HONOR presents the 5G Experience Lab!

by Timo18. September 2019
With the presentation of the Kirin 990 processor series, HONOR now also introduces the 5G Experience Lab. The HONOR Vera30 series is the company's first smartphone series to feature the Kirin 990 chipset, supporting a dual-mode 5G All-Access network. The new model series will be available from Q4 2019 in China.

The HONOR 5G Experience Lab: A Look into the Future

The HONOR 5G Experience Lab is a multi-zone communication protocol test lab that represents the future of 5G in everyday life. Trade visitors will learn more about the different global network standards and their seamless connection. In addition, the lab is able to simulate frequency ranges and bandwidths of mobile networks from different countries, allowing trade visitors to experience seamless network transitions, such as international roaming. HONOR also demonstrates the use and application of 5G in smart homes and gaming.

The expansion of the 5G network will both NSA (Non-Standalone Network) - as well as SA (Standalone Network) architectures Because smartphones that work exclusively on the NSA network do not work in sites that support only SA networks.

Jimmy Xiong, General Manager of HONOR Product, says about this technical challenge:

"At HONOR, we believe in developing products that offer real benefits and great experiences to our customers. For 5G-capable smartphones to function smoothly in the future, they need to support the 5G Dual-Mode. We could have launched our first 5G-enabled smartphone in the first half of the year, 2019, if we had decided to launch an NSA network smartphone. Instead, we've invested over $ 100 millions in developing devices that support both the SA and NSA networks. This ensures that our users can take full advantage of 5G. This is the ultimate 5G solution. "

HONOR takes the lead in "All-in-5G" technology

HONOR is a leader in 5G racing and will continue to create innovative products using cutting-edge technologies. The development of the HONOR Vera30 series, the company's first smartphone to simultaneously support both NSA and SA architectures to provide access to 5G everywhere, began 2009 a decade ago, when 4G was made commercially available.

Here is a short summary of the development:

  • May 2017: Huawei announced the release of 15 NAS (non-access stratum) for pre-commercial testing.
  • May 2018: Huawei has the first 5G-phone call realized.
  • January 2019: Huawei brings the Balong 5000 to market, the 5G multi-mode chipset.
  • March 2019: Huawei has the first 5G video call in 4K carried out.
  • 6. September 2019: Huawei brings the Kirin 990 Market, the world's first 5G SoC flagship chipset.

Huawei has in the last ten years 4 billion dollars in innovation invested. Today 20 percent of all 5G patents worldwide are attributed to Huawei, making it a leader in 5G commercialization capabilities. Huawei is the only manufacturer that has all the components of 5G technology, including 5G core networks (integral networks), 5G chips, and 5G terminals. These integrated and comprehensive upstream and downstream technologies will enable outstanding 5G experiences on Huawei and HONOR smartphones.

"HONOR is committed to ensuring that everyone in the future 5G-enabled world can have a connected and intelligent life," adds Xiong. "Our 5G Experience Lab is just the tip of the iceberg to extend the potential of 5G technologies. In addition to dual-mode 5G capability, the HONOR Vera30 series will also be equipped with other popular technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR), 4K video quality and cloud applications to ensure a multi-dimensional 5G youth experience. "

Source: press release

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