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LAOTIE FT100 headers


LAOTIE FT100 E-Bike - Foldable, 1000W powerful electric motor and fat tires

LAOTIE FT100 Electric Fat Bike

LAOTIE is not an unknown quantity in the China e-bike segment. The manufacturer has been releasing various e-bikes, e-scooters and e-skateboards for a number of years, most of which get good ratings in test reports. The LAOTIE FT100 is new on the market and is now the manufacturer's fifth e-bike.


In June, the big “Hobby Day” sale will take place at Banggood. The LAOTIE FT100 is available for a reduced price of 1271 euros. Shipping is free of charge from the EU warehouse.


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Fat tires + electric motor = e-fatbike

Feature number 1 of the LAOTIE FT100 is the fat tires. LAOTIE relies on 20 inch CHAOYANG tires with a width of 4 inches. A fat bike really shows its strengths off-road and not so much on asphalt. High traction and decent grip make a fat bike the perfect off-roader with an enormous fun factor.

LAOTIE FT100 E-Bike Specifications and 1000W Motor

The LAOTIE FT100 has full suspension so that the ride is guaranteed not to be bumpy. A spring fork is located at the front in a very classic way. The LAOTIE e-bike also offers rear wheel suspension, which is constructed here in the proven single-joint design. This not only ensures good cushioning comfort, but also safe and balanced driving characteristics.

Transportable thanks to the foldable frame

Transporting a bike is no easy task. There is usually no getting around the purchase of a bicycle rack. With the LAOTIE FT100, however, things could be different. The e-bike, made of rustproof aluminum and weighing 27 kg, can be folded on the frame. This allows the unfolded 177 x 120 x 90 - 10 cm e-bike to be folded up to a transportable 100 x 50 x 80 cm and transported in the trunk of the car, for example. You should note the maximum load capacity of 150 kg.

LAOTIE FT100 e-bike LCD display and 20 inch tires

Fast on the move with 1000W electric drive

The 1000W rear motor promises enormous power. At its peak, the LAOTIE FT100 reaches speeds of up to 40 km/h and climbs inclines of up to 35°. The FT100 exceeds the regulations for the legal use of pedelecs in Germany. In order to pass as an S-Pedelec or E-Bike, you do not need an operating permit.

LAOTIE FT100 e-bike aluminum frame and suspension

The 15 ampere hour battery with 48 volt voltage is of the lithium-ion type. When folded, the battery can be easily pulled out of the frame so that you can leave the bike in place to charge it. A battery management system (BMS) protects the battery from overvoltage, short circuits and overheating, among other things. The charging time is 5-6 hours. According to protection class IP54, the drive system and the battery are protected against dust and splash water.

LAOTIE FT100 e-bike disc brake and Shimano gears

The range depends on external influences and the driving mode. According to LAOTIE, the range in purely electric drive mode is between 45 and 65 km. In pedelec mode (1-5 gears), in which the electric motor only works to support pedaling, between 90 and 120 km are possible. Experience has shown that these are ideal values, which in practice are approx. 20-30% lower.

All the essential parameters of the bike, such as the speed, the current riding mode or the remaining battery, are constantly in view via an LCD display on the handlebars.

Shimano SL-TX50-7R & ZOOM Power-Off disc brake

In addition to the two electronic drive modes, the LAOTIE FT100 can also be driven without support. The e-bike is equipped with a Shimano SL-TX50-7R gear shift for this purpose. The gears can be easily shifted with a thumb switch.

LAOTIE FT100 e-bike riding modes and battery

LAOTIE promises a particularly short and at the same time safe braking distance by using a ZOOM Power-Off disc brake. An LED headlight provides better visibility in the dark. However, there is no rear light!

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