Mobvoi TicPods 2 Pro Review - TWS headphones with AI

by 11. March 2020
At the beginning of the year, Mobvoi presented the TicPods 2020 Pro at CES 2. The wireless (semi) in-ear headphones want to score points above all through their innovative voice and gesture control. You can find out more about the functions, sound and comfort in the following review.



TicPods 2 Pro


Driver: Dynamic driver
Size: 13 mm

Frequency range: unknown
Impedance: unknown
Sensitivity: 132 dB (1 kHz)

Default: 5.0 BLE
Range: up to 10 meters

* A2DP

* aptX

Microphone: yes (CVC)
Operation: touch, gestures, language
Battery: 3-4 hours

Size: 40 17 x x 16 mm
Weight: 4.2g per earphone

What's in the box

1x TicPods 2 Pro
1x loading box
1x USB-C Charging Cable
1x user manual

Design, workmanship and delivery

Mobvoi does not dare to experiment with design, but is based on the appearance of the classic Apple AirPods. Decisive for the compact earphones, which have already won several design awards, are a long shaft, many curved curves and an earphone head that does not need adaptable ear pieces. Mobvoi calls the design itself "Semi-in-ear design". How this affects comfort and noise insulation, more on that later.

The TicPods 2 Pro are delivered in a capsule-shaped charging case. Here, too, the design is kept compact so that it is just one Charging box weighing 33.9 grams easily fits in your pocket and does not become a burden on the go. The only 4.2 gram earphones are held magnetically in the precisely fitting indentation.

The quality of workmanship there is no objection to the earphone. Points are deducted from the charging box, the magnetically held lid of which is somewhat shaky. The TicPods 2 Pro are available in the colors blue, white and pink. The What's in the box includes, in addition to the earphones and the charging case, a USB-C charging cable and an instruction manual. A charger is missing. Instead, any conventional smartphone charger can be used.

TicPods 2 Pro scope of delivery


The comfort of the TicPods 2 Pro is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, we have the light weight, which means that the earphones are hardly noticeable in the ear. On the other hand, the adaptable earmolds are missing.

This makes wearing comfort a real gamble, because not every ear canal is shaped equally. From our own experience, the earphones held comfortably in the ear with slight movements. As soon as the movements became sportier, it was over. When running, the TicPods 2 Pro no longer had a grip. It's a shame, because the earphones are after all IPX4 certified and thus protected from sweat and splash water.


The Bluetooth connection between earphones and smartphone works smoothly. To pair, simply press the pairing button inside the charging box. Two LEDs on the outside of the charging box indicate the pairing process by repeatedly flashing blue. Now select the TicPods 2 Pro in the Bluetooth settings of the playback device and you can listen.

Devices that are already connected remain in the memory of the TicPods. As soon as you take the earphones out of the charging box, a connection to the previously connected device is automatically established. If you press and hold the pairing button for 8 seconds, the in-ear is reset to its factory settings.

The TicPods 2 Pro in the charging case

sound quality

Each of the earphones is with one 13 mm dynamic driver fitted. Mobvoi does not provide any details on the frequency range or impedance. The audio sensitivity is 132 dB (1 kHz).

Depths, mid and highs

The TicPods 2 Pro deliver one Sound with a warm character. The frequency response is largely linear, with slight fluctuations in the mids and highs. A certain one dynamics is present, if not too pronounced. Lows and highs are present, but by no means too emphasized, so that mids also come into their own.

What the earphone clearly misses is external noise isolation. In contrast to normal in-ears with interchangeable earpieces, the sound is very strongly influenced by outside noise. Tonal subtleties can be heard fairly well in a quiet environment, but as soon as you take the TicPods 2 Pro onto the street, the sound becomes increasingly blurred. The lack of external noise insulation has the same effect on the subbass. This is hardly available

Nevertheless, there is something good to be gained from the lack of external noise insulation. You perceive your surroundings better and move more safely in traffic!

The TicPods 2 Pro Semi In-Ear Design


The audio processor used is a Qualcomm QCC5121. This is characterized by the current Bluetooth 5.0 Connection standard, low energy consumption and support high resolution Audio codecs (aptX) out. The stable transmission range is between 8 and 10 meters.

Android users benefit from the aptX codec already mentioned. Compared to AAC, aptX offers a higher bit rate (352 vs. 250 kbps) and lower latency. The lower latency has a positive effect on the synchronicity of picture and sound if you watch a film with the TicPods 2 Pro. The Mobvoi app is required to activate aptX. By default, despite aptX support on the smartphone, playback is only possible via AAC!

Qualcomm QCC5121 chip in the TicPods 2 Pro

Operation and headset

TicHear voice control

The TicPods 2 Pro rely on three smart AI control options. The function "TicHear" enables the earphones to be controlled by voice commands. For example, if you want to call up the smartphone's voice assistant, a short one is enough "Hey Tico"to activate it. Other voice commands are "next / previous song", "play music", "pause music" and "pick / hang up" to answer incoming calls on the smartphone. All voice commands must be spoken in English. TicHear worked reliably in the test, whereby an accent-free pronunciation is necessary.

TicMotion gesture control

One way to control TicPods 2 Pro with smart gestures "TicMotion". For example, if a call comes in on the smartphone, a short nod to accept the call or a shake of the head to refuse the call is enough. This function also works reliably. The gestures are recognized with the help of gyro sensors that are located in the earphones.

TicPods 2 Pro Tickle Touch

Tickle touch controls

The third option is Control by touch. Mobvoi has also come up with an interesting name for this. The so-called “tickle touch” takes place directly via the earpiece. A double click on the shaft accepts calls or switches to the next song. A swipe over the shaft adjusts the volume and holding down activates the voice assistant. Tickle Touch takes a little getting used to at the beginning. In the test, it was not uncommon for the TicPods to be pressed and swiped, but the desired effect failed to materialize. Once you have found the right place, tickle touch operation works.

Mobvoi app

The Mobvoi app offers further insights and functions to the TicPods 2 Pro. A prerequisite for using the app is that you have to create a Mobvoi user account. Then quickly add the connected TicPods 2 Pro in the app and you get further details on the remaining battery of the individual earphones and the charging case.

The AI ​​functions can be managed in the app settings, the headphone name can be adjusted, aptX can be switched on and the carrier detection switched. Carrier detection is especially useful when you only want to use one earphone and you don't want the music to be interrupted when you remove it. The integrated equalizer offers a very interesting function. In addition to the standard profile, there are a total of 8 further sound profiles to choose from.


For calls, the TicPods 2 Pro are included two microphones fitted. The CVC noise reduction of the Qualcomm chip primarily filters out low-frequency noise. In loud city traffic, however, noise reduction quickly reaches its limits, which in turn has an adverse effect on the recording quality and is accompanied by an audible noise. In a quiet environment, however, the TicPods are well suited for making calls.

The TicPods 2 Pro in pink


A full battery is one 3 ½ hour music playback at medium volume. This is not an outstanding value, but rather lower average compared to other true wireless earpods. The charging case with a 390 mAh battery was able to test the earphones charge four times. An average of 14 hours of music enjoyment is possible without an external power source.

Particularly noteworthy is the short charging time of the TicPods. For five minutes in the charging case and the battery is 20% charged again. A full charge takes 30 minutes.

Price Comparison

Would you like to know where to buy the TicPods 2 Pro? In our price comparison we list the current offers of the most popular shops. All prices are checked and updated several times a day. Should a shop appear several times, it concerns the different warehouses of the dealer.

Price history

Current prices

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Prices last updated on: 11. August 2020 15: 00

Final Words


Compact design
Easy commissioning
Sound with a warm character
aptX codec support
Many operating options
Hardly noticeable in the ear
Charging time of the earphones


Poor outside noise insulation
Bad fit due to missing earmolds
aptX Codec can only be activated via app
CVC microphone noise cancellation quickly overwhelmed
Below average battery life

First impression
Battery life

The TicPods 2 Pro are good (semi) in-ear headphones with weaknesses in the details. In terms of sound, the earphones impress with their pleasantly warm character. The frequency range is largely linear, but still shows a certain dynamic. Due to the lack of earmolds, there is insufficient external noise insulation. In terms of sound, this has a particular impact on the bass range, the sub-bass of which is not particularly pronounced.

In the same way, the missing earmolds affect comfort. Although the earphones are hardly noticeable in the ear, depending on the wearer, there is a lack of hold. During sporty movements, the earphones can slip easily and even fall out.

Good things can be gained from the smart AI functions. Hardly any other true wireless in-ear offers such a variety of operating options. Unfortunately, the battery life is only below average. However, the earphones are recharged at lightning speed.

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Hello, I heard the TicPods 2 Pro had Active Noise Cancellation. You don't say a word about it in the test. What's wrong now?