Moman Video Light Test - 96 LED Bi-Color Light

by 23. August 2019
No matter if you are shooting or taking photos. LED area lights like the Moman "Fillipo" video light are practical helpers to bring light into the darkness. Mostly usable without external power source, LED video lights are ideal for mobile use. In the test, the inexpensive, but functionally well-equipped Moman LED video light could prove their skills.



Moman Fillipo video light


Material: aluminum alloy
Dimensions: 115 mm x 71 mm x 10 mm
Weight: 147 g

Number: 96 piece
Output power: 8W
Color temperature: 3000K - 6500K (Β± 200K)
CRI: 95 +
TLCI: 95 +

Display: OLED screen
Attachment: 1 / 4 inch thread and hot shoe

Battery: 2700 mAh
Voltage: 5V-1A / 5V-2A
Running time: up to 17 hours
Charging time: about 3 hours

What's in the box

1 x Moman Fillipo
1 x Type-C charging cable
1 x hot shoe adapter
1 x carrying case
1 x user manual

Design and workmanship

After the concept "Fill Lights in Pocket" Moman is intent on a compact design as possible. The Dimensions are just once 115 x 71 x 10 mm, at a Weight by 147 g, Accordingly, the video light is hardly larger than a conventional smartphone and finds even in hostess pockets. The housing consists of anodized aluminum and is magnetic on the back.

Moman Fillipo video light unpacked and ready for the test

Operation is easy to handle Multi-function switch with rotary control. For a particularly soft light distribution of the total 96 Bi-Color LEDs provides a diffuser disk. A comfortable OLED display on the back provides hints on the operating mode and the remaining battery life. Charged is the Moman "Fillipo" video light per USB-C, The quality of workmanship is commensurate with the price.

Moman Fillipo delivery

Easy construction

The Moman video light offers versatile mounting options. In addition to two ΒΌ inch threads, which are located to the side and below the case, Moman also provides a matching Hot Shoe Adapter With. The adapter has a ball joint and can be aligned individually. For mounting, the adapter plate (aluminum) is simply inserted into the camera hot shoe and secured with the aid of a clamping screw.

Front with 96 bi-color LEDs and diffuser

Bi-color LEDs

The total of 96 LEDs of the Moman video light are divided into each 48 artificial light and daylight LEDs, The highest light output provides the video light in mixed light mode. Only then will all 96 LEDs light up. The heat generation after 10-minute runtime on highest brightness level is nearly 43 Β° C.

The color temperature can over the knob between 3000K and 6500K in 100er steps being controlled. The color temperature displayed via the OLED differs slightly from the actual color temperature output. The deviation, however, is still in the frame. A Memory function Saves the color temperature setting even after turning off the video light. The Color rendering index is above 96.

The light is pleasantly soft due to the diffuser. Even at close range no annoying multiple shadows arise. Unfortunately, the diffuser is not changeable. The brightness is adjustable between 5% and 100%. In contrast to the color temperature, the brightness setting is not saved after switching off.

Rear with OLED display


Particularly useful is the display of the remaining battery life. In addition to a decreasing bar, the remaining time is also displayed in hours. Depending on the brightness level varies Runtime between 1hours (100%) and 17 hours (5%). The 2700 mAh battery is permanently installed and is via USB-C inside 3 hours loaded, For power supply can be used on a conventional smartphone charger, a PC / notebook or a power bank.

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Final Words


Handy design for mobile use
Robust aluminum housing
OLED display for even easier operation
1/4 inch thread and hot shoe attachment
Integrated battery with up to 17 hours of runtime
Bi-color LEDs with 3000K to 6500K color temperature


Maximum light output only with mixed light
Diffuser not exchangeable
No brightness memory function
Slight deviations in color temperature

First impression

The Moman video light is in view of the price a successful entry in the field of camera light. The video light is handy and easy to use. Multiple shadows are largely avoided by the diffuser. However, a replaceable diffuser would have been desirable.

The light output is acceptable. Due to the fact that it is a bi-color luminaire with artificial and daylight LEDs, only 48 LEDs are available depending on the color temperature. The highest light output is achieved with mixed light.

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