Lumintop TD16 Test - High Power Flashlight

by 24th of June 2016
Anyone looking for high-performance LED flashlights will inevitably encounter flashlights from the manufacturer "Nitecore". But even smaller and more unknown manufacturers have reached this market and offer comparable products. In the test I took a closer look at the high-performance Lumintop TD16 flashlight from the manufacturer "Lumintop".



Lumintop TD16


Illuminant: Cree XP-L Hi LED

Lumen / Term:
20 Lumens (40 hours)
160 Lumens (8.7 hours)
920 Lumens (2.2 hours)
Strobe 920 Lumens (4.5 hours)

Max Candela: 50800cd
Max range: 450 meters

6 Modes: Low (default) - Medium - Strobe - Signal - Fast

Length: 153mm
Head diameter: 38.5mm
Body diameter: 25.4mm
Weight: 160g without batteries
Operating voltage: 2.8V-8.4V
Operation with 2 x CR123A or 1 x 18650 Li-Ion
Waterproof to: IPX-8 (2 Meter)

What's in the box

1x Lumintop TD16
1x 18650 Li-ion battery
2x O-ring
1x replacement button
1x holster
1x lanyard
1x user manual

First impression of the Lumintop TD16

The Lumintop TD16 is delivered in a simple cardboard box, which already contains all necessary product information on the back. Included were next to the Lumintop TD16 another 18650 Li-ion batterywhich, however, does not necessarily have to be included, one Fanny pack, strap and sachets with sealing rings and additional spare cap for the control buttons, as well as one multilingual user manual including warranty information. A diffuser attachment is unfortunately not included.

Lumintop TD16 Review - High Power LED XP-L Hi - high performance flashlight

The processing of the Lumintop TD16 succeeded. The anodizing The aluminum parts are even and resistant. The threads run without play and grip extremely soft. The notches are also clean and not too sharp-edged. The ring for the "Cigar grip" is made of clean rubber which makes the TD16 more grip. Both buttons have a textured rubber cap in a good fit. Overall, the Lumintop TD16 is very attractive and modern in design, which is characterized by stainless steel existing bezel, the back cap and the ring surrounding the control button are highlighted.

According to the manufacturer, the Lumintop TD16 is also after IPX-8 waterproof up to 2 meters.

Commissioning and functions

For the Lumintop TD16 you need one 18650 battery, which may be included depending on the product selection. The flashlight can also be operated with two CR123A batteries, In any case, you should have a charger for 18650er batteries, because the flashlight itself can not charge the battery!

With inserted rechargeable battery and closed cap, the high-performance flashlight is already ready to go. The flashlight can be switched on and off via the rear control knob. The function key is located on the lamp head.

Overall, stand 6 different modes to disposal. With a normal keypress one switches through the 3 different lighting levels, With a longer key press you activate the flashing modes, which can then be changed with a short keystroke. The flashing modes amount to one Strobe mode, as well as on one short and longer flashing mode, To switch back to the light level selection, another, longer key press is sufficient. If you switch the flashlight off and on again, the last used mode will be used.


The Lumintop TD16 is available with one Cree XM-L2 or an XP-L Hi LED, Both LEDs provide a similar performance and differ mainly in the measurements. Overall, the XP-L Hi is slightly more powerful, so it shines marginally brighter. I tested the variant with the XP-L Hi LED.

At highest luminous level the TD16 achieves a luminosity of 920 ANSI lumens, at low light level the luminosity is included 20 ANSI lumens and on middle lighting level at 160 ANSI lumens.

The range is from the manufacturer 450 meters specified. In the nocturnal test on free area I could understand this range well. The light beam has one very low scatter and is very focused, The light color is extremely cold, which creates a nice, white light. The heat development is limited to a maximum level. Measured by the total capacity of the 18650 Li-Ion I use is one Running time of approximately 2 hours with maximum lighting level also comprehensible.

Final Words


Good workmanship
3 light levels and 3 flashing modes
Extreme range
Waterproof to 2 meters


No diffuser attachment

First impression
everyday practicality

The Lumintop TD16 is to be assigned to the upper price range, but offers a total of the price corresponding performance, but also processing. What I would have liked for this price, however, would be an additional diffuser.

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