Motospeed - Mechanical gaming keyboards for beginners

by Timo19. April 2017
The comparatively young peripheral manufacturer "Motospeed" surprised in recent months by a steadily growing range of gaming keyboards and gaming mice. A selection of mechanical gamer keyboards from the manufacturer Motospeed, we would like to introduce you to this article.

Motospeed gaming keyboards

In addition to traditional "Rubberdome" keyboards, where a small silicone tip under the key triggers the keystroke, Motospeed also sells the increasingly popular among gamers Keyboards with mechanical switches, Both systems could not be more different and have different advantages and disadvantages. A big advantage of the mechanical switches is the better tactile and linear feel and longevity. Instead, Rubberdome keyboards can be produced inexpensively, with the feel of the keystroke changing over time and the small silicon buffers increasingly wearing off.

Motospeed CK666

The Motospeed CK666 is currently the most inexpensive mechanical keyboard from the manufacturer. For not even 40 € You get a combination of mechanical gaming keyboard with so-called blue switches and a wired mouse for gamers. The keyboard is used Blue switches from Jixian, which are assigned to the low-budget range. Blue switches are characterized by a noticeable and from the point of view of the volume, pronounced click point. For the optical touch provides a multicolored LED backlightwhich makes the keys stand out very well. The key bed of the Motospeed CK666 is made of aluminum despite the low price. The KRO (key roll-over) is a maximum of 26. The included optical mouse also features a typical player design and an 4-level DPI choice between 800 and 2400 DPI.

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Motospeed CK107

Priced also under 40 € is the Motospeed CK107 Keyboard. Again, this is a mechanical keyboard for gamers, but equipped with green switches from Jixian. Green switches are characterized by a harder pressure point and a - similar to the blue switches - click sound. The keyboard itself is completely made of plastic and has a multi-colored LED backlight. NKRO is supported. The Motospeed CK107 is available in red, black and white.

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Motospeed Inflictor CK104

The Motospeed Inflictor CK104 is available with blue or red switches. Manufacturer of the switches is "OUTEMU", a better-known manufacturer of budget switches than Jixian, which is quite close to the quality of the Cherry MX range. The OUTEMU Red switches are somewhat heavier compared to the Cherry MX Red and are more akin to a "light" version of the MX Black. The feeling of OUTEMU Blue Switches comes very close to the MX Blue. There are smaller differences in the clicking sounds. The Motospeed Inflictor CK104 consists of an aluminum bed with controllable backlight. NKRO is also supported. The keyboard is available in the colors red, gold and silver.

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Motospeed CK888

Another combination of mechanical keyboard and optical mouse is the Motospeed CK888, The keyboard is used Green switches an unspecified manufacturer. The response time is below 2ms and NKRO is supported. Freely programmable keys do not exist. The key bed of the Motospeed CK888 is made of aluminum, whereas the rest of the housing is made of plastic. An LED backlight is available. Also the mouse does not support a macro function. The DPI can be adjusted in 4 steps from 800 to 2400. The set is available in silver and costs about 42 €.

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Motospeed CK108

The Motospeed CK108 is priced in the midfield of Motospeed gaming keyboards. The keyboard is optionally equipped with OUTEMU Blue or Black switches. OUTEMU Black Switches are purely linear switches and require a comparatively high operating force. On the one hand, this gives you a secure feeling, on the other hand your fingers tire much faster. An essential feature of the Motospeed CK108 is the individually adjustable backlight with different lighting effects. Naturally, NKRO is supported on this keyboard. A palm rest is included. The Motospeed CK108 is available in black and white and costs about 55 €.

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Motospeed K81

The Motospeed K81 is a mechanical keyboard with Black switches, In addition to a striking housing, the keyboard also offers an adjustable Backlight with 25 brightness levels and 10 light modes, Each button on the Motospeed K81 has a small LED that can be activated individually. In addition to the usual WIN-Lock gaming keyboard, the keyboard also features 12 media buttons. The keyboard is only available in black and costs about 65 €.

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Motospeed CK88

The current top model of the manufacturer is the Motospeed CK88, This mechanical gaming keyboard offers among other things OUTEMU Blue Switches, One rubberized palm rest and additional weights, which increase the weight of the keyboard, whereby a better stability is achieved. In addition to the eye-catching design, the Motospeed CK88 is also equipped with an LED backlight that can be individually programmed. Also macros can be programmed to individual keys via the driver of the CK88. Anti-Ghosting and NKRO are supported. The keyboard is available in black and costs 90 €.

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Hello, I have the CK666 wagon and the price is really to be recommended. I ordered the K81 to test out the black switches. So far, Motospeed really surprised me positively!


My son wanted to have this keyboard to better serve and control his games. It is well made and looks very nice. In the night it looks really cool. When you press a button, the PC responds immediately and is confirmed. Simply perfect and cheap.