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by 17. April 2016
Fitness bracelets are very much in vogue and so new manufacturers are constantly appearing to establish themselves on the market. The iWOWN i5 Plus is such a fitness bracelet, a still largely unknown manufacturer from China, who also wants to establish itself in the Western market. Whether the iWOWN i5 Plus can stir up the competition, you'll learn in this review.



iWOWN i5 Plus


Bracelet: TPU
Display: 0.91 inch OLED
Bluetooth: BT4.0
Protection class: IP65

Battery: 75mAh
Runtime: 4-5 days

What's in the box

1x iWOWN i5 Plus
1x user manual

First impression of the iWOWN i5 Plus

Without a lot of brimstone the will iWOWN i5 fitness tracker Delivered in a cardboard box, in which one more English manual was included.

The iWOWN i5 Wearable was already fully charged with receipt and immediately ready to go with removal of the protective film. Externally, the bracelet makes a good impression. It consists of TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane), is größenverstellbar and cleanly processed. Two pressure points ensure a secure hold. The actual tracker is removable and has its own USB plug, so it can be charged like a USB stick. In addition, the small unit has its own Display and Notification LED.

iWOWN i5 Plus Smart Bracelet Review


The display of the fitness tracker has a diagonal of 0.91 inch and is a so-called OLED displaywhich differs from conventional LCDs with its very high contrast, fast response time and higher energy efficiency. The resolution is included 128x32 pixels, The display is easy to read and bright enough.

The touchscreen responded to all input during the test. Multifunctional wiping motions and pressure inputs are possible. Also one gesture recognition, which automatically activates the display by moving the arm, supports the iWOWN i5.

App and features

To pair the iWOWN i5 Plus with your smartphone or tablet you need the app "Zeroner"that it is both in the Google PlayStore (from Android 4.3) and in AppStore (iOS 7) gives. Before installing, you should be aware that the app requires a lot of permissions and requires, among other things, access to the phone book and other personal data! To use the app you have to create a user account. The app is clearly arranged and offers many functions and settings.

Functions of the fitness tracker

The display of the iWOWN i5 Plus shows the time, the battery level, the active Bluetooth connection and the date. With a swipe on the display, you can switch to the 2 page, where you can see the number of steps taken, the calories burned and the measured distance. On page 3 you can activate the sleep mode and the pairing mode or switch off the device.

Features of the iWOWN i5 App


The pedometer is similar to a Xiaomi Mi Band. Steps that have been completed save the device and transfer the data to the Bluetooth-connected smartphone. Within the Zeroner app you can see the current one run steps, the burned calories, the active movement time and the measured distance, All determined data are also clearly displayed in a graph. Within the subcategory "History" all data of the week and of the month can be retrieved and compared. This review goes back to 14 weeks or 12 months.

For more accurate results, the iWOWN i5 can be individually configured by specifying height, weight, gender, and age. Even a daily goal can be set. The accuracy of the pedometer is good and reached a similar value after a direct comparison test with the Mi band of the first generation.

sleep monitor

The sleep monitor also has a graphical overview of nocturnal sleep. In addition, values ​​for Tiefschlaf, The light sleep and the Times of falling asleep and getting up measured. A weekly and monthly review also exists.

The sleep monitor can be individually activated directly on the iWOWN i5 Plus, or you can activate the automatic detection of the sleep mode within the Zeroner app. Both worked very well in the test.


The iWOWN i5 Plus Fitness Bracelet can "Push messages" of the smartphone. As soon as a call comes in on the smartphone, the bracelet starts to vibrate, the display shows details of the caller (telephone number, etc.) and the side-mounted Notification LED flashes in very bright white.

In addition, complete can be SMS messages show on the fitness tracker, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Skype notifications are also transmitted. The messages to be forwarded to the iWOWN i5 Plus can be determined within the Zeroner app itself.


As further functions and adjustment options there is one memories motion, one Alarm clock, it can be English units activate, you can between 24 and 12 hours change and the automatic switching mode, the gesture recognition and the Notification LED can be activated or deactivated.


The capacity of the battery is included 75mAh, A very low value, but even after 4 days of continuous operation My iWOWN i5 Plus had consumed only 50% of the battery. The OLED display is very economical and with Bluetooth 4.0 a very energy efficient standard was used. The loading time is approximately included 30 Minutes.

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Final Words


Clear app
Long battery life
Accurate pedometer
OLED display


Not waterproof
App permissions

First impression
everyday practicality
Battery life

The iWOWN i5 is a reasonably priced fitness bracelet that has a lot to offer and has even replaced my Mi Band. Thanks to the additional display, the i5 Plus can score especially with the notifications, some of which can be viewed with their content. The pedometer works exactly and also the values ​​of the sleep monitor do not seem out of place. The "Zeroner" App is clearly designed and offers many settings.

Only the design of the iWOWN i5 Plus could not convince me personally. Also, I would have liked a waterproof device.

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