Mobi Fitness Pro Max water rowing machine for € 649

With this deal you can at eBay the Mobifitness Pro Max rowing machine for only 649 € instead of 799 € to buy! Shipping is free from Germany. There are no additional costs for this item.

Mobi Fitness rowing machine product details

We have received an interesting deal for all sports enthusiasts or those who want to become one. On eBay you currently get that Mobi Fitness indoor rowing machine with water resistance for only 649 Euros. Comparable rowing machines, such as the Waterrower or rowing machines from Concept2, can cost twice as much as the Mobi Fitness rowing machine.

To get the rowing machine at the offer price, simply add the product to the shopping cart. The 150 Euro discount is only displayed in the shopping cart. The offer ends on April 30, 2021.

Mobifitness rowing machine with water

Comprehensive training through water resistance

It is a rowing machine perfect strength endurance machinethat occupies almost the entire body. Among other things, they are trained Arms and legs, back, shoulders, stomach and buttocks. The principle of the Mobi Fitness rowing machine is simple but effective. The pulling force required for training is regulated by water. There is a for this purpose at the end of the rowing machine Water tank with flywheel, which enables a steady and almost silent pull. The more water you fill the tank, the higher the water resistance and the heavier the pull.

Mobifitness rowing machine with water tank

If you want it to be easier, of course, water has to be removed. The best for this is a electronic water pump which Mobi Fitness kindly includes in the scope of delivery. To avoid algae and debris one should exclusively distilled water use. At the same time, the plastic tank is UV-resistant, which makes it difficult for algae to form.

Transportable and ergonomic

The frame of the rowing machine consists largely of Chilean pine. Rollers at the end of the frame allow easy Transport in a vertical position. That's how it works 195 x 48 x 79 cm Stow away large devices to save space. It is not possible to fold the device.

Mobifitness rowing machine features

A ergonomic seat cushion ensures a comfortable and back-friendly seating experience. The seat is guided on two-sided slides with four rollers, which enable smooth gliding. The drawstring is made of sturdy paracord. So it turns out to be particularly kind to the knees Angled 45 ° and rubberized foot pedal.

LCD and MobiFitness app

MobiFitness app functions

To Monitoring of the training data the rowing machine is equipped with an LC display. This gives you an insight into the elapsed time, the covered Distance, The Pulse, the performance in Watt in the human body and facts about the Blows. Alternatively, it is also possible to use the rowing machine via the MobiFitness app connect to. The connection is established via Bluetooth. The app is available for Android and iOS mobile devices. In addition to monitoring training data, the app also contains extensive training programs that support the user.


dataBrand: Mobi Fitness
Model: Pro Max
Type: rowing machine / rowing machine
Material: pine wood / metal / plastic
Resistance: water
Maximum load: 120 kg
Maximum height: 198 cm
Display: LCD
App: MobiFitness (Android & iOS)
Connection: Bluetooth
DimensionsWeight: Unknown
Size: 195 x 48 x 79 cm

Questions and Answers (FAQ)

Q: How can the rowing machine be transported?

A: The rowing machine can be transported upright on castors.

Q: How do you regulate the resistance?

A: The resistance is regulated by the amount of water in the water tank.

Q: is the water replaceable?

A: Yes, the water can be pumped out using the electric water pump.

Q: Can you use any water?

A: We recommend using distilled water.

Q: How loud is the Mobifitness rowing machine?

A: The rowing machine is comparatively quiet and reaches room volume.

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At the moment there are no reviews of the Mobi Fitness rowing machine. In the following video you can see the rowing machine in action.

Mobifitness Rowing machine Pro Max

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Please test and compare with the Waterrower !! If the Mobifitness is something, I'll get it.


A friend of mine has the WaterRower and is very happy with it. It's too expensive for me, that's why I've got this one now. Should arrive next week. Then I will report.