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by Timo11th of June 2019
Huami surprised with a new smartwatch. The Amazfit Verge, which was released in China under the simple name "Amazfit Smartwatch", is no longer just a sports wearable. More or less new are useful everyday functions, such as mobile payment, a voice assistant and the smart home control. What the Smartwatch has to offer you will find out in the following post!



Huami Amazfit Verge


Display: AMOLED
Display diagonal: 1.30 inches
Display resolution: 360 x 360 pixels

Processor and memory
CPU: Dual Core 1.2GHz
RAM: 512MB
Internal memory: 4GB
Memory extension: no

Battery: 390 mAh
Battery life: ~ 5 days
Battery charging time: ~ 2.5 hours

Bluetooth: 4.0 BLE
WiFi: 802.11 b / g / n
GPS: Yes
Pedometer: Yes
Heart Rate Monitor: Yes
NFC: Yes
OS: Android / iOS

Housing material: plastic
* Diameter: 43 mm
* Thick 12.6 mm
* Protection class: IP68

Amazfit Verge

With the Amazfit Verge brings that 2014 founded Huami company, which among other wearables for Xiaomi (Xiaomi Mi Band 3) The fourth smartwatch is already on the market. In China, the watch is under the name "Amazfit Smartwatch" appeared. This simple name stems from the fact that Huami understands the previously published products as pure sports wearables. The Verge, on the other hand, is a true-to-life smartwatch that does more than just sport. International is the smartwatch as "Amazfit Verge" appear.

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To the Amazfit Community

Design and display

The design of the new Amazfit Smartwatch is youthfully modern. In contrast to Amazfit Stratos, which comes in a stylish carbon case and the Amazfit Pace, which places great emphasis on simplicity, the Amazfit Verge is a compromise between the two thanks to its casual look. The watch case is made of reinforced plastic. Of the Case diameter is 43mm, the Thickness is 12.6mm, After Degree of protection IP68 The smartwatch is protected from dust and water to 1 meter depth. However, Huami emphasizes clearly that the clock is not suitable for showering and swimming! Watch straps can be changed as desired. The clock comes with a factory set 70 + 113 mm silicone bracelet delivered. The smartwatch is available in black, blue and white.

Here you can buy the Amazfit Verge.

The circular display solve one Diagonal of 1.30 inches with 360 x 360 pixels on. In contrast to the previously published models is not a transflective display, but one AMOLED display for use. The advantage of an OLED panel ("Organic Light Emitting Diode") compared to a conventional LCD, there is no need for backlighting. Each pixel lights up on its own, resulting in a particularly rich black level. If you want to display black, the pixel is simply switched off! At the same time, the battery consumption can be significantly reduced. On battery life, as they reach the models with transflective display, you should not, however, set. The display is protected by scratch and impact resistant Corning Gorilla Glass 3, A special coating of the protective glass prevents the adhesion of dirt and fingerprints.

Display and design


On the hardware side, the Amazfit Verge is based on the latest Huami Watches. The manufacturer continues to rely on one Dual-core processorclocking up to 1.2 GHz, one 512MB large memory and one 4GB flash memory, A memory extension is not possible. Bluetooth is in version 4.0 available. WiFi comes with the logs 802.11 / g supported. The location done with the help of GPS and GLONASS, New is the support of NFC, The sensory equipment includes an ambient light sensor, an acceleration sensor, a gyroscope, a geomagnetic sensor, a barometer and a optical heart rate sensor, Also installed are one Microphone and an Loudspeakers.


Who still had hope that the smartwatch with A appears, is unfortunately disappointed. As expected, the house comes again Amazfit OS used, which is based at least on Android. The watch can be paired with Android mobile devices starting with Android 4.4 and iOS devices starting with iOS 9.0. The app for pairing the clock (Amazfit Watch App ") can be obtained through the respective app stores.

Amazfit Verge Watchfaces

Sports features

The Amazfit Verge supports 11 various indoor and outdoor sports modes, The choices are:

  • Run
  • Indoor skiing
  • Trail Running
  • Go
  • Cross trainer
  • Mountaineering
  • Tennis
  • Skiing
  • Football
  • Cycling
  • Indoor Cycling

In combination with the various sensors, the watch collects, among other things, position data and the heart rate. Depending on the sports profile, the route, the steps taken and the calories burned are calculated from this. The collected data can with the Amazfit Watch App or MiFit App synchronized and evaluated in pretty overviews. Irregularities in the heart rate measurement (24-hour) are displayed to the user in the form of a health profile.

Mobile payment, AI and Smart Home

Why the Amazfit Verge is not a pure sports watch is shown by these newly introduced functions. The NFC module allows at least in China to pay mobile (Alipay) or to load the public transport ticket on the clock. Whether this or a similar function will be integrated into the international model remains to be seen.

Another, newly introduced feature is the Amazfit AI (Artificial Intelligence), It is based on Xiaomi's language assistant (Xiao AI) and is similar to Amazon's Alexa, Apple's Siri or Google's Assistant. The clock microphone can be used to ask questions directly to the speech assistant. The answer is obtained without a third party device via the integrated loudspeaker. Note, however, should also be in this function that the Xiaomi language assistant is mainly intended for the Chinese market and does not understand other languages ​​besides Chinese! The function "MIJIA Smart Home Control" allows Mi Home to control devices via the smartwatch.

Amazfit app

Telephony, SMS and notifications

Auf dem Smartphone incoming calls can be accepted, rejected and made through the Verge. For the transfer to work, there must be a Bluetooth connection to the smartphone. Just as calls can Notifications be received. For example, if you receive an SMS or a WhatsApp message, the notification content can be read directly from the clock.


The capacity of the battery is 390 mAh, According to Huami, with continuous Bluetooth connectivity to the smartphone, receiving daily 150 notifications, daily 30 activation of the display and daily 4 use of NFC one Battery life of 5 days reached. The battery is charged via a 4 pin charging connector. The loading time is 2.5 hours.

Price Comparison

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Tom Office Series

Cool thing. Does the clock run the same operating system as the other models? And can I exchange watchfaces, install apps, etc.? Would be really interested, because I like the Verge of the design better than the others.


Hello, is there any news about Verge International? Seeking urgently a new Smartwatch with OLED display and this here would be more than convenient. But I do not want to mess with the Chinese and nothing flashing. LG


Thanks, then I will continue to look around. To wait months is too long for me.

The Sven

If I really get 5 days of battery life, it will be bought. Such an OLED is already a must for a smartwatch. But what I'm wondering is how mobile payments will be implemented with us. Later, if Google Pay is supported, Verge would be a dream! I'm also curious what modding technically possible. Do you intend to test them?


Does the Verge already exist somewhere to buy? Or does anyone have anyone?


Hello, the international version should now also support Alexa. I have updated this model and synonymous to the last firmware. But I can not find a way to connect Alexa. How exactly does it work?