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Laifen Swift Föhn lying down

Laifen Swift Hair Dryer Review – The Dyson Supersonic Alternative?!

Updated by Timo Altmeyer on the 24. October 2023

From the cheap 15 euro hair dryer from the discount store to the high-end model for 500 euros and more – there are hair dryers in all price categories. Hair should be dried as quickly, gently and quietly as possible. Three points in which the models in the higher price category measure up.

A rather unknown hair dryer that promises exactly that is the “Laifen Swift”, which costs around 200 euros. But how well does the Laifen hair dryer work? And above all: Is the price really justified?

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Test: Laifen Swift

Today we're going into the beauty industry because you wouldn't normally find a hair dryer review here. True to the motto "Beauty meets Tech", we couldn't say no to this product because the Laifen Swift hairdryer is a premium hairdryer with lots of technical bells and whistles.

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But another background also aroused our interest. The visual similarity to Dyson's Supersonic hair dryer is unmistakable. 

Laifen Swift: Design

The construction and design of the Laifen Swift show a clear similarity to the Dyson Supersonic. In both models, the motor is located in the handle, which allows for a more compact design. However, with a size of 277 x 70 x 89 mm and a weight of 407 g, the Laifen Swift is a little more compact and lighter. However, the “peephole” known from Dyson is missing. Instead, Laifen Swift's head is closed at the back.

Laifen Swift package content

The packaging of the Laifen Swift does not reveal the high price.

This is where the Laifen Swift has an LED ring light that shows the current temperature level in blue, yellow, and red. The temperature level is changed using a button on the handle. Directly above it is the power button, which also controls the speed. Finally, at the end of the handle is the air intake and filter, which is protected by a cover and can be easily cleaned with a brush.

Laifen Swift with cable

The resemblance to Dyson's Supersonic is unmistakable.

The power cable is 1,8 m long and can be rolled up without tangling. The attachments of the Laifen Swift connect magnetically to the hair dryer head. The magnet is strong so you don't have to worry about the attachment detaching while blow drying. Unfortunately, only one attachment is included in the standard version. Two additional attachments (smoothing and diffuser) are available for the equivalent of 20 euros each from the Laifen online shop.

Laifen Swift buttons

This is used to serve the Laifen Swift.

Laifen Swift: Features

The features of the Laifen Swift are manageable. There are a total of 3 temperature levels that can be changed using a button on the handle. Level 1 dries your hair at room temperature. At level 2, a temperature of 50 °C is reached and at level 3, the temperature is increased up to 80 °C. If you hold the button for 2 seconds, the Laifen Swift switches to a sequential mode in which step 1 and step 3 alternate.

Heat protection technology is designed to prevent damage to the hair and scalp. Negative ions are used to tame flying hair. The power or speed can be adjusted in 2 stages. The Dyson Supersonic goes one step further at this point and can be regulated in 4 levels in terms of both temperature and air flow.

Laifen Swift Föhn lying down

Handy design and easy to reach operation.

The performance characteristics of the engine are very similar in both models. Both the Dyson and the Laifen Swift reach 110.000 rpm at 1600 watts of power. This corresponds to an air flow of 13 liters / second. Laifen specifies the resulting noise level as 59 dB. The volume of the Dyson is given as 77 dB on the data sheet.

Laifen Swift: Let's Föhn

But how does the Laifen Swift fare in everyday life? First to the handling. The hair dryer strikes a good balance between size and weight, so that it is comfortable to hold and not too heavy in the long run. The button and switch are easily accessible while drying your hair and the illuminated LED ring shows you directly which temperature level is currently active. The change between the temperature levels is direct. Switching from a cool room temperature to the highest level is possible without delay with the Laifen Swift.

Laifen Swift magnetic mount attachments

The magnetic attachments are simply attached at the front.

At the highest level, the hair dryer gets really hot and if you stay in the same place for too long, it quickly becomes uncomfortable. Smart heat protection technology is out of the question here. It remains questionable what Laifen means by this. At least the case stays pleasantly cool throughout the blow-dry. Laifen Swift's hair dries in a pleasantly short time. The air flow generated is noticeably stronger and more targeted than cheaper models.

Laifen Swift with attachment

Even with CE marking!

In terms of noise, the Dyson Supersonic and the Laifen Swift are very similar. A higher-frequency noise is generated, which is therefore quieter and is not too uncomfortable in the ears in the long run. The volume is subjectively the same for both models, despite different information on the data sheet.

Laifen Swift Föhn lying down

Laifen Swift


Good workmanship
Modern design
Magnetic attachments
Stylish LED ring
High airflow
Rapid temperature change
Low volume


Only 1 attachment in standard version
Questionable heat protection technology
High price


The Laifen Swift is a luxury hair dryer that comes close to the performance and quality of a Dyson Supersonic. Everyone has to decide for themselves whether they want to spend 200 euros on a hair dryer. After all, they can all dry hair. Some just faster, gentler and quieter.

Price Comparison
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by the way


Laifen Swift


Power: 1600W (230V) / 1400W (120V)
Air speed: 22,291 m/s
Air volume: 13 L

Temperature: Cool (room temperature), Warm (50°C), Hot (80°C)
Negative Ions: Yes
Volume: 59 dB

Cable length: 1,8 m
Size: 277 70 x x 89 mm
Weight: 407 g

What's in the box

1x Laifen Swift
1x magnetic attachment
1x manual