. Even after prolonged gaming sessions, the surface does not get unpleasantly slippery and provides a long-lasting grip.

Product page of the manufacturer:

Final Words


Symmetrical design
Attractive appearance
Very good feel
Very good click feeling
Excellent sensor
No jittering
No angle snapping
No artificial mouse correction
No mouse acceleration


Not suitable for large hands
Trigger buttons a bit stiff
Mouse wheel with too much play

First impression
Gaming suitability

The Ninox Venator meets my taste. The design of the mouse is appealing and not only outwardly, but also under the hood, the gaming mouse has a lot to offer with high-quality hardware components. That there are no extensive setting options and features, such as a macro function was waived, is not a disadvantage. The mouse does exactly what it should and works very precisely. However, the Ninox Venator is not perfect either. To criticize is especially the loose-fitting mouse wheel.

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