Honor Choice Earbuds X1 Review - Powerful TWS In-ear!

by 14. September 2020

The Honor ecosystem is growing rapidly and has long been more than just smartphones. Under the name “Honor Choice”, the company now also offers products from other manufacturers that meet Honor's quality standards and are directly integrated into the ecosystem.

One of the first Choice products are the Honor Choice Earbuds X1 from Moecen. The true wireless headphones promise outstanding sound at a particularly low price. You can find out in the following review whether the Honor Choice Earbuds were able to convince us.


Honor (MOECEN)


Honor Choice Earbuds X1


Driver: Dynamic driver
Size: 7 mm

Frequency range: 20 - 20.000 Hz
Impedance: 16 ohms
Sensitivity: 106 dB

Standard: 5.0
Range: up to 20 meters

* A2DP


Microphone: Yes
Operation: Touch
Battery: 4-6 hours

Size: 31 22 x x 20 mm
Weight: 4.2g per earphone (38g charging case)

What's in the box

1x Honor Choice Earbuds X1
6x fitting pieces (S / M / L)
1x charging case
1x USB-C Charging Cable
1x Quick Start Guide

Design, workmanship and delivery


Let's start with the design of the Honor Choice True Wireless Earbuds. The appearance is obviously based on the much more expensive Apple AirPods Pro. Just as with the brand model, you have to opt for a shortened bridge and a predominantly one closed fit decided.

Honor MOECEN Choice Earbuds X1 (1)

Instead of "semi-in-ear", in which the earphone hangs only slightly in the ear canal, the head of the Honor Choice TWS earphone is included interchangeable ear tips fitted. This (theoretically) ensures a better grip and better noise isolation. More on that later!

The outside of each earbud has a Touch control Mistake. There is also a white status LED and one of the total two microphones. If you walk along the footbridge, there is a clearly visible marking of the carrier side on the inside. The charging contacts are located at the ends of the stem and another microphone in the middle.

Honor MOECEN Choice Earbuds X1 (2)

charging Case

The charging case is adapted to the design of the earbuds. Here, too, we have a lot of white plastic in a glossy piano lacquer look. With a Height of 43 mmto Length of 60 mm and a Width of 27 mm the case can be comfortably transported even in your pocket. The case is flattened at the top and bottom so that it can be placed stably. In the middle of the bottom is the USB-C charging socket. The lid of the charging case holds magnetically. In the same way, the earbuds are magnetically held in the recesses provided inside. An external status LED provides information on the charging status of the case.

Honor MOECEN Choice Earbuds X1 (6)

Processing and delivery

The quality of workmanship the earbuds and the charging case are overall good. The plastic used in piano lacquer look by no means looks cheap. The seams of the individual earbud connecting parts are visible, but do not affect the overall appearance or comfort. The magnetically held lid closes cleanly and holds securely.

Honor MOECEN Choice Earbuds X1 scope of delivery

In addition to the earbuds and the charging case, there are more in the scope of delivery Ear tips in sizes S, M and L, USB-C charging cable and quick start Guide.


The Honor Choice Earbuds are ideal for longer music sessions. The ergonomically shaped earbuds (4.2g per earpiece) sit a little deeper in the ear thanks to the interchangeable adapters. This in turn ensures that the earphones stick better in the ear. In addition, the fitting pieces enable more extensive noise isolation, which also affects the sound.

Honor MOECEN Choice Earbuds X1 (3)

After Degree of protection IP54 the earbuds are also protected from splash water. You can safely keep the earphones on during sports or in light rain. In the self-test, the earbuds performed well overall. When doing light exercise in the gym, hardly any readjustment was necessary. For sporty, dynamic movements, it is still advisable to use the silicone adapters provided against the even better adaptable ones Memory Foam Adapters (Comply ear tips) to swap. These upgrade the wearing comfort a good bit.


The built-in technology is quite impressive for such inexpensive TWS headphones. Every earbud has one dynamic 7 mm driver installed. The frequency range reaches from 20 Hz to 20.000 Hz. impedance gives Honor 16 Ohm on. The maximal volume with 106 dB.

Honor MOECEN Choice Earbuds X1 Driver

Comes as the connection standard Bluetooth 5.0 used to provide a stable connection at high Range (20 meters) enables. Particularly high-resolution and low-latency codecs such as aptX or LDAC are not supported. Instead comes the popular one supported by both Android and iOS AAC codec for use.

sound quality

First of all: Sound perception differs from person to person. Below I describe how the Honor Choice Earbuds X1 sound to me.

Sound signature and spatiality

The Honor Earbuds deliver one amazingly good sound and can keep up with much more expensive competing models. The Sound signature is extremely dynamic, downright captivating and conveys a spaciousness Space illustration with stable location.

Honor MOECEN Choice Earbuds X1 (4)

Depths, mid and highs

The low end appears powerful without losing precision. Lovers of electronic music in particular will be delighted, because the Honor Earbuds hit a precise bass foundation.

The mid-range is concise and easy to separate from the rest of the spectrum. Sound details can be clearly heard to a high degree without losing any of their perception. The sound remains pleasantly clear even at high playback volume.

Im height range you are spared from annoying sibilants. The sound is extensive, detailed and by no means too bright.

In terms of sound, the Honor Choice TWS Earbuds in the price range up to 50 euros are hard to beat. If you replace the supplied silicone adapters with better insulating memory foam adapters, not only the comfort, but also the sound is upgraded again.

Honor MOECEN Choice Earbuds X1 (5)

Operation and headset

touch operation

About the Touch field Both earbuds can be used to control music playback and calls. Music can be touched pause and resume, you can go to skip to the next or previous song or incoming on the connected smartphone Accept or reject calls. The touch controls proved to be reliable in the test. The different touches were largely recognized and the appropriate function implemented.

This is how the touch controls of the Honor Choice X1 Earbuds work

There is no clever wearer recognition, whereby the music is stopped when the earbuds are removed.

Microphone and calls

Telephone calls can be made in a reasonable quality via the earbuds. In a noiseless environment, the transmission is pleasant and only minimally attenuated. The Noise filtering However, it quickly reaches its limits and only filters out particularly loud noise to a limited extent.


Each Earbud is with one 55 mAh battery fitted. The charging Case again has one 500 mAh battery built in, with which the earbuds can be fully charged a total of 3 times and in just under 40 minutes.

The earbuds can be used to fully charge 5 ½ hours of music in a row (medium volume).

Price Comparison

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First impression
Battery life

No ANC, no smart app control, no carrier detection. The Honor Choice Earbuds X1 concentrate on the essentials, namely an impressive sound and long-lasting comfort.

In the price range under 50 euros, the Honor Earbuds are a real "no-brainer" that you definitely won't regret buying!

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Thanks, I bought this after your test. I'm so happy with it. Great sound, sit really well in the ear and the battery lasts a long time. A clear recommendation from me! I am now thinking about getting these other ear pieces.