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Apple heralds a new era!

Apple heralds the beginning of a new era with its press release in its newsroom and it gives hope for great things! In 2020, services such as Apple Acarde, TV +, etc. will become more and more important for Apple. I have summarized everything that is changing and what awaits us.

A new era begins...

Apple heralds the start of a new era with its press release in its newsroom. It's about the Apple services, which were of great importance for Apple in 2019 and will still be in 2020.

In 2019, Apple launched 3 new services. Namely Apple Acarde (Apple's gaming subscription), Apple TV +, Apple News + (for the English-speaking market) and Apple Card (Apple's credit card itself). The other services, such as the app store, Apple Music and iCloud, were also significant, according to Apple, and have received far-reaching updates.

Apple particularly emphasizes the privacy protection of its customers. Because, according to Apple, the standard of this was set new, especially in 2019.


Apple particularly emphasizes the app store in its newsroom post. This is said to have over half a billion visitors a week, and is said to be the safest place for customers to load apps.

The sales figures in the app store speak for themselves: developers in the app store have been said to have earned $ 155 billion since their launch in 2008. Almost 25% come from last year (2019). In particular, the past Christmas time is highlighted in the post. On the festive days, around $ 1,42 billion in sales are said to have flowed into Apple's pocket. And on New Year's Day, sales were around $ 386 million.


Apple claims that Apple Music contains almost 60 million songs that are released in 115 countries. A special highlight should be the time-synchronized lyrics, which are played to match the song.


Apple briefly describes its new series such as "For All Mankind", "See" or "Servant", which were published in 2019 with the new subscription for € 4,99 per month. Apple also reports that TV + is the first streaming platform that was nominated several times for the Golden Globe and the Screen Actors Guild in its launch.


Almost twice, but still the app should be highlighted again. The company with the bitten apple highlights here the different ways to combine films and series from different apps and watch them on a wide variety of Apple devices. The Apple TV app should still be available this year on devices from LG, Sony and VIZIO Smart TVs. I will of course keep you informed about this.


Apple's game subscription for € 4,99 has been available in the app store since September 2019 and has continued to evolve. In January 2020, Apple's collection includes just over 100 games.

Apple further reports that they will be releasing new games and extensions every month in 2020.


Apple News has not yet arrived on the German market as an independent app. Apple currently has over 100 million customers in the English-speaking world. The peculiarity in 2020 will be the US presidential election, which can be accessed live via ABC News.


Apple podcasts watch over 800.000 shows in 150 countries. According to Apple, this is the highest level since the contributions in audio format.


The Apple Pay payment method offers many options for using it. For example, tickets for stadiums and arenas in America are secured in the Apple Wallet and can be used as a contactless ticket. Apple customers can also use public transport in many major cities such as New York, London or Moscow. In 2020, this should be possible in other cities such as Washington DC, Shenzhen, Guangzhon and Foshan. Apple Pay will also provide access to dormitories and university services in the United States.


Two-factor authentication is described again here, because 75% of iCloud users probably use the additional security level, which ensures that no one can gain unauthorized access. Apple has not announced any further innovations in the iCloud area this year.


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