iRULU Walknbook W2Mini review

by 16. March 2016
With the arrival of the Intel Atom processors and Windows becoming more and more mobile, Windows 10 tablets are enjoying ever greater popularity. The iRULU W2Mini (WalknBook W2Mini) is a 7 inch tablet with a full Windows 10 operating system. In the test, I took a closer look at how the combination of tablet and Windows operating system performs in everyday life and whether the iRULU W2Mini can also convince in other ways.



iRULU WalknBook W2Mini


Display: 7 inches IPS HD 1280 x 800 pixels
Processor: Intel BayTrail-CR Z3735G
Memory: 1GB RAM + 32GB Internal (expandable)
OS: Windows 10
Camera: 2 and 0.3 megapixels
Battery: 3400mAh

What's in the box

1x iRULU W2Mini Tablet
1x 5V charger
1x Micro USB Cable
1x warranty card
1x Operating Instructions

First impression of the iRULU W2Mini

The iRULU WalknBook 2Mini was including one Charger (5V 2A), One micro USB data or charging cableto warranty card and a Operating Instructions delivered. A Screen Protector was already on the tablet.

The case of the iRULU W2Mini is made of white plastic. The back of the tablet is additionally printed with symbols of the individual connection options. In addition to one micro USB port there is one more SD card slot, one micro HDMI port and one Audio output, On Microphone is already integrated in the W2Mini. In addition to the Power and the Volume rocker The small iRULU tablet offers one more Windows key, The keys have a good pressure point and sit firmly in the case. In addition, the tablet has one more back camera and front camera.

In the first hands-on I really liked the iRULU WalknBook 2Mini. Although it is mostly made of plastic, it feels good and is also very clean.

iRULU WalknBook 2Mini (W2Mini) 7 "Tablet Review | Review | Hands-On


The 7 inch size IPS display triggers with maximum 1280x800 pixels on. Individual pixels are barely visible to the naked eye. In the basic settings, the display is set quite cool. The colors are still strong and natural. If the display is too "cold", you can make display settings as you would expect from a Windows PC. Since the W2Mini has an Intel processor installed, the display control is implemented via the implemented Intel HD graphics interface, Here you can among other things the Resolution adjust (1024x768; 1280x720 and 1280x800), as well as you can Settings for coloring (brightness, contrast, gamma, hue and saturation).

The Viewing angles the display is good. No matter how you tilt the tablet horizontally or vertically, the color fastness is largely retained, as well as characters can be read easily.


The iRULU WalknBook W2Mini works with an Intel Atom processor. The model name is one Intel BayTrail-CR Z3735G, This is a 64-bit quad-core processor with a clock rate between 1.33 and 1.83GHz and a 2MB L2 cache. processor graphics has a base clock of 311MHz and a burst clock of 646MHz. The RAM amounts to 1GB, the internal memory on 32GB (expandable).

In everyday life you can experience with this system a largely fluently running Windows 10. The user interface can be operated fluently in the desktop as well as in the tablet mode. The access times are also low and allow a pleasant work. The wake-up times can also be estimated as low with a maximum of 5 seconds after a long sleep.

Playing is also possible with this tablet. I tested Minecraft and Half-Life (Steam). Minecraft is fairly fluid with this tablet. Single FPS burglaries occur, but I have not noticed this as unpleasant. In Half-Life, the iRULU W2Mini achieves rich 30 FPS, which are also held throughout.

User Interface

On this tablet was a full-fledged Windows 10 by Home Edition preinstalled. Also preinstalled is a Office Package (Office 365) consisting of Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

If you are already familiar with Windows 10, you will not have any problems with this tablet. Everything is identical to the desktop version. The iRULU WalknBook W2Mini can be operated both in the desktop mode and in the tablet-compatible tiling mode. Through the integrated Bluetooth Module can also connect a mouse and a keyboard with the tablet, which makes operation in the desktop mode even easier.

All programs compatible with Windows 10 and familiar from the home PC can be installed. To use the Microsoft App Store you have to create a user account at Microsoft. The default browser is Microsoft Edge.


The two cameras solve with 2 megapixel (rear camera) and 0.3 megapixel (front camera) on. The cameras of the iRULU W2Mini do not have an autofocus or an LED flash. A camera app is also built into Windows 10. However, this offers a much smaller range of functions than conventional smartphone camera apps.

The rear camera, as well as the front camera, I would call largely unusable. Photographs are very noisy, out of focus and also not colorfast. The front camera in particular produces an image that almost goes gray in low-light conditions. The rear camera is just in good light conditions for video telephony or for emergency photo shoots to use.

iRULU WalknBook 2 Mini Recording4

front camera


The integrated speaker of the W2Mini does not offer the best sound and the maximum volume could be a bit higher, but to spontaneously watch a YouTube video, he always enough. However, what bothers me is the slight background noise when using headphones. Especially with soft music you hear a slight humming in the background, which can be unpleasant in the long run.


The battery of the iRULU WalknBook 2Mini comes with a capacity of 3400mAh specified. Charged the tablet is about 3h, In everyday life with a brightness of 25% and normal use (surfing, listening to music, office work) you can get through the day with a good charge. The active running time is approximately 5h, With active power saving mode, you can extend the run time by just over an hour.

Final Words


Good display
Full Windows 10
Office package
Good performance
Many connection options


Bad cameras
Speakers a little quiet
Hum of the audio output

First impression
everyday practicality
Battery life

The iRULU W2Mini is an interesting combination of PC and tablet. All possibilities of a Windows 10 PC were largely transferred to the small tablet. Especially for mobile office work, I would not miss the small 7 Zoller. Although the small size is not optimal for a permanent work, but on the way to quickly make a few notes on the go, the W2Mini is ideal. The performance of the iRULU tablet is sufficient for office work, but also for further activities, such as watching movies, listening to music or even playing games.

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