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mocube - the home office in the closet

mocube - The innovative home office solution

Especially in times of the corona pandemic, employers are called upon to let their employees work from the home office. However, not every employee has the ideal prerequisites to be able to work from home undisturbed. The home office quickly becomes a challenge for many. The "mocube" could help!

mocube - The office in the closet

Working from home sounds like relaxation at first, but home office is new territory for many and requires planning. Not everyone has space for their own study, which is why it is not uncommon to find yourself working from the kitchen table or the sofa. Then home office can very quickly become a nightmare. The boundaries between job and private life are blurring, the ability to concentrate suffers and the general sense of well-being in your own four walls sinks.

 An innovative solution “made in Hesse” is the mocube from IMA International GmbH from Aßlar. The mobile work area in the form of a cabinet aims to revolutionize the home office and promises a space-saving, enclosed workplace from which you can work undisturbed.


The mocube sees itself as a real space miracle. In just 5 seconds, the cabinet-like structure is transformed into a 134 x 126 cm workstation that offers enough space for common desk work.

Ergonomic, bright and quiet

Ergonomic work is ensured. The fold-out worktop can be adjusted in several stages both in height and inclination. It can even be used as a high table (mocube pro).

mocube height-adjustable worktop

Dimmable LED lighting brings light into the dark and enables concentrated work at any time. The inside of the lockable wing door is not only suitable as a pin board, but also has a sound-absorbing effect. This reduces ambient noise by approx. 3 dB.


The look of the mocube can be individually designed to match the furnishing style. There are three different wood variants and decorative surfaces to choose from for the doors and carcass. The interior walls of the mocube can be designed with different picture motifs for beautiful views and the best feel-good atmosphere.

When the work is done, the mocube can simply be closed and the work behind it is quickly forgotten.

mocube workplace

Price and availability

The target group of the mocube are both companies and private customers. You can choose from 3 models. The mocube standard model is available from 2.112 euros including VAT. The mocube Pro with electrically height-adjustable worktop, PC holder and other design variations costs 3.299 euros including VAT.

Companies have the option of leasing the mocube on a monthly basis. On request, the mocube custom will also be available from January 2021, which allows extensive customization options.

 Action:   Early orders will receive a discount of 15 percent on the sales price up to and including November 2020, 15.

 Further information about the mocube is available on the manufacturer's website at: 

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