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Kami monitoring by YI Technology

Kami - Smart indoor surveillance from YI Technology

Kami is the brand new alarm system of camera and security specialist YI Technology. With the introduction of the new brand Kami already offers an all-round carefree package consisting of smart surveillance sensors and indoor surveillance cameras. In the following post we take a first look at Kami.

Kami Home Security System

Kami sees itself as a comprehensive home security system. Door and window sensors, motion detectors and two indoor cameras are currently available. In the future, more products are to be added to the Kami range. As with other alarm systems, all components are connected to the Kami base station. The individual devices are connected wirelessly via the ZigBee interface, so that the base station can be conveniently placed anywhere.

Kami alarm system

Simple decor

Unpacked, plugged in and off you go. Setting up the Kami alarm system does not require any technical knowledge. Door and window sensors, motion detectors and the Kami mini camera are battery operated and can be placed anywhere without cables. A setup assistant guides you through all the setup steps for the base station and the individual components. Kami does the rest almost fully automatically. AI functions, such as the audiovisual recognition of people and pets, make the alarm system a sure-fire success. With activity zones, the user can customize detection areas.

Kami facility

Kami Home App

The Kami app (Android and iOS) gives you access to the surveillance system from anywhere. When leaving the house, the alarm system can be armed using the app. Access attempts are recorded, saved and the user is informed via real-time notification. As soon as an alarm is triggered, the base station's siren also sounds to deter intruders. An intercom function enables communication with people present.

Kami networking

Free cloud

Kami is connected to the Microsoft Azure cloud. In this way, the manufacturer promises compliance with all data protection regulations. All data is 128 bit AES end-to-end encrypted. The cloud is free in the basic tariff. You can also subscribe to other tariffs with longer storage times. In the first year of use, the Kami Cloud can also be used completely free of charge in higher tariffs.

More about Kami can be found at:

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  1. Cedric

    9. May 2019 18 to: 28

    Hello, I've been waiting for that. Have a YI surveillance camera with which I am very satisfied. When can I buy Kami and is Kami compatible with other YI products?

    • Steffen

      22. January 2020 18 to: 19

      They have been in the trade for a long time. I ordered mine on Amazon.

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