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MAXSUN graphics cards

Graphics Cards From China - An Emerging Trend?

Importing a Chinese smartphone that cannot be bought in this country is no longer unusual. An emerging trend could soon be graphics cards from China, which have been and are increasingly being listed in the well-known China shops in recent months. The focus is clearly on the manufacturer "MAXSUN", whose graphics cards of the current Nvidia 10 series we have taken a closer look at in this article.

MAXSUN - Nvidia graphics cards from China

If you search for the graphics card manufacturer “MAXSUN” in German-language Google, you will find almost no German website posts about this manufacturer. Nevertheless, MAXSUN is not an unknown backyard producer. The manufacturer, which was founded in 2002, is one of the hardware giants in China in particular and, in addition to current generations of graphics cards, also produces mainboards and storage media.

 In terms of performance, the MAXSUN graphics cards do not have to hide behind the brands known here. In addition to standard models in a reference design, the manufacturer also offers overclocked models in a custom design. In terms of price, the Maxsun graphics cards are in the midfield. For example, a Maxsun GTX1050Ti with 4GB VRAM costs € 140. A price that is just above the budget graphics cards available in this country.

MAXSUN GeForce GTX 1050Ti

Maxsun has seven models of the Nvidia GTX 1050Ti, some of which have strange names. Maxsun calls its three standard models of the GTX 3Ti the “Riese”, “Gaming Edition” and “Terminator”. There are differences mainly in the heat sinks, such as the "Chi Yin and Yang cooling system" of the Terminator model, or the two large 1050 centimeter fans of the Riese and Gaming Edition models. The chip clock rate of these models is 10 MHz in base clock and reaches a maximum of 1291 MHz in boost. A special model is the “Internet Cafe” model, which does not require a separate power connection. Of course, no overclocked model should be missing. The GTX1392Ti JetStream has 1050 fan units with a nickel heat pipe and intelligent start-stop technology. The base clock is 3 MHz and reaches 1354 MHz in boost. 


MAXSUN GeForce GTX 1060

MAXSUN continues the names of the GTX 1050 models in the GTX 1060 series. In addition to models with a VRAM of 3GB, there are also models with 6GB VRAM. The base clock of the standard models is 1506 MHz and reaches 1708 MHz in boost. Also available is the OC model "JetStream" with an increased base clock speed of 1582 MHz and a boost of 1797 MHz.


MAXSUN GeForce GTX 1070

MAXSUN has the GTX 1070 as a reference model with an original Nvidia fan, and there is also the special model “Riese” and “JetStream” with a dual fan system. The MAXSUN GTX 1060 JetStream does not offer an increased clock speed. All models in the 1070 series have a base clock of 1506 MHz and a boost of 1683 MHz. There are differences, among other things, in the BIOS. Here the "JetStream" offers a dual BIOS with backup function, and the load of the graphics card is displayed via an LED illuminated radiator grille.


MAXSUN GeForce GTX 1080

The current high-end model is the GTX 1080. This graphics card is also offered by MAXSUN as a reference model and as a “Super JetStream” model with custom fan. The Super JetStream offers, among other things, LED illuminated fans with start-stop technology, a backup BIOS and an increased chip clock rate of 1709 MHz or 1848 MHz in boost. The color in which the graphics card should light up can be determined individually. A total of 16 million color variations are available to choose from. Alternatively, the light color can also be made dependent on the temperature of the GPU or the load.


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1 comment

  1. Matthias

    18. April 2017 12 to: 30

    Thanks for the informative contribution. ????
    I have now taken a look, but there is no real price advantage to be seen. The Maxsun cards are partly more expensive than comparable models here in DE…. or have I overlooked something crucial?

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