The Mrice E300 in-ear in the test

by 9. September 2015
If you go to Google, you will find a lot of information about the Mrice E300. Especially in the audiophile area, the E300 are on everyone's lips and to make me a special picture, whether these cheap In-Ears are actually so insanely good, I've ordered myself which. Here are my experiences with the Mrice E300.



Mrice E300

What's in the box

* 2 pair of silicone pads in different sizes
* Warranty Card
* Carrying Case

Review of the Mrice E300 in-ear

First impression

Optically, the E300 do a good job. The red, 125cm long "Triangle" cable not only looks chic, it also looks very stable and just curls up. A cable mess you will not have with the E300. The driver unit of the E300 is 9mm in size and uses a high-quality, copper-clad aluminum coil (CCAW). The 3.5mm jack plug of the E300 is gold plated. It should be noted here that the end of the plug is also triangular in shape. This form is not compatible with any smartphone case!

Mrice E300 Test - Overview


Here is my personal sense of sound to the Mrice E300. When I put the in-ears into my smartphone for the first time, I noticed the slight background noise. It was not necessarily serious now, but it was still there somehow. When listening to music with the E300, the inherent noise naturally ceases. Also you have to pay attention, in which price range the E300 play. I'm really used to something worse.

When I heard a few songs, querbeet, I felt the sound of the E300 as very clear and neutral. Depths, mids and heights are in line. Basses are there, but not nearly as strong as other In-Ears that I've already heard.

With the E300 you can really hear every genre of music.

Mrice E300 Test - Zoom

Final Words


Neutral sound
Good workmanship


Comfort could be better

First impression
everyday practicality

I would almost call the E300 the "Volks In-Ear" because it really does not do anything wrong with its neutral sound. Many will probably miss the bass, but especially in music where it comes to hear nuances are the E300 just great.

What bothered me a bit was the shape of the in-ears. Due to the dead straight case, it is rather difficult to find a good hold in the ears. I myself am more used to the bent plugs, where you almost always have a good grip. If one chooses the E300 but the matching silicone pegs, which come in three different sizes, but it should also represent a little practice no longer a problem to be able to wear the E300 permanently. The workmanship is good and visually make the E300 also something. If you want a neutral in-ear, you should reach for the E300.

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